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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tamaulipas Police Desert Training Course

Written by:
Jeanna Cullinan

In Sight

Forty-three municipal police officers from the state of Tamaulipas, north Mexico, deserted a training course in the state of Chihuahua.

The officers were part of a group of almost 350 police being vetted and trained in military tactics as part of Tamaulipas’ strategy of police modernization and professionalization.

They left after only 15 days of courses at the National Training Center, and their motivation is unknown. The Tamaulipas Public Security Secretary said that conditions have been difficult at the military training center and police have complained about the lack of food and grueling hours.

The official did not say what the future holds for the deserters upon their expected return to Victoria, the capital of the Gulf coast state. He suggested they could be fired for refusing to complete required training, but those who were successfully vetted for corruption could be transferred to serve in other capacities.

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  1. What a shame. Wonder if it was for fear of their lives or recruitment from Los Golfos or Los Zetas? Probably a mixture of both with the lure of more money as well. Sucks for Mexico. The officers in the pictures look more Sureno que Norteno.

  2. Well as long as they don't desert to work for the cartels is all good.

  3. hmmm, maybe offered better pay and benefits elsewhere? Gee, I wonder where.

  4. One of the reasons Mexico has so many corrupt police is because of how easy it was to become one with very little to no training involved. That said, they should continue with these training exercises to further ensure only truly dedicated men and women make it through.

  5. How about they are probably a bunch of weak cry babies who can't deal with real discipline, pressure or work.

  6. Police and Military offer great training for the cartels and produces some of their best leaders too.

  7. There is a really good chance they were not being feed because the commander sold the supplies. Seriously, I doubt they were getting fed. The Mexican military complains that on many details, all the get is rations and sometime just once a day. If they want to eat, they need to figure out a way on their on. It is the same for inmates in jail.

    @ 2:35 PM...LOL, I would like to see your punk ass call them that to their face. Another internet warrior. You go join bad ass. Make a difference. The US would be better without you anyway.

  8. @1:30 PM. I'm sure the pensions being offered elsewhere aren't so hot however

  9. September 6, 2011 2:37 PM Men you are a great liar, it is not the training they get in the police academy or military it is more the money they have at their disposal to buy people for protection or to buy a way out. We all know what happened to this people when they get confronted by the military or federal police 9 out of 10 get killed or capture.

  10. El Guicho is recaptured!!!! Why is no one reporting on this?

  11. @4:27 pm

    Why is no one reporting on this?

    It's pretty simple: because we also work full-time and then some.I just got home, give us just a bit and one of us will have it posted.

    Seriously, sorry for the delay, but we're doing the best we can.

    Are you interested in reporting by any chance?

    Thanks for understanding-


  12. Ovemex here I will give you some links about El Güicho
    don't post this, this is just to help you out with information.

  13. Hey Texcoco..

    Thanks..I'm working on it now, will have it up shortly.




  14. Anon@ 3:33 i totally agree with your comment, everyone is so brave and tough online, but in person is a different thing...

  15. At 4:00

    I said it was ONE of the reasons. Of course there are many other factors that create corruption, I'm not denying that. All I'm saying is that by having them go through extensive procedures might give them the perception of having more to lose if they are ever tempted to go corrupt.

  16. I think people are reading between the lines here and are speculating far to much with regards to these few deserters (43 out 350 roughly 8%). It would seem to me, due to the nature of the training, the deserters decided they had enough and decided this "training" along with the realities of the job are not worth it. It takes a special person to commit to a career, where death and betrayal go hand and hand. Remember, it would have made sense for these guys to desert to cartels (if that was their intentions) after they received the full training because than they would have the benefit of the training. Just my 2cents..

  17. @fiscal receipts on the RGV-BB

    You are more than welcome to email me at the site address...



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