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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Federal Police Recapture 'El Güicho'

The man accused of transporting cocaine from Colombia to Mexico and into the United States for the Sinaloa cartel was recaptured on Monday, September 5 after having escaped detention from a hospital 40 days ago.

After escaping from a Mexico City hospital on July 27, "El Guicho" fled first to Puebla and later to Jalisco, where he was re-apprehended.

Guajardo Hernandez had been arrested for the first time last May 12 during an armed confrontation and a police chase in the border city of Mexicali, Baja California. During the confrontation "El Guicho" was shot twice in the abdomen.

It was during his hospital recovery that he allegedly paid a million pesos to at least two police officers to help him escape.

According to the Secretary of Public Security, El Guicho operated in Baja California, but also controlled operations moving Colombian cocaine into Mexico.

His original arrest last May was described as a "very powerful blow" to El Chapo Guzman's Baja California operations.

Guajardo Hernandez allegedly replaced Teodoro "El Teo" Garcia Simental, after his arrest in January 2010.

After his escape in July, Baja California announced a $3 million peso reward for information leading to his arrest.

State prosecutors contend Guarjardo Hernandez has been charged with numerous counts of homicide, weapons possession, and drug trafficking and is the primary focus of at least 23 preliminary investigations. He is also considered responsible for the October 2010 El Camino rehabilitation center massacre.

Sources and links:

La policía federal reaprehende a un operador clave para 'El Chapo'

Autoridades mexicanas recapturan a capo que se fugó durante una visita médica


  1. what a pendejo. he paid a lot of money just to escape just to get caught again in less than a month.

  2. Well the good thing is that they got this MF back.

  3. they should of let this fucker bleed out when they shot him in the chest. atleast hes in jail...

    1. What u know abaut El Guicho putito? Puro Mexicali y Sinaloa.. arriva tijuana..

    Fuck with the forces of good and thats what happens!!

  5. he lost some cash but he gained two corridos about his great "Houdini" escape. pendejo.

  6. Well I don't think his corridos will help him out in any way.

  7. Is'nt one of those corridos about a pendejo who paid a lot of money to escape just to get caught again?

    El corrido de el pendejo Guicho.

    1. Se necesitan guevos para escapar de la policia and knowing ur going to jail for a long time any money is worth a day out pendejo.. lo digo por experiencia y los corridos se ganan.. El guicho se los gano. Si lo tubieras de frente le agachas la mirada puto.

  8. It was worth it compa guicho this pendejos don't know what is it like to be free after knowing ur going away for a long time. Se necesitan guevos para pelarteles en su cara..FL1


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