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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Killed for Using the Narco Blogs

In the morning of Tuesday motorists who usually travel on a road leading to the airport were met with a tremendous surprise after witnessing two bodies hanging from a pedestrian bridge at Carretera al Aeropuerto and Los Mayas.

The discovery was made at the heart of the community Voluntad and Trabajo 3 that prompted the immediate mobilization of police forces to prevent motorists from passing through the crime scene.

The area was secured by state and federal police, as well as the military while investigators examined the scene.

Hanging from his hands was the body of a man of approximately 25 years of age, and that of a woman of about 28 years of age, both had visible signs of being savagely tortured prior to being killed. The young man was wearing white polo shirt with blue stripes, red shorts while the woman was half nude wearing white pants with yellow squares.

The murderers who left this terrifying scenario also placed two placards next to the bodies in where they accused the victims of using social networks to comment on the various internet forums that are currently dedicated to publishing narco news in this city.

The first message (attached to the male victim's leg) read:

This happened for snitching on Frontera Al Rojo Vivo (A Grupo Refroma internet forum created to both inform of and denounce cartel activity)

The second message read:

This will happen to all the internet snitches (Frontera al Rojo Vivo, Blog Del Narco, or Denuncia Ciudadano) Be warned, we've got our eye on you. Signed, Z

Both messages were certainly directed to all those internet surfers who use these electronic media networks as a means to discuss controversial narco issues on this side of the border.


  1. Where was this? NL? Guerrero? I'd say either a case of mis direction or just random remarks, not necessarily that someone saw them on the internet talking about the Zeta's. My other theory is that people who knew each other were going back and forth on the internet, face book, blog del narco, and one of those was close with someone who was higher up the ladder then a gunemn, and he did something about it.

  2. That is a pretty good reason not to go back to Mexico even if peace comes. It makes you wonder how much info they have hacked about bloggers.

  3. Also, these could be just poor innocent people they decided to use to send a message. They might not even know about blogdelnarco. Z doesn't care as log as the get the message across.

  4. A cabron this means I can't no longer give information on the Internet no more?
    Well even if I have some mother fuckers looking at what I do on my computer all the time there are other was to pass on information on the Internet with out anyone knowing.

    MAS Mierda

  5. This is not going to stop me from talking bad about the stanky ass zetas. If I were in monterrey, I sure as hell would'nt talk bad about them. But I'm not in monterrey. I'm in the good ol' U.S. of A. So the zetas can kiss my ass! If they think that they can just come to America and kill whoever they want and scare us Americans, they got another thing comin!


  6. zeta bastards!!! fukin assholes!!

  7. People have to remember this people ( the Zetas ) come up with things to put fear on people so they will stop denouncing them on the Internet.

    I'm sorry but the message translation should be like this.

    "This happens for denouncing us in the Internet (Al rojo vivo, blog del narco and denuncia ciudadana). Be smart .., I have my eyes on you, or Be careful... I'm watching you attn. Z"

  8. @ J it was in Nuevo Laredo.

  9. How can you believe anything that the z's say or do? Just cuz they say that these two were doing some internet trash talkin?

    What if these two were just randomly kidnapped and killed and made to look like instigators? These cartels (especially los zetas) are so full of shit and such manipulators. You can't believe anything that they say.

  10. @ September 14, 2011 12:02 AM Give me a break info they hacked about bloggers.

    I agree with @ September 14, 2011 12:04 AM about these could be just poor innocent people they decided to use to send a message.

    It is hard to find a real hacker most MF out there send some one to your place to installed a program to get information from you. If the Zetas were able to have a real hacker they will be doing a lot of Internet fraud instead.

  11. Zetas need to be exterminated like the ignorant rats that they are! Why do the even bother to arrest them? They need to be shot on sight! Zeta Putos would rape their own mothers... Cowards, snitches, liars and back stabbers is what punk ass Zetas are! The ONLY good Zeta is a dead Zeta! I cant wait to see Lazca and Z 40's head on a stick! ATT: Joe Mama

  12. Zetas dispise people than can read.any type of intelligence threatens them. No huevos. No valentia.

  13. Youre right,zetas can kiss my ass .all us usa people are militant.bring it on.

  14. When keeping it real goes wrong. lol.

  15. Did a little bit of goggling and it appears this occurred in nuevo Laredo. But got damn wut ever happened to freedom of speech. zetas r just as bad as communist china and cuba nowadays.

  16. This can only happen in a country where you are not allowed to defend yourself. Try this in an armed state and watch the citizens turn militant on you.

  17. @September 14, 2011 1:08 AM

    How anyone can believe what ANY cartel says? They're all the same bullshitters, whatever you ever want to believe about your cdg or sinaloans.

  18. the cartel savages need to be hunted and killed.

    Why would any mexican want a truce with these savages? a truce is submission to their savage rules. a truce is slavery.

    A message to my mexican brothers and sisters. Fight to the death for your freedom and for your children's freedom. Teach your children to fight for their freedom and for their children's freedom.

    After you fight for your freedom and you get your freedom - then you will be free to work for real peace.

    The fight for freedom never ends. And you can only work for peace when you are free.

  19. *Todas estas pandillas son pura mierda, montoneros, y cobardes. Se ponen con los que no se pueden defender. There is really no telling what these two people did. Que se sigan matando todos estos pendejos de los carteles,unos con los otros. Good birth control.

  20. Zetas are worse than Communist Cuba and even China.. These are the scum of the earth "A good zeta is a dead zeta". The Mexican Government should declare open season on these bastards..

  21. There are not too many real elite Zetas left. These are uneducated dumb ass country folks that have no way of making money except for corruption and pimping out their own mothers. Zeta is the last letter of the alphabet, just like a turd is the last thing that comes out of the human body and I see the resemblance. They are worthless and will rot in hell for the atrocities and wrongdoings to their own country. They are just buying time until their judgement day comes and it will come to an end because they are going to run out of retards to recruit.

  22. I can smell the fear nobody wants to comment. the report because who knows if they have somebody looking for possible victims.
    Most of the sicarios are people without education, but they also have nerds working for them, we are problably ok on this side

  23. Big difference between USA and Mexico...we're armed.

  24. On Blog del Narco when commenting people put place their pic on there icon somtimes (dumb). Then they claim they are from one cartel or another (bullshit) and then they talk crap to each other. Someone must have recognized these Peeps and didn't like their ramblings.

  25. It should be seen as a sign of weakness that these people are so terrified of everything they resort down to killing internet persons. I would of thought the feared z's were more than middle school girls bitching about a blog

  26. It's just another appalling way for the criminals & scumbags to terrorize the public and keep them fearful and in-line. It's very ominous. This story is making its way into the international press.

    I remember during the summer when this very blog reported that the cartels were recruiting hackers & tech people for their operations. At the time it was speculated that they were to be used money making scams. It looks like they may have recruited them for surveillance & tracking down innocent people using the web who are rightfully critical of the evil cartels.

    The jackals of the drug trade know no limits to their insidious plot to destroy Mexican society.

    I loathe these pieces of garbage. I hope they all get a taste of the lash before they made to dig their own graves.

  27. I'm going to call "bullshit," on the Zetas ability to infiltrate or hack into blog sites and snag IP addresses of users, who leave negative comments about them. On the other hand, quite possibly these two victims may have been more than just vocal on the Internet about their disdain for the Zetas. In an environment, where you just don't know who around you is working for the cartels your better off keeping a low profile or your personal opinions to yourself..lest u risk the fate of these two..if in fact the reasons behind their murder (criticism) is true. It seems this just another case of fear propaganda .

  28. Fuck them on both sides. I'm calling there bluff, unless they're partnered up with google there's nothing to worry about. Coked out roaches is what they are. Gov should not even imprison them, just shoot them on the spot. These people are already messed up and its not worth trying to rehabiltate them. If you want to see a dead one, go to the fosas en durango.

  29. There is more to this story..

    seems the "scene" may have been manipulated by local media "on a payroll"....

  30. Well they can't go round doing this to everyone who disses them I mean if that was the case then pretty much most of the people here would be dead but of course if you are stupid enough to get into some sort of online argument with Zeta's or whomever and call them a bunch of gays and you happen to be in or around Zeta territory in Mexico then its just asking for something like this to happen. Obviously the Zeta's have their own "cyber division".

    Was dumb of these 2 really although they didn't deserve this.

  31. Puto Zetas, they're so freaking pathetic. What's wrong maricones, are you guys finally starting to feel the increased pressure from the US government and rival cartels coming against y'all?? Come to Texas and fuck around, intelligent peeps up here have their CHL (concealed handgun license). I myself have a .45 caliber hollow point waiting for anyone thinking about trying me when I'm out and about.

    Mexico seriously needs to change it's laws about gun ownership, at least let their citizens arm themselves and have some kind of chance of surviving an attack. It's almost like they know they can/should do this, but for some horrendous reason still haven't done so yet.

  32. @Overmex,

    "There is more to this story.." I don't doubt that for a minute. It just seems to fantastic of a notion to think..the Zetas or any other DTO has the ability or time to check Narco based blog sites for negative comments about their reputation or image! Or actually investigate and track down bloggers and execute them..


  34. @9:36 AM

    That isn't the rumor. The rumor is they monitor Internet at the local Internet company just like the cartels have for many years corrupted the phone company employees to tap and trace calls.

  35. Does anyone find it odd that there is no mention of this on BDN? At least none that I found...

  36. @September 14, 2011 11:44 AM

    Odd? BDN was mentioned on that manta. No, at least I don't find it odd...

  37. So right away everyone re-evaluates his security based on a "news story" that may or may not have been manipulated by crooked journalists working for crooks.

    "I'm ok because I'm in the US" "I'm ok because they can't track you down like that." Etc, etc, etc.

    How does it feel to be totally intimidated? How does it feel to be totally helpless in the face of the monster?

    It must feel ok because you continue to do nothing. Or, you don't care because you are making more money than you ever made working for the criminals and you don't want to change anything. Which one are you?

  38. Wow, the horror of the torture. His face looks beat to a pulp, and the poor girl has a blood soaked butt. These mother fuckers!!! Total ignorance, IQs below 75, no guilt, no remorse, no shame, just brutal savagery!!!!! Sorry Mother Fuckers and I think you can use that literally because they probably treat their mothers this way.

  39. Put on a dick .., I have you cut short, attn. Z

    im pretty sure thats not the right translation for what the narco banner said. Ponganse vergas = you better straighten up/man up. and, ya los traigo en corto = ive got you within my sights/ive got my eye on you.

    And i know plenty of people posting here really hate the Zetas, but the fact of the matter is that they are getting stronger and stronger, absorbing these small cartels will only help them in the long run. CDG will most likely be absorbed by CDS, as AFO has already been. Juarez Cartel, I dont even know whats up there, i used to live there and i knew people that were related to cartel members. I know its been 4 years and Chapo still cant take over completly yet. They will probably be absorbed by the Zetas. Theyve had an alliace with them longer than people think. So Z, juarez, beltran leyva (Mazatlecos), milenio, LFM vs CDS, CDG, AFO (although i dont think that afo and cds actually help each other out, i think cds pays afo to pass merch through there), CT, CJNG and la Resistencia.

    if you guys need help translating, i would love to contribute to this site.

  40. I honestly don't think that the Zetas or any cartel are that good to get people just like that, these could be just poor innocent people they decided to use to send a message.

    If in reality they were that good to target narco bloggers more than 2 people will be killed by now.

    If the Zetas were lucky to have a real hacker they will be doing Internet fraud instead of killing bloggers.

  41. 12:54 PM...Neither, "which one or you?"

  42. If the Zetas were rally good they will be monitoring the government and not the bloggers. Most likely they knew this people, they look at what they were doing in their computer and the killed them for it.

  43. You guys should mirror these type of sites and go mainstream! Pa' que se enojen los cabrones! :)

  44. 1:17 PM...Amado Carrillo back in his day had equipment on his fleet of 737s that would jam the US radar so they could not be tracked. They have financial wizards that help secure and invest billions. But you don't think they can hire an MS guru that can hack systems and get IPs. Hell, El Chapo bought a president, but he couldn't possibly buy our IPs from someone huh?

    I have wondered for months if someone neutral should not keep a list of participants as a safe measure for follow up if strange things happened. Not only from cartels, but the US and Mexican governments. We say derogatory comments about all the above and all are capable of making our world a nightmare or even make their problem disappear. Much stranger things have happened!

  45. Like most of the others on here have stated my concern over empty threats by a bunch of uneducated narco thugs is not taken seriously. My state has many CDW permits and all of my friends all carry where ever we go and have heavy calibur weapons ready for anyone that feels they can try to confront us. Come to the US and let us give you the same response Patton gave to a group of Bandits on the border early in his career.

  46. @ 3:08 PM Patton, accompanied by ten soldiers of the 6th Infantry Regiment, and using three armored cars, conducted the United States' first armored vehicle attack, and in the process killed two Mexican leaders.

    This is the respond you are talking about?

    In pistol shooting, Patton placed 20th out of 32 contestants. He used a .38 caliber pistol, while most of the other competitors chose .22 caliber firearms. He claimed that the holes in the paper from his early shots were so large that some of his later bullets passed through them, but the judges decided he missed the target completely.

    Or this one?

    I'm sorry but according to what I know Patton was a hero on WW2 and according to what I read a lot of soldiers didn't like him. Now you said you and you friend always pack heat? Are you sure about this? Or you are just another keyboard warrior.

  47. @ September 14, 2011 2:40 PM think about it, if in reality this people were able to buy all type of information more than two will be dead by now. I have a feeling all this was manipulated to make people think we ( the Cartel ) can get all you bloggers.

  48. It can be surprisingly easy to find the identities of people online without doing any hacking whatsoever. All you have to do is Google someone's username and all kinds of stuff can come up. You find more information, cross check that and then all a sudden you know everything you need.

    If you take a picture with your camera or phone and then post it online somewhere, there is something called "EXIF data" that is sometimes embedded in that file. This data reveals a lot more information than you may realize. No hacking necessary to read this data.

    I don't wanna give out too much more information.. but suffice it say you gotta be real careful online. People get outed on one of my forums all the time. But that stuff is just minor BS compared to this.

    Now take everything I've said and add to it a criminal organization with lots of money, lots of contacts and connections into every industry and it's hard telling what all they can find out about you.

  49. Remember what alot of ppl.dont like somehow end up being the popular ones, in this case zetas.Ajulio ajulio ajulio did you read your comment before you posted it? Because now that I read it,it stood out to me as one of the most ignorant comments of them all also that one idiot that said "theres a big difference between mexico and USA,were armed" haha what an idiot he forgot to say that they might be armed but scared to shoot it. haha Na but like I was saying Ajulio I got a sincere question for you,Would you really repeat what you wrote in front of a zeta member? Without you answering,and this goes to all of you who talk shit on Zetas, let me guees your answer is no.And if your answer was yes,either you got mad balls ajulio or your stupid.

  50. Apologies for going off topic, but history is kinda my thing....

    @ 3:59, your wikipedia version of history leaves alot to be desired...

    -The 'armored cars' you refer to were convertible dodge touring cars, basically the dodge equivalent of a model-t...Patton's detachment killed 3 men, including Villa's 2nd-in-command and Patton personally shot one Villista who was charging him on horseback while Patton stood dismounted in an exposed position...

    -Most cavalry officers of Patton's era were far more comfortable with a larger caliber handgun and as such used them for target competition, and you fail to mention that the results are from the Olympic games....20th best of a worldwide field of expert shooters is pretty fair shooting in my book

    -Most great leaders are disliked as much as they are praised. Patton had many negative fact, he commented extensively on his own faults...but that does not take away from his many accomplishments especially during WW2. His battlefield tactics and doctrine are required reading for most cadets and officer candidates in the US armed services to this day...

  51. @ 5:30 pm

    I'm not scared of no zeta. I've taken martial arts almost all my life and as long as it's mano a mano, i would fight any piece of shit zeta who attacks me. But afterwards we both live. I'm old school baby.

    But no, I would'nt be talking shit to a group of zetas in mexico. I don't want to die yet. But i'm not in mexico so I'll say whatever the hell I want. The zetas don't have that power over me cuz they know better than to come and invade the U.S., they know that they would get their asses whooped.

    And if anyone ever wanted to attack me at home, I got something for that ass.

  52. I've been throwing this around in my head and digging since last night on this..I'm sorry to say, I've hit a wall, I don't have any proof to offer...

    yet, something still just doesn't seem right.

    Even in this photos..look at the position they are in. In the pedestrian bridge pic,where u see the bodies hanging, the upper left hand corner of the placard is behind a tube. The second placard is on the guy's leg.

    In the second pic, there placard has been moved, the fencing is beginning, as if it is at the beginning or end of the pedestrian bridge..and there is another one below it..If that is the case, what did the 3rd message say? Why wasn't the text reported by the original reporter, the first to expose the messages?

    And if there were only TWO, how did one get from his leg to the bridge or vice versa?!/MrCruzStar/status/113764504831139842

  53. back in October of 2010 there was another killing of a woman, a beheading..the message said she was snitching to the soldiers.

    Look at the handwriting..It's the same..and all capital letters,.

  54. Ovemex that was a good observation about the position of the message, about the two messages the expression on the messages is the same, the only difference I was able to find is the E and the R.

  55. Ovemex you should look at this pictures on this link, you will see how far away they actually move the message.

  56. los zetas are just publicity hounds and this is just another publicity act. they will do anything to gain attention.

  57. Let's not forget about Rupert Murdoch and his news corp. Phone hacking scandal in Britain. They were responsible for hacking many celebrities, politicians, and even the royal family. They had tapped important info on probably thousands of important and powerful people.

    I don't underestimate the total power of los zetas. It's probable that they could find info on anyone that they want. I don't believe that they would go out of their way to hunt down normal blog people.

    But if I were one of the managers or reporters of blog del narco or mundo narco, I would be concerned because they probably operate in mexico and these two blogsites seem to glamourize the narco lifestyle. Especially mundo narco. They lack a sense of media integrity. They should be careful on how they handle this situation.

    I remember an older blogsite called todo sobre narcotrafico en mexico. This blogsite was ahead of their time. They had great narco articles and some good violent videos. Then they had put an artcle of the finding of the dead body of manuel mendez leyva and that was the last article that they ever put out....and then the website just froze with no warning for a long time until just recently they reopened.

    So this hits home for BDN and MN. The creators of these two blogsites are probably nervous right now. They should be. There websites are trashy.

  58. Lol @ the guy talking shit on Patton, and then anon 5:38 making him look like an idiot

  59. Three point solution

    1. Mexico lower your flag
    2. Beg the American Military to assist you, and pay us with your oil
    3. We send in Delta Force and the Seals...we found Bin Laden we can find Chapo, Lazcano,

  60. is Mexico the most barbaric country on earth right now?..i don't even think Africa is as bad

  61. Not only was BDN mentioned in the message but they gave a statement that I found curious and perhaps not in good judgement to give one at all. It included "we do not denouce violence" meaning in their posts, I suppose. There was more. I posted the story on forum if you want updated info.

    I found the cards moved around also. I posted both positions on the forum post. Don't worry they are really after the leaders of social networks if at all, seems these hanging folks were pawns to instill fear. I don't know.

    but....i was concerned about Buggs when this story broke.

  62. @ September 15, 2011 1:26 AM your wikipedia version of history leaves a lot to be desired.

    Well funny thing about your history in which U.S is always portrait as a victor, noble, kind, and powerful, but in reality U.S has always attack weak countries with little equipment and little weapons, you are just like Saddam Hussein telling people tales but never once admitting to your own wrong doing and your own flaws, you calling others criminals when is you the ones who provided the weapons and it is you the ones who commit more crimes on international law, you talked about Patton but don't forget a lot of soldiers didn't like Patton and they have always talk shit about him.

    September 14, 2011 5:38 PM you and September 15, 2011 1:26 AM are obviously the same person.

  63. I agree with September 14, 2011 3:59 PM many of you people always exaggerate about things.

    Patton mis huevos ni que la chingada. A ese cabron nadien lo queria.

  64. Zetas are the shit that came from the dirty asses of monkeys!!!

  65. People are so computer illiterate, there is NO way to track anyone down based on an IP! That is just not how things work. The ONLY was a person can be found is if they are tricked via "social engineering" and are conned into giving up thier location. People can be fooled into filling out forms or they can be stupid and put in thier real address while filing a form reporting criminal activity and perhaps they figured out a way to "phish" those crime reporting forms and were able to get an address that way but by just getting someones IP address that means nothing...

    All criminal cartels can suk my nutz... Especially puto Zetas... ATT: Joe Mama

  66. @buela,

    The story was on BDN for a short time and now its been removed... Mundonarco ran it first and then it was posted on BDN and now its been removed from BDN...

  67. Here's a new report citing some of the doubts I mentioned about the N Laredo bridge hangings..

  68. I believe Mexico needs to become a facist or a national socialist country. unity will tear down this cartel problem and this type of government wants complete control of their country unlike now.

  69. @ 1:59

    It is so strange. yes mundo ran it first..
    then BDN then BDN gone...because when I created my forum post I went back to BDN looking for pics and the entire story gone. but then it came back yesterday evening. I think Buggs post is the one BDN had posted but translated into english.

    I just checked BDN and you are correct...
    G O N E.

    What do you think was the motivator? BDN looks stupid. Take a stand one way or another. Especially after saying they do not denouce violence or support any cartel etc. I honestly could not understand why they gave a statement at all, and especially to american media. I have been checking twitter and support is coming in from both sides the border which is bound to piss off Zs further. I am concerned for bloggers like BDN and even BB.

    I posted some of the twitter comments and other stuff yesterday if you care to look...

  70. you can track some info of a person with an ip it is called a reverse and only some of the times, more often you come up short, but if you get a name that is half the battle. some companies charge for the service "locators" not address etc but names and other info if you are lucky. never specifics just general such as TEXAS..we did it. we as in another person who posts comments on forum, as he is a computer "expert" and he was getting some horrible emails from a BB reader. you should see the info we "found"

  71. I am probably one of the most ignorant people when it comes to the happenings going on in Mexico even though I'm so close I saw this on cnn and started doing more research my question is why don't the people of medico do something about this? There is no way that the cartels out number the entire population of Mexico. It seems like Mexico should intact marshal law set curfews and just shoot people...

  72. Apologies for going off topic.

    September 14, 2011 5:38 PM History is kinda my thing the 'armored cars' you refer to were convertible dodge touring cars, basically the dodge equivalent of a model-t.

    My history friend a convertible is not an armored car absolutely not. White armored car was one of the companies producing armored cars for the military,

    White No.1 4x2 armored car built in 1915
    White No.2 4x2 armored car built in 1916 and used by the United States Army and United States Marines

    King armored car was another company.

    White No.2 4x2 armored car was the one used in the attacks.

  73. relax, these people aren't pro hackers, it's not like they're going to get on Facebook or Twitter or Myspace and hack into your account, these are really secure sites, they have absolutely no way, when they read comments, of tracking who made them or where that person is located...these guys are dumb as as a rock, trust me even for me, a college graduate, learning computer code is like trying to read chinese upside down when I don't even know beware though don't post stuff about yourself your not supposed to on the Internet.

  74. September 19, 2011 11:07 PM Facebook is not secure.

  75. theres alot more that we do not know, they could be zetas or any other cartel. look at the zoom picture it does not match the writing lines! neither the location position on the ciclonyc mesh.
    also near mexican presidential eleccions what?
    intimidation to stop twitters on line from spreading the truth of infiltration up to the president, the narcogoberment anarchy.


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