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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lazcano Told to Watch his Back from Z-40

They told Lazcano to watch his back from Miguel Angel Trevino Morales aka "The Z40."

By Texcoco
From the Forum

A Zetas boss member testified that "Z40" has given information to the police about people of his own organization in order for them to get arrested.

Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales

When Zeta boss Enrique Rejon Aguilar, “El Mamito” was arrested on July 5, he told the authorities that those who betray once, will betray twice.

He gave this response when he was asked why he did not helped Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias "El Chango" Mendez, the boss of La Familia, who sought an alliance with Los Zetas. This means that Los Zetas never had the intentions of Alligning with "El Chango" as he was not trusted, once the enemy, always the enemy.

But the words of “El Mamito” also seemed to be a message sent directly to his own organization.

Because just last August, the Zetas uploaded a video on YouTube in which they accuse Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, "The Z-40," of being a traitor.

But not only do they accuse the second in command of Los Zetas as a traitor who has delivered several powerful Zeta bosses, but they also accuse "Z-40" of attempting to move up further the hierarchy and the only one above him is Heriberto Lazcano, "El Lazca".

Therefore, bosses of Zeta cells think that Treviño Morales will eventually seek to kill or deliver "El Lazca" to authorities, making him the top capo.

They think of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales as a "Judas".

In the video, they ask its leader, "El Lazca" to ask himself why so many high-ranking Zetas have been apprehended by the federal Public Security Secretariat without firing a single shot.

On the Youtube video they allege that many, from "El Hummer" to "El Mamito" have been delivered to authorities by Treviño Morales, "El Z-40."

They also say that Z-40 turned over those Zeta bosses because they were in his way to continue moving up the power in the organization.

The Zetas have said that he has order everyone to have a cell phone for private communication, but in reality is a form of locating them trough satellite.

Even in the video it indicates that it was Treviño Morales, the second in command of Los Zetas, who received the nod to approach Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias "El Chango Méndez", leader of the Familia Michoacana.

But once the Michoacan drug trafficker traveled from the town of Cosio, in Aguascalientes, "Z-40" betrayed him by giving out his location to the Federal Public Security Secretariat.

In fact, they said Treviño Morales is a faithful friend of "Los Smurfs" a name givent to the federal police.

People have rumored that since 2010 "El Z-40" has been a traitor responsible for the death of Efraín Teodoro Torres, "El Z-14", a powerful hit man and the last of the 14 former soldiers and founders of Los Zetas.

This is the corrido supposedly made by members of the Zetas organized crime:


    ....kinda interesting that this year many big players are getting caught...
    ....Rev 9-21 Neither they repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, (drug-dealing), nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts...

  2. Fuck all those terrorist! Let 'em all die.

  3. z40 is a traitor the real meaning of a zeta only interested in doing harm and and betrayal not even looking to make money and and live in luxuary hes just lookin 2 fuck somebody over and theirs no 1 left in his way but lazcano. but i think this is a good thing virus within a virus untill he kills hiself maybe mexico will be a lil prettier that day!!!!!!!!! just a thought

  4. LOL @ everybody talking shit about el chapo and his ppl being snitches now look at these p*ssies giving up their own people.

    at least sinaloa isn't giving up their own people and to me this makes the z look like little girls

  5. This is nothing new at all. All the way from medieval kings to current drug lords their biggest threat has always been someone wanting to replace them.

    Osiel Cárdenas Guillén killed a friend to take control of CDG and Chapo sold El Mochomo to the authorities because he felt threatened by the Beltrán Leyva brothers and so on.

    Sure low level operators probably take more hits from rivals and fighting the authorities but big fish are mostly threatened from within.

  6. z-40 trevino and his brother omar have been giving up info for quite a while now. It is common knowledge with the higher brass in laredo I.C.E and DEA where both have given u.s intelligence on zeta routes in the U.S and who was running those routes.

    Time to take care of your own rata zzzzzzzz

  7. You have got to realize that these ANIMALS do not live in luxury. Only very few to flaunt to everyone. The other animals according to most federal reports along the possessions of the dead or captured narco-terrorists or in the vehicles or crime scenes they find their drugs and alcohol. Most live days without clean clothes or baths and many live in the woods as security. Many cartel scum are just that....scum, but with assault weapons and all the booze and drugs they can consume as long as it is PAID for. Take even a look at the photos on this site or del Narco, even in the pics you see these filthy unkempt dirty cartel animals with beer bottles and booze bottles in the trucks they crash, crack and meth pipes. All in all....the MEXICAN CARTELS AND ALL THEIR MEMBERS ARE ALL LOWER THAN COCKROACH SHIAT. 95% uneducated with no job skills....THAT IS WHY THEY PICK TOMATOES in the USA. Their only job skills are raping children and killing anyone including family who denounce them. What scholars huh? Stupid animal dung but the pathetic of them all are the PUNK ZETAS. ZETA COWARD PUSSY PUNKS AND ALL YOUR PUNK MOMMAS! Live by the sword....DIE BY THE SWORD. All your cartel punk hours are will slowly die as you all are at the hands of yourselves! TIME TO RECLAIM ALL OF MEXICO AND ELIMINATE ALL CARTEL MEMBERS AND ASSOCIATES!!

  8. Can anyone one remember when miquel was a rat low level with Los texas

  9. 40 has had it too good for too long, same with Chapo. I guess today the MAS CHINGON is the one that can be the bigger RAT... Why haven't the 100 dollar a week crash dummies taken over their bosses fortunes??? You put a 5 million dollar bounty on an American and within a month someone will cash in. Only in Mexico can a RATA parter up with the government and continue running a criminal empire. Someone in the cartel gets out a line, call the cops! Its embarrasingly obvious...

  10. Seems like a psyops to cause dissention within the zetas.

  11. Sources? Or just educated guesses guys?

  12. My thoughts exactly? I saw this video on youtube a few weeks back. Chapos and Ratazz are not trustworthy. People here are told not to do bussiness with them anymore here in the bay. Stay away from the batman logos

  13. CDG is infighting, and that's causing a mess. Are? there zetas who actually don't like z40
    Or is someone else (rivals) manipulating this

  14. @October 30, 2011 1:32 PM,Its precisely why most of them do this shit.Not everyone got a nice education paid for by mummy and daddy,not everyone can go find a job.Not everyone lives in a mortgaged house.You fuckin lucky if you got a job in a maquiladora.So what would you do genius,you got all the answers,would you have the balls to even contemplate doin what it takes,to give your family a slightly better life,in this particular situation?Oh i forgot they kill their children as well.Its slightly more complicated know what i mean.

  15. this lazcano dude is throwed off

  16. Lets make it CLEAR,this message is not from L40 or Z40 himself,it is from a third unknown person claiming they know Z40,and claiming that Z40 is going to betray Lascano. This is not from Z40 directed at Lascano,how the tittle makes it seem.

    Remember what Felipe Calderon said referring to Zetas & the Beltran Leyva Org, "Its one of the Most Dangerous Organizations in Mexico and the Continent." So yea i doubt Z40 would fuck things up right now and decide to split from them.

    It just my point of view.

  17. I live in Nuevo Laredo, and we all know that Z40, since he was a child has been a stinky ass backstabber son of a bitch. El Z40 desde nino ha sido un pinche traidor.

  18. These are tighter than you think,this is all bullshit,40 was tappin his sister,who is fit,as for saying they sit back and watch the fighting?Why the fuck shouldn't they?

  19. maybe he is a real zeta (the reason why zetas were created?) strike from with in

  20. Funny B.S. Do you really think the Lazcano would let these two hermanos breath for another day or
    even an hour longer if what is printed and put on "Youtube" could be proved by even "Real Paperwork"
    from either SEDENA or I.C.E.?? or some undercover
    video, that by the way No One making these claims
    has? This is typical police undercover B.S. that they try and put out there for the paranoid scum bags that claim to be either Z's or wannabe's. The Zeta's are probably one of the best organizational cartels in Mexico right now. The reason is because almost anybody is aloud into the organization, which intern puts them on the bottom rung, to do most of the filthy chores of
    rape,murder and robbery for the group and who are expendable, so that the higher ups,El Lazca
    ,Trevino bros etc. make the Lion's share and are even more insulated because these young punks have no idea where the El Jeffe's are. All these new recruits know is that now they (somebodies) where as before they were nobodies and completely broke and hungary. Now at least they
    can get high for free and have a place to live. Remember most of these scum bags where living on
    the street and had no one,so know at least they think thier someone!

  21. So, after reading all these comments I find myself back at the starting point. Life goes on...

  22. "People have rumored that since 2010 "El Z-40" has been a traitor responsible for the death of Efraín Teodoro Torres, "El Z-14" , efrain died back in 2007 not 2010


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