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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Prison Riot in Matamoros Kills 20

Prison riot in Matamoros kills 20; shootouts reported in Reynosa.
The Monitor

Violence rang out once again Saturday in the border cities of Matamoros and Reynosa.

In Matamoros, 20 inmates were killed and 12 injured during what authorities are calling a prison riot, while in Reynosa, armed civilians were engaged in chases and road blockades.

According to Tamaulipas state officials, the riot occurred at the Matamoros State Prison, known as CEDES, which is in the rural area of Santa Adelaida. Authorities were called to the prison early Saturday morning when the riot broke out. Officials said the riot was an escalation of an altercation between two inmates and built up into an all-out brawl that resulted in the heavy casualties.

State and federal authorities were called to restore order and at approximately 8 a.m., control of the jail was re-stored. Later in the morning, family members were seen lined up waiting for information about their loved ones as the prison remained under lockdown by federal and military forces.

“They are not telling us anything,” said an elderly woman who was waiting to hear if her son was safe. Soon af-ter, authorities set up a booth to take care of family members and their inquiries.

The injured were transported to the Alfredo Pumarejo General Hospital in Matamoros, while the dead were taken to the city morgue. Tamaulipas authorities set up a temporary Attorney General’s Office to investigate the case.

While authorities continued to say the riot was the cause of the 20 deaths, sources outside law enforcement claim the encounter was a planned execution.

Unconfirmed information points to an ongoing struggle within the Gulf Cartel as they try to contain Juan Reyes (R1) Mejia Gonzalez and his group, the R’s, who have been warring with the Metros, another CDG group. Mejia remains at large.

Authorities wouldn’t confirm if the inmates involved had ties to organized crime. Unconfirmed reports from sources outside of law enforcement point to the victims as being members of the R’s who were arrested last week in Miguel Aleman after a large firefight with the Mexican military.

According to official reports, in Miguel Aleman, authorities arrested 36 individuals. Authorities wouldn’t com-ment how many of those 36 were taken to the Matamoros prison.

A Tamaulipas law enforcement official also confirmed that questions remain in the apparent suicide of Hum-berto Ozuna Cardenas, 24, who was found hanging in a prison bathroom two weeks ago. Ozuna Cardenas was jailed after a recent arrest on weapons charges, the official said.

Riots being used for executions is not new to Matamoros.
On Dec. 5, three Zetitas — young Zeta foot soldiers — were stabbed and beaten to death at the Matamoros CEDES after a riot. The Zetitas had been arrested shortly after they had been creating a problem in the plaza in Matamoros by throwing grenades in public places and killing two police officers.

>> In August 2010, 14 members of a cell of former Gulf Cartel members who joined with the Zetas were killed in an alleged riot shortly after being taken into the Matamoros CEDES. The Zetas they joined were part of the group belonging to Oscar “El Apache” Castillo Flores. Castillo Flores was arrested in the United States for immigration violations. His older brother, Albert “Beto Fabe” Castillo, was the plaza boss in Matamoros and was killed after an internal struggle. The youngest brother, Omar Castillo, and his bodyguard were gunned down along FM 511 in Brownsville.

In Reynosa, rolling shootouts between armed civilians were reported about 10 a.m. Saturday along El Maestro and Colosio boulevards. The shootouts continued sporadically for about two hours with blockades in various part of the city; however official information was not readily available.


  1. I remember not 2 months ago people claiming CDG had reynosa locked down. Oops.....

  2. I wonder how long will it take for CDS to wipe their ass with the alliance with CDG if both Zetas and CDG keep taking these hits, CDG appears to be especially vulnerable with seemingly large amounts of internal power struggle.

  3. i think this is definitely a cover up to something yet more than just inmate disagreements. i feel bad for the relatives of those killed in "the riot" these people already have no money, and inside it is hell if you can't pay for protection - i have heard. petty thieves and wrongly accused are usually those locked up in this facility. nobody give a hoot about the poor.

  4. por que tenian machetes dentro del penal? quien los acerco? dicen 34 heridos y 3 muertos, pero al final son 20 muertos y 12 heridos? ahi son un total de 32, que paso con los otros 5? donde estan?

  5. Has anyone heard or received any new information on El Coss? I wonder if he still is running things or just a faction of the CDG organization? So from the looks of it R1 is allied with El Coss since he is the one who supposibly ordered Metro3 killed?

  6. The word is that atleast 40 to 50 dead and that in the state of NL the police are getting ready to take back Monterey at any means necessary.

  7. pura gente del coss es la que estan matando en tamaulipas

  8. anon 4:52 PM y como sabes???

  9. Es el Coss que esta ordenando la muerte de gente, si o no?

  10. el coss y r-1 hicieron un gran error en matando nuestro padrino grande y lo pagara. Los Metros van acabar con R-1 y sus rojos y todos de el coss. El R-1 corrio de reynosa y la plaza de reynosa pertenece a nosotros.

  11. fueron Como 78 muertos por que no dicen la verdad. el r1 dijo que por orden del coss mato al metro pero es puro pedo el coss no sabia nada de eso

  12. Bad leadership move by El Coss if he actually gave R1 the order to kill Metro 3, now the Metro's are probably asking for R1's head to settle the score, but if El Coss gives them R1, then the Rojos will turn against El Coss..

    -El Ruso

  13. miren el coss ya no quiere tomar ordenes por osiel el pedo era que el r1 y el m3 le segian fiel a osiel y el pedo era que cuando el coss les mandaba ordenes al m3 y al r1 ellos querian la aprobacion de osiel primero el coss mando a matar al m3 y echarle la culpa al r1 para que los dos grupos se maten entre ellos si no notan el coss como jefe ya ubiera parado la pelea entre ellos y dicen que el r1 uno fue quien lo mato para que el se quede al mando del m3 entonces porque el coss puso al pelon en el lugar del m3 enlugar del r1 piensele el coss es el traidor a los guillen quiere meter a su gente en los lugares en donde la gente de osiel esta y la unica forma es por hacer una gurra entre ellos para que se maten y el puede meter la jente que es fiel al coss y tomar ordenes de los guillen

  14. comokiera no valen kaka


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