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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hacking Grp Anon IRC-Gives 1st Zeta Name

Hacking Grp Anon IRC-Gives 1st Zeta Name + Promises Names of Zeta supporters & announces OP CARTEL

Posted by Buela Chivis
From the Forums
(note: article of zeta first name at bottom; today Gustavo's website was hacked and a photo inserted from ANONYMOUS MEXICO)

Unless you have been in a coma, if you follow narco news you must have heard the story of AnonymousIRC group and the Los Zetas.

If not see Buggs post here:

I follow the group and their offshoots such a; YourAnonNews, AnonKitsu etc. but I was really taken by surprise as the posts are for the most part OWS activity on Wallstreet and other “occupations” by this group of protestors. I scrolled thru the twitter thread and saw not one mention of anything narco let alone Zetas. Their work includes hacking into pedophile sites and exposing names (yay) war against the 1% and the like.
BUT…OWS vs Zetas? I could not entertain that notion, but kept on seeking info. And about an hour ago hit paydirt. AnonKitsu posted this:

These were from within the hour:

@Sm0k34n0nStarting today #OpCartel begins. Heads up #Zetas! Love, @Sm0k34n0n @anonkitsu @AnonSyndiv cc @AnonymousIRC @YourAnonNews @MotormouthNews

@AnonKitsuCountless people live in fear everyday because they fear #Zetas. There was no kidnapped #anonymous member but this one still has targets set

@Sm0k34n0nLos #Zetas are the most dangerous drug cartel in Mexico. We dont take kindly to this is my crew #OpCartel

You can see they intend to hack into Zetas data for exposure, but that means they must have a mole or two and they do have members throughout Latin America, or the world as far as that goes. I am not sure how this will be possible, but they have made good on their promises so just maybe…..sometimes truth is much more bizarre than fiction. Also in the above tweet you see they discount the kidnapping but embrace the attack on the last letter.

BTW this is their decription on the page profile:

We are Anonymous. We are Legion.We do not forgive. We do not forget. We love you. Expect us. Bitcoins to: 18NHixaoQekQJ3y52aBGJJwgBWX9X3myYR http://the.internet

Now to what is described as their first featured Zeta: Paz, Buela

Anonymous gives first name hacking Gustavo Rosario Torres’ site ex-attorney general in Tabasco State

This is the site of Gustavo Rosario, ex-Attorney General for the State of Tabasco.
Gustavo Rosario published the site to “clean his name”.

Previous posts related to this:

As reported previously, the hacker group Anonymous, launched a second warning against drug cartels that restrict freedom of expression, specifically against “The Zetas”. Today the site of former attorney general of Tabasco, Gustavo Rosario Torres: was hacked.

Anonymous Mexico placed a sign that reads: “Gustavo Rosario is Zeta.”

The former attorney of Tabasco, from August 2008, has been mentioned in Los Angeles Times, Report Indigo, El Universal, Radio Formula, for alleged involvement and protection to members of organized crime. The Mexican Department of Justice has not since released any resolution on the matter, while the former official, now serve as “assessor” for the actual gobernor of Tabasco State

Neglected War
Houston Chron


  1. So why the kidnap claim if it is fake? They could easily justify hacking the cartels without that. Or did I misunderstand?

  2. Gustavo Rosario's site is still hacked, lol.

  3. It does not say the fake kidnap story, or who is repsonsible for that. But I was suspect in the beginning because this group does not operate that way, they are about hacking for exposé.

    Going after Zetas & those secretly supporting them while under positions of fiduciary, makes more sense to me. In other words, if they could expose such people that would be the goal, they would not hold back for a hostage trade.

    What I was seeking yesterday is the validity of the story. and before my eyes began popping up tweets verifying it was. Paz, B

  4. Maybe as a warning to group,as people are being killed ,people who report on criminal activities that use the net,specially in northern Mexico.Im thinking maybe its their way to warn that they have no way of knowing if they are part of Anonymous,and could suffer severe consequences if they harm anybody.

  5. Weird? Now all we need is rosie o donell or the harlam globetrotters to fight los zetas. No one likes them. I feel like there's a lot more random stuff that will happen.

  6. I'd like to see Anonymous expose politicians y funcionarios that are not so obvious and already suspected.

  7. Who knows who is posting what.

  8. rosie O'Donnell jajaja now THAT'S scary

  9. In Spanish you do not need an article when you describe a profession so " Gustavo Rosario is (a) Zeta"

  10. This is the best that anonymous can do? He, Rosario Torres, has been outed as a zeta collaborator since 2008!

  11. I would not want to be the family member or friend of anyone that belonged to this Anon group. You got more brass balls or less brains than most!

    You can imagine the insane satanic rage that Zeta's now have for them.

    The Z's have a lot of money and long reach. They are an international DTO and are branching out into the European market as well, with the demand for cocaine and meth increasing in Europe. They can hire IT experts who are just as eager to make a few million or even a few hundred grand. Especially the Russians and others from Eastern Europe and China who are top tier IT experts. They can hire moles and infiltrators. In these economic times people will do things for money to feed their families or drug habits that they didn't think they would do before. And then there is always human greed and the demand for making a quick fortune.

    I'm neutral on the Z's and on Anon. I don't take the side of either. Both sides commit crimes. Crime is crime. But I'm also a realist.

    Obviously Anon can choose who they want to do battle with but there are some vipers nests that are better left alone by civilians IMO.

    Remember - when you mess with one of these Cartels in this manner and take them on at this level, it's not just you who is at risk. It's anyone who knows you and loves you or is even an acquaintance. They are at risk of being captured for information. Each person captured leads to more and more information. It is a very dangerous game to play. Anyone in Law Enforcement would tell you to steer clear of them and don't get involved. Seriously, you could die just looking at some of these people the wrong way. I have heard of people being chased and shot up just for accidentally cutting off an SUV load of Sicarios in traffic or just glancing over and staring a bit too long.

    Also, the other Cartels could eventually declare war on Anon as they know if it's done to one, it can be done to others.

    This is a very interesting development in this running saga. So, everyone be careful out there!

  12. I do not find one media report about Rosario Torres' website being hacked or what it looks like - NOTHING.

    Why is that? Tons of reports about the threat but nothing about this.

  13. Domain name:
    Creation Date: 2011-07-29

    So apparently this website that they "hacked" was created yesterday lol doubt they actually hacked it, looks like they just created a website. Also this man is already well known as supporting the Zetas.

  14. The internet is serious bidness. lol


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