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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zetas and Valencia cartels union confirmed

Secretary of Public Safety Luis Carlos Najera said they had already warned against this criminal alliance of groups that were once rivals.

The Chevy found with several assault rifles 

The clash occurred on Sunday night between the Guadalajara police and a group of assassins, where two gunmen and a policeman were killed. It allowed the authorities to confirm a new alliance between the Zetas and the Valencia cartel, also called the Milenio Cartel.

This was confirmed by Luis Carlos Najera Gutierrez, the Secretary of Public Security in Jalisco, who said they found
a narco banner inside the Chevy that was carrying the gunmen, reaffirming the new alliance.

We've talked about this some time ago, that an alliance
was occuring between the Zetas and Milenio. While the banner they had on board the vehicle, which made the manifestation, confirms what we had already said several weeks ago, said Gutiérrez Nájera  

About the confrontation, there are two versions. One that was unveiled by Servando Sepulveda, the Secretary of Public Safety in Guadalajara, who said the police received a report of a confrontation between two opposing groups in Jardines del Bosque.

It was 11:30pm when the police got to the streets of
Tonantzin and Parque de las Estrellas, but they were received with bullets and a grenade, killing a gunman while repelling the attack. It also claimed the life of officer José Luis Hernández Peña of 38 years, and wounded three other policemen with minor injuries.

The other version is that municipal crews were searching for a white Chevy car and another vehicle.

At the intersection of San Jose and Chapalita they tryed to stop the Chevy, who then accelerated  toward the streets
of Tonantzin and Parque de las Estrellas, where they started shooting at the officers, killing the policeman.

Neighbors said they first heard several bursts of high caliber weapons and then the shots of a gun, which are less leisurely, and then the detonation of a grenade, followed by more gunfire.

.In the passenger seat of the patrol G-2021 was the body of Hernandez Peña, while the rear seats of the Chevy was the alleged gunman.

Another of the gunmen
with serious wounds was taken to Leonardo Oliva's Green Cross, where he bleed to death hours later.

The city conducted a search in the area of ​​the clash and managed to arrest Jesus Antonio García Olivares, a native of Torreon, Coahuila, and Francisco Rodriguez Gallardo, a resident of Zapopan.

According to authorities, both admitted to working for the cartel of the Valencia and earned 12,000 pesos a month for serving as lookouts and assassins.

In the Chevy authorities found two AK-47 rifles, two R-15, three pistols, grenade launcher and a caliber .66 mm. They also found a banner announcing the alliance between the Zetas and the cartel of the Valencia's, which Gutiérrez Nájera confirmed his version on this new
criminal alliance.

Pay tribute to fallen officer

• • • The posthumous homage to José Luis Hernández Peña, the officer who died in the clash of the Jardines del Bosque
in Guadalajara, began yesterday afternoon by its corporate partners.

His body was taken to a funeral home located on Avenida Hidalgo, in the first frame of the city, where police gathered in Guadalajara, Zapopan and other corporations in the metropolis.

The Ministry of Public Security reported that the officer joined the corporation in 2003 and currently works in
Two Sectors, located in the Providence area. In his history his has made five important arrests, but there was no details. However, the official ceremony to bid farewell to Jose Luis will be held at 8:30 pm today in the Police building located in the Peripheral Guadalajara. 



  1. I thought the Valencias were long gone? Didn't Nacho take over that DTO and then when he died it turned into CJNG?
    I don't know, but this is confusing as hell.

    1. Naa they still running in guerro

  2. Well if this is true, then they should be exterminated too.
    I don't favor any cartel, but I do hate the ones who do extortion, kidnapping, theft, and many more organized crime bull shit, if you are a cartel deal drugs don't go around fucking with people just because you can.

  3. Isn't milenio part of la resistencia/la familia though? Did they go with the Zetas instead of folding to the CT's or what? And where does that leave la resistencia, the group allegedly formed to resist the Zetas, you know, MFG?

  4. The Valencios' are a huge family that do everything through family. They are very close nit and I am almost positive, heroin is their game. They grow it, process it and distribute it. They are very strong on family and trust and rely on few outsiders. This kind of surprises me but considering the times, they must have needed the alliance. Damn, I wish Z would learn a little from them about old school, community and business. Maybe they would tone down the crime. What is the old saying, "War Makes Strange Bed Fellows." I don't look at the Valencias' as a ruthless bad cartel. It is more about El Chapo's desire to expand and cause and effect from that bullshit.

  5. N-----------------
    It's overwhelming to see all of these arrest and seizures of ONLY ZETAS in Veracruz recently. Why is this the only cartel that is targeted? They should put there resources to try and make peace between Z, Sinaloa and there allies. We need peace in times like this. The body count is to high to ignore the possiblity of peace talks. Any logical person would rather have peace than war. War is a waste of money, men, and attracts to much unwanted attention.

  6. The weak only align themselves with the Z's. Look for Chapos people and other smaller fractions in Jalisco to try and wipe out the Z's and Valencias. Nobody in Guadalajara wants to see the violence escalate and grow widespread like Monterrery. Guad. is a very important trade and commericial spot for Mexico.

  7. I had the idea that the Valencias and Chapo were buddies..

  8. What a surprise another cartel has agreed to cooperate with the Zetas and not Chapo.The fact that this almost unheard of Cartel did this close to the 2012 elections could have a deeper reason than me and you see.Why wouldnt this low profile Cartel cooperate with chapo??Maybe its just me but my theory is this Cartel may have made this move,rembember all cartel want is money,they probably had insight information that allowed them to conclude that cooperating with Zetas would be better then cooperating with Chapo(snitch) or it could also be because chapos Highest level goverment protecting him days will be over by 2012.cant wait for change and a new scene,like the goverment hunting down chapos cartel like they do to zetas.Remember everyones equal so if your a criminal(Sinaloa Cartel) and on the other hand you have other criminals(Zetas) they both do the same thing so why is one labeled lesser evil,(Sinaloa Cartel) when in reality their all worthless criminals with no value,remorse or appreciation for human life.Its just an ignorant move so far by Felipe Calderon and the main reason why nobody likes him.

    1. Because the Sinaloa Cartel only draws first blood when fucked with. Their beliefs are more in line with the old school traditional families. Who werent into kidnapping women and Children. Like the AFO or tijuana cartel.

  9. Anonymous at 3:51: you are an idiot. If drugs are legalized, then these dirt bags will look for replacement money from whatever means possible including kidnapping, extortion, etc.

  10. Good point Texcoco

    They are called Drug Cartels. They should stick to the business of drugs. This should'nt be a free for all of crimes. The cartels are not going anywhere. In order to exist in peace with the people and in order for mexico to rebuild, The cartels need to keep it in the drug business.

  11. Didnt the Milenio Cartel split from the Sinaloa Cartel along with the Beltran Leyva brothers back in 08? You guys didnt know that huh.haha

  12. The zetas/golfo were the ones helping La familia kick los Valencia's out of michoacan in the early 2000's. After la familia broke it off with the zetas/golfo, la familia and the valencia's became allies and now their both allies with the Zetas. How much things change when their leader get arrested or killed.

  13. I think the melenio broke off from sinaloa when nacho coronel was killed by the gov.

  14. @ 6:24, can you elaborate on that? I was under the impression that they were together till Summmer 2010, when Nacho died... But this whole war has more drama than a Mexican Telenovela

  15. found this on insight...

    The violence comes as the latest example of turmoil in Jalisco, a state which has recently seen a tremendous growth in killings linked to organized crime. One of the main generators of violence has been the bitter feud between the Milenio Cartel and their rivals, a group known as the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation (CJNG). As InSight Crime has reported, the two have been at odds for much of the past year, causing the number of executions in the first quarter of 2011 to rise to nearly triple that of the same period last year. In February, the Milenio Cartel posted a series of ominous banners around Guadalajara threatening the CJNG with turning Jalisco into “another Tamaulipas or Guerrero,” two states where violence has recently soared.

    The fact that the group has now apparently paired up with the Zetas comes as somewhat of a surprise, and could have a number of implications for the region. Formerly, the Milenio Cartel had been aligned with the Familia Michoacana and the Gulf Cartel in Jalisco under the banner of a coalition known as “La Resistencia,” a group formed with the explicit intention of resisting Zeta incursion into the state. If the Milenio Cartel are now working with the Zetas, it could mean that this alliance has fallen apart.

    This suggests that the Zetas have succeeded once again at an activity that has become something of a specialty for them: taking control of areas in turmoil. They have successfully employed this strategy in the past, seizing the opportunity to move into areas where the traditional powers were weakening; including the territory of the Familia in Michoacan, the Gulf Cartel in Monterrey, and the Sinaloa Cartel in Chihuahua.

    Meanwhile the Zetas’ former employers and most bitter rivals, the Gulf Cartel, don’t have much of an independent presence in Jalisco outside of the Resistencia. However,

    evidence suggests that they may be gearing up for a confrontation in the state. On the morning of September 13, 70 armed men arrived in trucks with “CG” ( for Cartel del Golfo, or Gulf Cartel) spray painted on them and briefly took over the town of Juchipila, Zacatecas, located just over the border from Jalisco. The men occupied the town square for several hours and then drove off, in an apparent show of force.

    When asked why they had arrived, the men simply replied: “Don’t be worried, don’t be alarmed; we didn’t come here to cause problems or to hurt anyone. We’re only here to do a good cleaning.” Because of the proximity of the town to the state border, the action could have been a signal that the Gulf Cartel is planning to move into Jalisco.

    This would make sense. Jalisco is home to a very important coastline for the drug trafficking industry, and would represent a significant asset to the Gulf Cartel. Its capital, Guadalajara, also serves as a key transit point for drug routes running through the middle of the country.

    If true, it would explain the shift in the Milenio Cartel’s loyalty: they could be teaming up with the Zetas in order to prevent the Gulf taking over. It would also shed light on the apparent decline of the Resistencia: the Gulf might be pulling out of this coalition in order to establish their own, independent presence in the state.

  16. You know this war between drug cartel seem to be getting worse.Zetas the most violent of the drug cartels now has 5 or 6 drug trafficking organizations suppporting them:Beltran Leyva,LFM,Cartel de Juarez,Cartel del Milenio,and possibly Arellano Felix.

    On the other hand Sinaloa Cartel counts with the support of 3 Cartels:Cartel del Golfo,CDJNG,Los Caballero Templarios.

    The year of the truth 2012.Will chapo keep his protected by the goverment status or will things change for chapos cartel?.Intriguing i know

  17. CAF as remained out of conflict, they are not supporting Zetas, in any case they has bussines relationship with
    Sinaloa, but only bussines matter, nothing to do with wars. On other hand, BL,LF,CDJ and Milenio are strong but only in limited areas., Golfo and Templarios are weak too, but certainly stronger than Zeta allies. This thing is Quantity vs. Quality.

  18. @10:36 All of the these cartels are strong in their areas of influence,but Quantity eventually overcomes quality.The rumor is that in the 2012 elections Enrique Pena Nieto will come out on top believed to be reinforced financially by Hector beltran leyva and the Zetas.Since he is the governor of el estado de mexico and that plaza was supposedly bought by the Beltran for 8 million dollars.

  19. @11:21
    I don't think 8 Million dollars will buy you support from an elected official nor a plaza of that importance. Chapo and Mayo the " Sinaloa cartel " are rumored to spend in the upwards of 500 million in bribes a year. The Beltran Leyvas have alot of paper no dought, money that el botas blancas left but within the last 2 years since their demise of one of the top cartels Sinaloa has been dominating but your strategy is correct and from talking with alot of people in Mexico the next elections could say alot for the people in Mexico. Possibly with Z, Beltran, Carrilo money they could put together alot of paper to try and bribe alot of people but I just don't see Mayo, Chapo and El Azul sitting back not wanting to anti up themselves. Bribes have favored alot of people this year and it's an essential move by the cartels to operate in Mexico. Just like Don Mayo said in the interview " la guerra ya la perdieron, que nos fuimos muy arriba " Years and years of planting the seed with bribes has them deeply deeply inflitrated into the corruption.

  20. 11:21 I think I know,what your talking about is it about that one protected witness who was a financial operator for the Beltran Leyvas who was responsible of paying high level people for protection and he said that the estado de mexico plaza was bought for 10 million.I dont think he was reffering that those 8 million were fo the elected official but it reffered to buying the plaza.The article I read said the Beltrans payed 10million for control of the plaza and support from all levels of the goverment.Either way will see if the 2012elections comfirm the rise of the hunted,zetas bl cdj

  21. Interesting comments,I too share the same thought.Its not like in the movies where the good guy always win,what im trying to say is the goverment doesnt give a Fuck( what ive seen so far)

    If zetas bl and cdj come up with the right amount of money and manage to win the election,this war is gonna get way more intense.And for the first time chapos gonna be on the losing end.


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