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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Online Hackers Threaten to Expose Cartel's Secrets

Group called Anonymous demands release of one of their own who was kidnapped

By Dane Schiller
Houston Chronicle
An international group of online hackers is warning a Mexican drug cartel to release one of its members, kidnapped from a street protest, or it will publish the identities and addresses of the syndicate's associates, from corrupt police to taxi drivers, as well as reveal the syndicates' businesses.

The vow is a bizarre cyber twist to Mexico's ongoing drug war, as a group that has no guns is squaring off against the Zetas, a cartel blamed for thousands of deaths as well as introducing beheadings and other frightening brutality.

"You made a huge mistake by taking one of us. Release him," says a masked man in a video posted online on behalf of the group, Anonymous.

"We cannot defend ourselves with a weapon … but we can do this with their cars, homes, bars, brothels and everything else in their possession," says the man, who is wearing a suit and tie.

"It won't be difficult; we all know who they are and where they are located," says the man, who underlines the group's international ties by speaking Spanish with the accent of a Spaniard while using Mexican slang.

He also implies that the group will expose mainstream journalists who are somehow in cahoots with the Zetas by writing negative articles about the military, the country's biggest fist in the drug war.

"We demand his release," says the Anonymous spokesman, who is wearing a mask like the one worn by the shadowy revolutionary character in the movie V for Vendetta, which came out in 2006. "If anything happens to him, you sons of (expletive) will always remember this upcoming November 5."

The person reportedly kidnapped is not named, and the video does not share information about the kidnapping other than that it occurred in the Mexican state of Veracruz during a street protest.

Anonymous draws its roots from an online forum dedicated to bringing sensitive government documents and other material to light.

If Anonymous can make good on its threats to publish names, it will "most certainly" lead to more deaths and could leave bloggers and others open to reprisal attacks by the cartel, contends Stratfor, an Austin-based global intelligence company.

"In this viral world on the Internet, it shows how much damage could be done with just one statement on the Web," said Fred Burton of Stratfor, which published a report Friday that probes the implications of the cartel drawing the activists' ire.

Mike Vigil, the retired head of international operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said the Zetas must take Anonymous seriously.

"It is a gutsy move," Vigil said. "By publishing the names, they identify them to rivals, and trust me, they will go after them."

More Information
Transcript of Anonymous video

"Anonymous from Veracruz, Mexico, and the world, we want you to know that a member has been kidnapped when he was doing Paperstorm in our city.

We demand his release. We want the army and the navy to know that we are fed up of the criminal group Zetas, who have concentrated on kidnapping, stealing and blackmailing in different ways. One of them is charging every honest and hardworking citizen of Veracruz who busts their rears working day after day to feed their families.

We are fed up of journalists and newspapers of Xalapa, Córdoba and Orizaba because they are constantly crapping on honest authorities like the army and the navy.

We are fed up with taxi drivers, commanders and "police-zetas" officers of Xalapa, Córdoba, Orizaba, Nogales, Río Blanco and Camerinos... who are chickens and have made themselves the most loyal servants of these (expletive).

For the time being, we won´t post photos or the names ... of the taxi drivers, the journalists or the newspapers nor of the police officers, but if needed, we will publish them including their addresses, to see if by doing so the government will arrest them.

We can´t defend ourselves with a weapon, but if we can do this with their cars, houses, bars, brothels and everything else in their possession ... It won´t be difficult. We all know who they are and where they are.

(Images with sound of explosions)

You made a huge mistake by taking one of us. Release him. And if anything happens to him, you (expletive) will always remember this upcoming November 5th .

Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous. We are a legion. We don't forgive. We don't forget. You wait and see."


  1. Hmmmm... I wonder if this is really from anon or another fake.

  2. I suggest you pour your support behind these groups. If you have money, give it. If you have knowledge or information, give it.

    "Knowledge is free." And life should not be lived in chains...

  3. I don't believe this, this is crap from someone who wants publicity.

  4. They'd get more props from me if they demanded the release of all kidnap victims.

  5. This is an unexpected turn of events.

  6. Anonymous certainly has the tech know how to follow through. Will an be interesting couple weeks.

  7. nice, i hope they really expose those bastards.

  8. So a bunch of internet geeks are challenging Los Zetas?????? Hahaha borderlandbeat you managed to make me laugh today and I was having a really bad dayy.

  9. ....We do live in BONDAGE...sad, but true...
    ....It's good to see that there are some people who will not let fear stop them from continuing their path to "human rights" and boldly stand for their beliefs...
    ...And also, it's always good to have an advantage to the "advisory", and only thru their fear, will they stop what they do...
    ...As bleak as the world appears today, my only consolation is that in THE END GAME OF THESE WORLD AGE, EVIL WILL NOT PREVAIL, AND EVIL WILL CEASE TO EXIST, SOMEDAY.....

  10. This is very interesting indeed. Maybe this is the start of some thing

  11. Hacking a website to find out credit card numbers is one thing. what exactly do you hack to find out which taxi drivers are corrupted? will be interested to see if they can follow through

  12. If this is true the cartel (since it happened in Veracruz I am assuming its zetas) is screwed no matter what. If they give back the hostage it's a big sign of weakness (and the person is probably dead already anyways) and if they don't they risk exposure they can't afford right now. And like 1:21 said, anonymous def has the tech know how to come through on their threat! This is going to be interesting to follow. This war is be,ing fought on so many different fronts now!

  13. DO NOT underestimate the capabilities of Anonymous

    I am in the bleachers with a full bag of popcorn for this one.

  14. I hope this article is true. If there is a group of computer activist who have access to this type of information that it would be extremely beneficial to provide that information to the government forces and private citizens fighting the cartel threat. This information can be extremely valuable in efficiently targeting in disrupting cartel activity in a major sweeping move. I think this article is timely because it just happened to be posting a piece of disrupting such organized criminal activity. He can find that post on; the article is titled 'Targeting Opportunity - Disrupt Insurgent Psychological Dominance – Notes of a Counterinsurgent'. Cheers

  15. I honestly don't see how anonymous can disclose any info or hack on the Cartels. As we all know anonymous has only hack on known corporations not on ghost criminal organizations, the cartels are not the type of organizations that will keep records online, but oh well.

  16. I have come across many of this type of videos from people from Spain just jocking around.

  17. I think Anonymous is a little in over their heads. They think they are tough because of attacks on governments and corporations that they know can't PHYSICALLY harm them even if they are caught. But drug cartels have no such barriers. You don't think the cartels have infinite amounts more money than these guys to hire IT specialists to track them down? Or simply kidnap the best IT specialists and force them to track them down?

    If I was the Zetas, I'd probably do all I could to make an example of them. I'm interested to see what happens.

  18. If this is legit, what will more than likely occur is that the Z will interrogate the victim to find out who the "anonymous" are and strike like lightening. I cannot see them bowing to what comes across as "The Wizard of Oz." Personally, I hope the guy is freed. But I am sure the Z is concerned about what happens next if they concede to the threat. As out of control as Z is, I would not want to be a computer tech in Monterey right now.

  19. Unless anonymous have gov info from a hidden database or they have assets with local churches, than they are out of luck......

    they have to have local people working in tango with them providing details than a outsider can not gather very easy ,..

    Mr "there is no security, nor privacy in any communications systems: you info is their info"

  20. Zetas will eventually fail. Because they are the most feared and hated. The are also the most likely to kidnap/extort/kill. It is because of this history that their fate will be bleak. They deserve to suffer for their actions. History does not forget barbarians and all actions have reactions. Time is ticking, they may grow now, but they will implode under a sustained offensive.

  21. They just completed their first hack..
    also state there was no kidnapping...BUT they intend to hack and expose....#OPCARTEL #Zetas

  22. major battle in nuevo laredo 9 gunmen killed possible big leader detained I heard could be lazca borderlandbeat investigate this plz


  24. The drug cartels would be nothing if not for the crooked cops and government officials on both sides of the border. Time to expose them.

  25. Trust me,anonymous is for real.

  26. I also think they could out people,lets not fuck around,a lot is known,a lot of people know who is connected in every city,and dont forget the friends and allies you can make thru the internet,reporters, investigators,players,dealers,fuckin all kinds,and a lot of them are pissed off.But on the
    other side of the coin,if caught,they gonna get some naughty arse treatment.Know what i mean.

  27. i just wonder if they were the ones that sabotaged irans nuclear programss. these groups of hackers work silently gathering information and storing it for later use if need be
    i hope they publish all the information they have
    id be letting that guy go if i was them. november 5 isntt that far away

  28. es falso este wey ase videos en youtube de este tipo

  29. Ojala sea cierto y este Tipo exonga a estos Cabrones


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