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Friday, November 11, 2011

Clashes continue this week in Saltillo

Shootouts swept through Saltillo, the capitol of the border state of Coahuila, and the suburban city of Ramos Arizpe this week. From Tuesday to Friday at least six people have been killed in these encounters.

Among the sectors that have seen violent incidents are at the intersection of Calzada Madera and the Luis Echeverria loop, the Torreon highway, the Chamizal Guayulera Virreyes and La Minita colonias, las curvas de Landin and los Pinos

There are unconfirmed reports that a cell of gunmen under the leadership of "El Parejas", an ex-Zeta, are in Saltillo for the purpose of heating up (calentando) the plaza.

Saltillo grew into a Zeta stronghold during the administration of Governor Humerto Moreira, who resigned his office after obtaining the top leadership position of the national PRI party.

Moreira was handed the post to help ensure a PRI vistory in the upcoming 2012 Mexican presidential elections, based on his reputation of winning elections by any means necessary.

Thursday night Jorge Torres McGregor, a 21 year old university student and nephew of the current interim Governor Jorge Torres Lopez, was executed as he was leaving the Universidad Valle de Mexico campus.

According to Jesus Torres Charles, the Coahuila Attorney General, the murder of the Governor's nephew was a case of mistaken identity. The Chevrolet pickup he was driving was an official state vehicle on loan to his father who has a post in the state treasury. The pickup is identical to those issued to state prosecutors.

Wednesday afternoon state police located and raided a safe house on Felipe Berriozabal street in the colonia Chamizal, where a kidnap victim was freed and 12 vehicles, ammunition and tactical gear was seized.

Among the vehicles seized was a heavily armored "monstruo" type Chevy pickup.

Imrovise and adapt: the image above shows what is reported to have been a "narcobloqueo" using a train hijacked by gunmen to block the movement of the authorities.

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  1. Who is challenging Los Zetas in one of their main states,Coahuila??? Is it the Mexican Goverment??,cus I doubt its CDG.


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