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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smugglers in Texas Using "Cloned" Vehicles to Move Drugs

By: AztecWarrior13
From the Forums

Texas law enforcement agencies report drug smugglers have resorted to "cloning" company and government vehicles to try to avoid detection and protect their illegal cargo.

"It's making our job a lot harder," said Michael O'Connor, Victoria County sheriff. "We're up against a matrix of deceptive transportation."

O'Connor said his officers have undergone additional training on how to spot the nearly perfect look-alikes.
Photographs provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety show 18-wheelers with duplicate logos of major companies, crammed with bales of marijuana.

Others closely resemble government vehicles, even a school bus that had marijuana bales set up inside so they looked like passenger seats.

Another shows a truck with a Texas Department of Transportation logo spotted in Gonzales County, except it was stuffed with marijuana.

"At one time, you could say there was a certain type of vehicle used. Now, it's everything, everything imaginable," O'Connor said.

He said some have "window-dressing" such as oilfield equipment or soldiers in uniform and a patient in the back of an ambulance, but they were all imposters.


  1. What is the percent of loss do these guys find acceptable.

  2. That bus looks weird. Back wheels in the middle of the bus! Too greedy....

  3. No way, H-E-B sells weed? What has the world come to?

  4. For those politicians who desparately tried to build the trans corridor expressway thru Donna, TX up the center of the US...and had some of it built or planned...this is the reason we put up a united front to block it. We knew it was not legitimate businesses who would benefit, but the traffickers. How could they have been so blind. Or were they?

    Well the people in the US, especially down here in Texas, are educating ourselves and stopping these ridiculous government plans that should never have been instituted in the first place. Until the border drug problem is solved, we have no business helping these people get their drugs and human trafficking into the US. Period.

  5. This is barley making the news? Man i remember back in the day when they were cloning borderpatrol talking ten yrs ago!!

  6. Layla, yesterday I saw some dude on PBS who oddly enough looked like Ross Perot, except he was the guy who pushed for NAFTA and is now pushing for the transtxcorridor. I can't believe these bastards are still trying to make this damn thing. It pisses me off too how these politicians are completely oblivious to our concerns and only think of their pockets. Can you believe that this guy had the gall to say that the current job unemployment is not due to NAFTA, and that it in fact helped not hurt our economy? I was ready to shoot my tv. If only we could seperate ourselves from Mexico by the push of a button.

  7. Obviously, these scams are only the ones that got detected. Tons of poison is getting across the border and brain-damaging our citizens; many are killed outright and of course the suffering of their families is incalculable. But, Barry Hussein and more than half of the phonies in the District of Criminals don't care enough to stop it..if your kid dies of an OD or has his life ruined it's No Biggie..gotta keep that Cheap Labor coming to satisfy the campaign donors!

  8. I love how you morons make everything political. Narcotics have been smuggled from Mexico for decades. But one brilliant idiot blames President Obama. This past weekend's storm that stranded airline passengers and knocked out power across the Northeast was also his fault, right? And the Rangers world series collapse and the Cowboys public humiliation on national TV Sunday night? Moron! For every law enforcement reaction to a concealment or smuggling method, there's always a corresponding tactical change by narco networks.

  9. LMAO H-E-B is in the drug bidness. Oh noes!!

  10. This guy is a Scammer, cant belive that he was an ex police in reynosa, at cartels services and now he is trying to sell equipment in Donna and in Mission, TAKE CARE!! DINASTIA PENA LUCERO NEVER ENDS!!


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