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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why should you oppose the drug war? A fresh perspective...

In this interview, Giancarlo Ibarguen of Guatemala states "the more you study the war on drugs, the more absurd it seems to be."

"If your stance on the war on drugs is for ethical reasons, then the more you should be against it...Why? Because the more you should be responsible for your own life and those of your kids. Don't delegate that to the US government. Be responsible yourself..."

As one commenter stated, "This video painfully explains one of the most significant reasons I am no longer a conservative and now consider myself a libertarian."

Also read about: Cartel Involvement in Failed Iranian Assassination Plot Fuels Push for Terrorist Designation with this link.


  1. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

    2 Chronicles 7:14

  2. Of course anyone with a brain knows how ridiculous the "war on drugs" is. I completely oppose any war against the cartels, except the Z. Vicente Fox has the right idea, strike a damn deal for a cease-fire and let them operate.

  3. O.K. stop the war on drugs and legalize all crimes committed by drug users.

  4. ..."BOTTOM LINE"--WHEN people finally understand that we as a collective part of ONE BODY OF PEOPLE EFFECT EACH OTHER, AND THAT WE ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM EACH OTHER. ONE person, say the eye (metaphor) affects the rest of the body, AND WE ARE ONE BODY OF HUMAN BEINGS, AND WE DESTROY EACH OTHER, AND WE DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN WE "hurt someone else", we actually CAUSE OURSELVES OUR OWN PERSONAL PAIN AND DESTRUCTION!!!..

    ...until then, THE BLAME GAME WILL CONTINUE, AND IN TRUTH, WE ARE ALL TO BLAME, U.S, MEXICO, GUATEMALA, AND THE REST OF THE "Ratas" will continue to devour the rest of humanity FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL DESIRES WITHOUT ANY REGUARD FOR ANYONE ELSE, AND NEVER FIND ANY SATISFACTION, for the human eye of desire is never quenched.!!!

    ...THE COMMENTATORS IN THESE BLOG ONLY GENERATE MORE HATE, AND THE HATE (INVISIBLE ENERGY)SPREADS, and mankind in their unnatural state of hate will continue hating and blaming each other and nothing will get accomplished.!!!

    ...WE ARE TESTED EVERYDAY BY GOD... SO, if a person CAN hate someone in front of their eyes, and (justifyably) justify themselves, how can they possibly LOVE GOD WHO THEY HAVE NOT SEEN WITH THEIR own EYES.!!! will.. a precious gift, and the demonic realm has made pawns out of us, and they laugh at us for our stupidity, and we are all the losers in the spiritual war that's happening in the mist..


  5. October 23, 2011 2:33 PM I like what you just said.

  6. We are suspended in space on this blue planet, which for US is gods greatest creation. And the only thing we are good at is finding ways to destroy each other. Our desire to have more than the next guy leads to hate. Our desire to harm one another leads to wars. We choose to love MONEY and POWER instead of GOD... The funny thing is money was created by us. Status and governments were created by us to divide humanity... For what? One can say I own this and I have conrol over that. Nothing can be farther from the truth. This planet is gods therefore anyone and anything in it belongs to him...

  7. Just out of curiosity, what is the matter with you guys today? You don't even remotely sound like yourselves? What gives?

  8. I just do not understand, of course the poor latin countries will sell anything for a buck sex drugs body parts, this is nothing new. Drugs good for absolutley nothing,nothing new. Latins incapable of governing in any meaningful way,nothing new,so whats the point, I am so sorry that the USA wants to retard the supply of drugs into the USA, if that causes problems with trafficing countries then WTF. Are you all crazy??

  9. October 23, 2011 6:42 PM
    good point, stop the war funding period,
    combat the damn thing within your own borders
    start paying off your debt and quit fucking with the rest of the planet

  10. @6:42 The perfect example of a response that a medium or high class person born in the U.S.A would give.Who cares is other Countries kill themselves to bring us drugs hahaha Your the reason why most of the Countries hate the U.S.....good for you keep it up and you guys will only bring yourself down,its not good to be selfish,I think,but if thats how you think hahaha im no one to tell you to change.

  11. Drugs won't be legalized in the USA and you will never stop the narco-trade nor the hate and violence that goes with it. You will never see the congress come together to vote in sufficient numbers to legalize street drugs.

    Far too much money involved in the narco-trade and people who want to try to get rich quick.

    Couple that with Mexico & Latin America's poverty and no hope and no answer's on the horizon to fix it. Nobody is going to fix it. Not the USA, not Mexico, not the Latin American countries involved.

    Couple that with declining Mexican petroleum output each year and the loss of revenue for Mexico, things will only get worse.

    Couple that with a collapsing European economy which will crash the global economy - more and more people turning to drugs to try to escape from it all. Thus driving up demand.

    New Capos and gangs will always step into the vacuum whenever space is opened up. It doesn't matter how many you arrest and destroy.

    In ten years, the US will be on the brink of collapse and will NOT have money to finance anyone else in the world to help with anything. It will barely be able to stay afloat financially.

    Nothing will get better and everything is going to get worse. I would like to be wrong but you will see that I'm right in the end.

    Sorry to have to tell you the brutal harsh truth.

    "Don't happy."

  12. There is no excuse for drug use. Scum is scum and needs to be dealt with. Latin America was always poor, but growing up there never presented an excuse for turning into drugs. Keep fighting Mexico and be glad Calderon is in power and not that FOX coward hijo de los carteles.


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