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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Problems in Piedras Negras

Yesterday in different parts of the border city in Piedras Negras, Coahuila there were reports of shootouts between members of organized crime and Mexican military forces.

According to witnesses, after crashing into the house two or three Zetas who fled inside were killed by pursuing soldiers.

The shootings caused panic among the general public in Pedras Negras that also forced a huge law enforcement mobilization.

According to a report from the Attorney General, at around 1330 hours, authorities received information about a shootout between sicarios and military forces in the neighborhoods of Colonia Roma and Centro.

Witnesses stated that the shooting began when Army troops intercepted a convoy of stolen vehicles in the area.

"They are reporting gunshots at Col. Roma and Macro Plaza, please avoid the area, sending forces to the area," is what the prosecutor said in their Twitter account at 1340 hours.

Military forces maintained a cordon around several blocks in the sector, specifically around the streets Saltillo, Guadalajara and Lopez Mateos.

Through the means of social networks, people were warned not to leave their homes due to confirmed shootings.

At approximately 5:00pm other shootouts were reported in the colonia El Mirador, where a safehouse with 3 luxury vehicles containing weapons and ammunition was located, and in Ejido El Cenizo, were 61 kidnapped victims were liberated.

At press time there were no reports of any person killed, injured or detained, although it was confirmed that a soldier had been injured during the conflict.

At the same time people attending an event, Festival del Nacho, were being instructed to stay put inside the perimeter where the event was taking place.

In other news coming out of Piedras Negras:

Mexico army frees 61 kidnap victims in Coahuila.
The Mexican army says it has rescued 61 men who were being held prisoner by a drugs gang near the border with the US.

The captives were found in a house guarded by three suspected kidnappers in the town of Piedras Negras in Coahuila state.

They said they had been abducted from various parts of Mexico and forced to work for organised crime.

Mexico's drugs cartels are frequently accused of kidnapping and of exploiting migrants trying to cross the US border.

Troops found the captives during a security sweep in which six tons of marijuana were also discovered in the Laguito Mexicano area.

They did not say which criminal organisation was involved.

Several different drugs gangs operate in Coahuila state, including the Zetas and Gulf cartels, which have been fighting a bloody battle for control of smuggling routes into the US.

Source: Vanguardia


  1. hmmmm makes me wonder

  2. I don't think there is any other cartel remotely working in that plaza. It is exclusively Z. That one and Nuevo Laredo.

    Golfo certainly isn't going to be there right now. Sinaloa might slide down the river from Ojinaga but why? Ojinaga is quiet, with no heat.

    Could this be relocation of military and federal troops leaving Juarez to put more heat on Z? Z 40 roams that territory freely. That might be what is going on. They could be trying to flush him out. They may be trying to box Z in.

  3. Podra ser que algunos de los 61 secuestrados sean de lo que secuestraron de alli mismo de Piedras Negras de cuando uvo levantones por todo Piedras y Allende? quien es el Jefe de plaza de Piedras?

  4. Good Word Marines,stay there kill them all.

  5. El sabado 15 de octubre a las 10:30 am de la mañana yo tuve un compromiso de citarme con un amigo que tiene comercio de casa de musica LP's antiguos y quede en esperarlo mientras llegaba abrir el changaro en esquina de Taco rito y Gasolinera Pemex cuando llege tuve 25 minutos esperando que habrieran el negocio duerante ese periodo yo observe una movilizacion de un comando de Soldados Militares con una Metralladora de cranke en el Jeep Hummer los mire que iban rumbo a la Lopez Mateo esos soldados veniean del Cuartel Militar como observe que venian por el Correo del Centro hacia voltear en esquina de Pemex y Taco rito en fin se paso el tiempo y me meti a comprar Discos de musica de ratito que se escucharon unos disparos como tronidos de cuetes y estoy seguro que ese era el mismo comando que combatio a los sicarios.

  6. I was in Piedras today nearby Lopez Mateo area working at Lancermex...spoke with people who live in Piedras and they confirmed shootings throughout various parts of city. These residents said no news on t.v. or newspaper were reporting anything..They asked how I had heard about it..
    I still had web address page open to
    Now a few know where they might be able to find some news..thanks Borderland Beat!!

  7. Dude this is sum scary shit ppl from eagle pass always go missing in piedras, sum one make it clear crossing the border aint safe, whats wierd is that we havent heard anything on new's on this side of the river.why is this silence kept away from our citizens that have family in mexico.

  8. R.I.P. my beloved friends and family, yea I know that I might not have the perfect fam. But I will still miss them, they died this weekend on that shootout. Rip el pirris y la rana y otros amigos mios

  9. Does anyone in the Piedras Negras/ Eagle Pass area have any news about Guerrero? I've heard rumors it's totally occupied by Z's and that up to 200 towns folk have gone missing.

  10. A mi kamarada del commentario de los muy probable pero no se sabe con exactitud.... no mammes yo soy de piedras me alarma ver estas mamadas

  11. yo vivi varios enPN cuando las cosas eran pacificas ahora da miedo cruzar de EP a PN que lastima que la ciudad que antes era blanca ya se ensangrento y todo por LA DROGA que esta envenenando amucha jente y todo por la avaricia del dinero

  12. Tuve una oportunidad de visitar Eagle Pass despues de 8 años, y me encontre con tanto mal comentario de lo que esta sucediendo a Piedras Negras mi pueblo de infancia nacido en el mundo nuevo. Dios quiera y esta pesadilla pase pronto porque tengo muchas ganas de pasar a visitar a mi Piedras Negras y mis familiares, Viva Piedras Negras.

  13. no manchen que estupideses! mi familia esta aya! Porque todo tine que ser asi?

  14. Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.


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