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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hitting Los Zetas Hard in Hidalgo

The Ministry of Public Security of the State of Hidalgo reported in a press conference the capture of 31 members of the criminal organization Los Zetas.

The director of the agency Damián Canales Mena said that 14 of the 31 that had been arrested were policemen. They were police officers in the agencies of the towns of Mineral del Chico, Apan, Omitlán, Zempoala and El Arenal. They were receiving eight thousand pesos (roughly about $650 USDS) per month for providing protection to members of Los Zetas.

Officials said that they conducted operations in several municipalities of Hidalgo in order to take in to custody the 31 suspects that had links to Los Zetas, who were said to be among halcones, kidnappers, drug dealers, and security.

In recent days the federal police and the military in Hidalgo have managed to capture a large number of members of Los Zetas, proving that they are hitting Los Zetas hard and as has been the case, many of them have been municipal police officers.


  1. It seems to me that Mexico has decided that nobody can be a criminal or drug dealer except those from Sinaloa. If you are from there, you can do anything you want anywhere you want to do it. There is a new cartel in Mexico, Cartel Del Calderon.

  2. This is probably a public show and they will be back in operation in a week or two.

  3. This is so stupid there is no crime for being a ZETA in Mexico or members of any cartel because Mexico politicians are being paid to much no to make it a Crime to be part of any of these Cartels, and there not terrorist organization, they will be out of jail in a few months

  4. Anon 11:30 - Anyone that thinks having one cartel is not better than 5 and a bunch of little municipal gangs does not understand what is happening in Mexico...

  5. Well if they are let out I hope they bite the dust quickly by the Gulf Cartel.

  6. It seems to me that none of you posters get the point. You always bitch about nobody getting arrested and now you bitch that these arrests are meaningless.

    Did you notice that nearly half are police officers? Do you think they will lose their jobs?

    @11:30 what do you want? They busted a group from Sinaloa last week. Or are you just another chillon who only wants to complain about everything?

  7. Should have killed them all...


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