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Saturday, October 22, 2011

El Gallito, Mexico's 15yo Drug Chief

Prosecutors said Saturday that a 15-year-old boy has confessed to running a drug trafficking gang on the Mexican resort island of Isla Mujeres and murdering two women who reportedly worked as drug dealers.

It was the second time in less than a year that an extremely young male has been detained as a purported drug gang killer in Mexico. Last November, soldiers arrested a 14-year-old U.S. citizen who confessed to killing four people whose beheaded bodies were found hanging from a bridge.

Mexican officials say the involvement of youths in such crimes reflects the difficulty drug cartels are having in recruiting adults, but it also raise fears that Mexico's drug violence may have accustomed young people to extreme levels of violence.

The Isla Mujeres cases involve a youth who prosecutors in the Caribbean coast state of Quintana Roo identified only by his nickname, "El Gallito" or "The Little Rooster".

Heavily tattooed, El Gallito appears more mature than his age, prosecutors said.

State Attorney General Gaspar Garcia Torres said the boy claimed to have been in charge of the lucrative Isla Mujeres drug market for a local gang known as "Los Pelones," equivalent to the Bald or Shaved Heads. The gang is reputedly fighting the Zetas cartel for control of the area around the coastal resort of Cancun.

A spokesman for the prosecutors office said the boy told investigators that he and two older associates slashed the throats of the two women at a hotel on Isla Mujeres. Their women's bodies were found before dawn Thursday, and El Gallito was detained Friday.

"He confessed to having full participation in carrying out these deeds, and from the start he claimed to have been in charge of drug sales in the area, in this case for the Pelones, and that his duties were to receive the drugs," said the spokesman, who was not allowed to be quoted by name.

23 year  old Valente Analy Bautista, a native of Acapulco and 26 year old Iracema Castellanos Dominguez (Erika) of Tabasco, were found murdered in the hotel San Jorge, room number 9 located in downtown of Isla Mujeres, on Avenida Juarez. The bodies were gagged and bound hand and foot. Although their throat had been cut, they showed visible signs of being tortured, and police are awaiting autopsy results to confirm cause of death.

The women were purportedly killed after they betrayed the Pelones gang by selling drugs they obtained from other sources.

The boy was turned over to a youthful offender facility to face homicide charges. Because of his age, he cannot be identified or tried as an adult. In most parts of Mexico, youths are tried and sentenced in juvenile courts, but cannot be held after they turn 18.

Last year's case involved a 14-year-old U.S. citizen, who was identified by his family as Edgar Jimenez Lugo, known as "El Ponchis." He was sentenced in July to three years in prison for homicide, kidnapping and drug and weapons possession. It was the maximum sentenced allowed for a minor.

Authorities say the teenager confessed to working for the South Pacific cartel, which is allegedly led by Hector Beltran Leyva.


  1. Quote : "Heavily tattooed, El Gallito appears more mature than his age, prosecutors said."

    This thing murders like a man, but the laws of Mexico and human rights(puke!!) activist see an innocent little boy,very innocent like a baby deer who will be out by 18.How about doing a Manuel Mendez Leyva on this little turd ? Here in the United State he wouldn't get death, but at least 25 to life.

  2. His real name is Jhonatan Meneses Marin.

  3. This guy can't be detained past 18 years of age wow...and he slit two young throats....thats mexican justice for you...stupid laws

  4. Funny thing I read something different.

    The judicial authorities have not decided what crime he is going to be charge with. The teenager, who although was not directly involved in the murder of Irasema Domínguez Castellanos, alias "Erika" and Analí Bautista Valente aka "La Gorda", with out knowing he assisted the assassins who executed the two women.

    The first version states that the minor was the one who controlled the plaza for "Los Pelones".

    However, the 15 year old said he was no plaza boss, it was the family of the murdered women the ones who said that out of anger.

    He was at home when he received a call on his cell and they asked him to receive two people and to rent a room at the Hotel San Jorge. He rented Room 9, the two men had a duffel bag.

    Hours after the two men went in the room with Analí Bautista Valente aka "La Gorda" and Irasema Domínguez Castellanos aka "Erika". "I never thought that they were going to kill them, I thought they were only went to punish them, or to kidnapped them. I did not know they had a problem with them, but I do know they were selling drugs too."

    The relatives of both women began looking around the island for the two women, they found "Erika's" motorcycle parked at the hotel. "I was with them when they entered the room and found them dead, every one turned on me."

    He had the money and time to escape, "if I would have known I would have left but did not know they came to kill them." After his testimony the police show him a picture and ask him Do you know this person? shaking his head he said no.

  5. So, who are Los Pelones? Off the reservation Zeta's? CDG? Beltrans? Contesting the Zetas in Cancun can't be easy, they are embedded in that territory, right?

  6. bling bling,this kid was a lower level retailer,no capo,so cut the fat off already-_-!

  7. "Because of his age he cannot be identified" really? His name is all over Mexican news: jhonathan Meses Marin

  8. sorry but cancer needs to be cut out and even then we don't get all of it but it gives us more time to look for a cure.

  9. Los Pelones are connected to el chapo. I think the connection is originally through the BLO but after the split they stayed with chapo. They are the only ones contesting Los zetas for QR.

  10. I doubt these guys are affiliated with Chapo's organization. I also don't think these guys have any connection to La Barbie's old crew (Los Pelones) in Guerrero, but I may be wrong.

  11. We have enough crime here and now our government is letting all of this crime come here? That is BS.We don't want or need it.

  12. I'm fairly certain that they are connected to chapos org. They are not taking on los z by themselves with the firepower these guys (Los pelones) have. I would equate them with Los antrax they are a faction of cds. Not sure if they are one in the same as barbies crew he was in the area for a little while back when BLO/cds were together.

  13. Los pelones used to work for the Beltran, I don't think this kid was a plaza boss, but I do think he was involved in the murder and he should pay for it.

  14. Los pelones that ive heard operate in Guerrero,for the Beltran,but ive never heard of pelones in Quintana Roo,Los pelones are not a faction of chapo.Cancun Quintana Roo is ranned by Beltran And some Zetas my guess is one group doesnt want the other group there.

  15. And the now the last major resort to be affected by the cartels has been. What will the government AND people do around that area when the tourists stay away and the money is no longer coming in? I love that area and want to return, but I can not take the chance. Sad.

  16. Man, you Mexicans have some stupid ass laws. I mean, we in the US have some really stupid ones (weed is illegal), but kids who cut off peoples heads and cut throats get just a few years? I hope there is at least a perverted prison guard with a lust for 14 yr old boys and a lot of time to kill. Oh, and a gun with a few bullets that need testing. Mexico seems to have all the hippy laws the libs in the US want passed, and we get to see what happens when they are in place.

  17. Hey, y'all better research US laws on minors before you start throwing rocks. Street gangs have used minors for 2 decades to sell drugs here because it is east for them to get a lenient sentence, usually probation. Second, if they go to detention, it is usually until they are 18 and their record is clean. Now also, keep in mind that traditional school ends at the 6th grade in Mexico. There are no jobs, so if you can make say $200 a week, hey, that is pretty big for a broke teenager. Another thing, this is one of the very few murder cases in Mexico that finds an arrest. So yes, they will sensationalize it.

  18. who gives a f--k about who they work for or whatever! Two young girls in their teens are
    lying butchered over a few pesos at most! It's out of control down there and it has to stop!

  19. @2:25

    "It's out of control and has to stop!"......


    But it wont. 25 years from now the same stuff will be going on, only it will be 100 times worse. Time to mentally prepare yourselves.

    Don't forget - Guatemala had a civil war that was at least 35 years long. Mexico has had long civil conflicts as have other Central / Latin American countries.

    There are wars that were fought for hundreds of years in the history of mankind. Really not all that much has changed.

  20. Heavily tattooed??!! I don't see any tattoos on this kid...these kids are led to believe by the one who are really in charge, that they are the "bosses" just in case a capture happens, these kids are the ones paying instead of the real culprits (I.e. high government officials)

  21. Drug Chief? Yeah Rrright...Get a hair cut first!!!!


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