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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zetas Chop Up Alleged Golfos

Two unidentified men were dismembered and dumped wrapped in black plastic trash bags in the street Morelos, right in the Heart of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

The remains of the victims were in plain view of the general public walking by, prompting police authorities to arrive at the scene, which was immediately secured.

Alongside the human remains the killers left a placard, or "narcomensaje," containing a message that was signed by Los Zetas. The message said that the victims were members of the Gulf Cartel. Also next to the remains was a base with flowers.

Full text of the narco message:
"Continue to support the fucking golfos (members of the Gulf Cartel), chapulines y panochones (pussies). People, take care of the town, cause here we are. Attn: Zetas."


  1. Fuck la letra el golfo andamos al 100..from guerrero to chicago the gulf controls bien pilas con la 35

  2. Its been a while since Los Zs had a victory so that nabbed a couple taco vendors and claimed their Golfos.

  3. Those idiots had a girl write that poster.

  4. Is ciudad victoria becoming a battleground now?


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