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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nuevo Laredo, the silent war.

The scene Wednesday morning on Nuevo Laredo's Bulevar Aeropuerto with the two tortured bodies of the male and female "internet snitches" has been interpreted by some journalists in general terms as a direct threat by drug cartels against online social media and freedom of expression, which it certainly is, but there is also a local context to this incident.

The murders were the latest in a continuing string of threats by Los Zetas against online media and anonymous tipsters to Mexican federal authorities in a bloody, almost unknown, little war being waged on the streets of this city on the Mexico-Texas border.

Nuevo Laredo is the largest inland port of entry in terms of volume for commerce between the U.S. and Mexico and is perhaps the most lucrative plaza on the border for organized crime. It is a smuggling corridor Los Zetas have held for years and have no intention of giving up.

The fact that the conflict is mostly invisible is a testament to the power of Los Zetas to censor and intimidate the local media and municipal authorities.

In the case of the local media, what was in the past a tradition of buying the silence of many, but not all, local journalists has now been replaced by the more effective method of brutal death threats, not only to individuals but to entire families.

Even the government has the power to silence the local media from reporting military casualties and the killing and disappearances of suspects.

However, it has proven much harder to silence online social media which has filled the void created by the censoring of local newspapers, radio and television stations.

The internet sites highlighted on the placards left by Los Zetas at the crime scene on Bulevar Aeropuerto were Frontera al Rojo Vivo, website sponsored by Grupo Reforma with forums for anonymous tips and news for the main cities and towns of Mexico's border states; Blog del Narco, the most famous of Mexico's graphic "narco" news sites; and Denuncia Ciudadana, a series of websites sponsored by Mexico's Defense Ministry, Attorney General's office and several state governments for citizen's denunciations and anonymous tips.

In addition, local sites such as nuevolaredoenvivo serve the important function of a citizen's network for the collection of information on organized criminal activity such as the movement of suspicious vehicles and armed individuals, the location of halcones (lookouts), narcotiendas (locations where drugs are being sold) and bloqueos (blockades) or retenes (checkpoints), and even the reporting of stolen vehicles which are sometimes located with the help of dozens of anonymous network members.

Nuevolaredoenvivo encourages citizen's involvement in the fight against organized crime and is a model for an online neighborhood watch type program on a city wide scale.

What Nuevolaredoenvivo depicts is a city in crisis, caught in a conflict between the military and Los Zetas that has taken a bloody turn for the worse in Nuevo Laredo.

The role of local sites such as Nuevolaredoenvivo, VigilantesMantes which covers the Mantes-Tampico region , and Reynosa Libre which covers Reynosa and the communities of the Frontera Chica has grown in importance since Los Zetas and The Gulf Cartel splintered in early 2010, starting an armed conflict for control of drug trafficking routes into the United States.

Initially the state and federal governments ceded control of large areas of the state to the warring drug cartels but this year Mexico's Army and Marines have begun to reinstate government authority, to varying degree, in most areas of the state.

The presence of the military was reinforced after the discovery of clandestine graves earlier this year containing approximately 200 murder victims abducted from buses in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, by Los Zetas were discovered.  The victims were traveling from the interior of Mexico to the U.S. border. (the Calderon administration has made the nationwide fight against Los Zetas a top priority)

However, the state of Tamaulipas remains in a chronic state of low intensity conflict.    

A conversation with a number of Nuevo Laredo residents in "el Centro", the city center between both downtown international bridges, painted a picture of frequent, almost daily gun battles lasting 15 minutes or longer between Los Zetas and the military, especially in the western and southern sectors and the Viveros area on the east side of the city, that are rarely reported in any media.

The "heating up of the plaza" where a rival cartel sends squads of gunmen into another organization's turf such as the situation between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas in Matamoros and Reynosa, the other large border cities in Tamaulipas, are not as common in Nuevo Laredo.

There are rumors (it is almost impossible to confirm information that seeps out of Nuevo Laredo, this city is the land of rumors) that the sharp divisions between The Gulf cartel and Los Zetas blur a bit in Nuevo Laredo. Some cells maintain contacts with longtime friends and relatives in a rival group and when there is money to be made an arrangement is sometimes reached. (Alberto Castillo "Beto Fabe", the one time Gulf Cartel plaza chief in Matamoros, was murdered in May 2010 for letting Zetas operate in that city)

The city is also home to hundreds of street gangs composed of teenagers living in the extremely poor neighborhoods in the periphery of the city. Some of these gangs now settle their disputes with assault weapons instead of the old school knife and chain. As is the norm in Latin America, these marginal neighborhoods are seldom policed.

The Infonavit colonias, where cartel sicario cells and street gangs frequently appropriate abandoned housing, seem to be particular hotspots.

(Infonavit is a Mexican government agency that funds mortgages for workers, usually for low cost housing.)

The Nuevo Laredo residents reported that Army and Marine units in the city have instituted a policy of not taking live prisoners and usually execute alleged Zetas taken alive or injured in confrontations. It was also reported that the military is taking casualties in these street battles.

Persistent reports state that during the military operations that resulted in the death of the Zeta plaza chief, Jorge De La Peña "El Pompin", on August 2, 2011 (, Army troops swept through Nuevo Laredo executing halcones where they were found. The number of deaths is impossible to confirm.

Although the el Centro residents did not witness these executions they believed the reports to be true.

One man, a business owner, reported seeing a military helicopter firing on targets on the ground during the operation. He also claimed that one helicopter had been forced down after being hit by ground fire earlier this year.

Although the residents expressed gratitude that the Zetas were being dealt with, a more nuanced opinion was expressed in regards to extrajudicial killings. Of particular concern was the danger of innocent civilians being mistakenly targeted by the military.

The residents, middle and lower middle class, all claimed to have been a victim of, or had a close family member that was a victim of, at least one violent crime since the beginning of the year.

Another concern voiced was the huge increase in violent street crime such as robberies, muggings and carjackings committed by petty criminals and street gangs that are the result of the municipal police force being transferred in mass to out of state police academies for vetting and retraining.

Nuevo Laredo's municipal police had been heavily infiltrated by Los Zetas but the residents mostly felt that this corrupt force was better than none.

The military has been unable or unwilling to address this problem, as they are focused on dealing with organized crime. Only a token number of state police officers have been sent to Nuevo Laredo and they have been completely ineffective in dealing with this crime wave.

This is also a void that is being addressed by Nuevolaredoenvivo, where posters warn fellow citizens of hot spots where common criminals and street gangs are active, even posting addresses and pictures of hideouts.

Online media posters were reminded last Wednesday how dangerous filling that void is. Many, if not most, will continue the battle with their keyboards.

Life in Nuevo Laredo, courtesy of Nuevolaredoenvivo

                                                  Safehouse after a raid May 7, 2011

"We want answers about our missing relatives and friends" Protest by relatives of the disappeared after a meeting with representatives from the Army, Marines and CNDH (National Human Rights Commission) September 14, 2011. The protestors accuse federal forces, in particular the Marines, of human right abuses.

Nuevo Laredo from the air

                               Street humor mirrors life "this happened to him for being an idiot"

                                              The death for "El Pompin" August 2, 2011

                                        Streetside memorial to fallen soldier, 15 de Septiembre street.

Execution in Nuevo Laredo 5/19/2011

3 Zetas die in Infonavit shootout 2011

                                           Familia Zeta, Colinas del Sur area

                                  Young halcon outside of bus station

                                         Zeta sicario in Nuevo Laredo

                                   Zeta girlfriend, Nuevo Laredo

                             Zeta participating in anti-military protest, talking into his nextel

                                    Halcon in the Maclovio Herrera market

                    Missing brothers, last seen on the Nuevo Laredo-Reynosa highway.

                         Previous "snitch" warning in Nuevo Laredo October, 2010

Videos of Nuevo Laredo robbery August 18, 2011



  1. Z's doing what they do best. Awesome.

    Z's will never be done, people around mex and even the US have failed to realize that The Z has become an organization that lives off the fear cowardliness of the civilian population. As long as the Mexican people sit on their ass and cooperate with them or are terrified of them then the Z will continue to live. Just like the Taliban.

    Too late to stop them now...good luck Mexico, your country is in Ruins...

  2. Really impressed with the article. Best kind of reporting on the subject. Detailed, in depth, mix of facts and rumors. Esp. interesting was the candid Zeta family shots, you always think of the Z as animals, then you see their children wearing old navy sweaters and it's just a whole other side of things. Also, I wondered about Nuevo Laredo, besides the plaza boss being killed and the blog del narco hangings, I would have thought NL was quiet.

  3. It's always regrettable when innocent are caught in the conflict. Halcones, however, are in play and I do think that they should be dealt with as the enemy. I wonder if some people ever figure that connecting with the Zetas is deal with the Devil. I wonder what the future is going to bring if the war escalates. Where are these people going to be detained? How, if possible, will they be rehabilitated?

    I hate to say it, but change that is significant has only come to country by martial law. Look at Rwanda, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Indecisiveness will make anyplace look like Somalia or Liberia.

  4. I can not believe this piece of shit mother fuckers have no respect for children. This people are giving Mexicans a real bad name.
    They need to die, forget about going to jail, kill the mother fuckers. You put this mother fuckers in jail and in one year flat they will be out killing people.
    I wonder how many more bad thing have to happen for Mexico to give this people the death penalty.

  5. I could see it now...just like the generations of ghetto blacks that have thrived in the US by passing their culture down to the kids, the same thing is happening in Mexico and its gonna get worse because they're gonna multiply and spread like roaches.

  6. Zeta-Trash

    A family unit of degenerate scum. Brainwashing their children to emulate their immoral existence. Always be looking for the tackiest clothes, the most golden gun, the most heinous crime, the least possible way to contribute towards society.

    How can any country move forward with generations of gangsters waiting for their day in the sun?

  7. Lol look at the 'zeta sicarios' picture prob the last picture before they move in to matamoros/reynosa to get arrested or killed

  8. The armed robbery video frustrates the heck out of me...It's like your just waiting for some hero to come through and execute the bad guys, but it never happens. So sad how this happens in Mexico. In the states, much of it is isolated to the ghettos....In Mex it happens anywhere, anytime with no real law enforcement follow up. Sometimes I feel it's a hopeless situation.

  9. Anonymous said...

    "I could see it now...just like the generations of ghetto blacks that have thrived in the US by passing their culture down to the kids, the same thing is happening in Mexico and its gonna get worse because they're gonna multiply and spread like roaches."
    September 17, 2011 7:09 AM


    The past 2 or 3 generations have failed Mexico and its people. Where are the parents in all of this? They have failed to raise the past few generations to be respectful law abiding civilized people instead what we see in Mexico are large pockets of these animals that know nothing else but to victimize and prey on others.

    The only solution to this problem is complete extermination of these pockets of uncivilized animals. They forfeit their right to live among civilized people the moment they cross that line and commit those crimes. Its pathetic to look at some of those areas where almost every inch is covered in graffiti of one kind or another.

    I am by no means a racist but I am a realist and Mexico cant house all of the animals that they have running around committing these crimes and there is nothing that will ever rehabilitate any of them so what then is the solution? Eradication by death is the only sure solution but Mexico is its own worst enemy and they wont implement real solutions, its almost as if they are OK with being the losers in the narco game that is being played out all over Mexico...

    That shit will NEVER happen in the US to many people with large cojones and plenty of guns for protection. The government of Mexico tells the good peoples to fight on and yet wont allow them to own weapons there fore they bring sticks and clubs to a gunfight, Calderon should be ashamed of himself if only for that reason alone!

    Mexico is going to have to have a bloody revolution to get rid of the cancer that is killing the country and then they need to completely rewrite the constitution and laws and they need to then build more schools and maximum security prisons... To do this they are going to need help from every other civilized country on the planet, if not Mexico is doomed. If this shit continues I hope that the US speeds up the construction of a more secure border fence to protect Americans, if Mexico refuses help then build a fence around it and let them sort it all out...

  10. If the people were armed, this shit would stop. Mexico had better grow some balls, and grow them quick. Or just rent them from the US like everyone else.

  11. I got no respect for Mexico government and president were the hell is the army it should be illegal to be a part of any cartel the us should not do a dam thing but add troops to the border I like to see those zetas think they can take on a squad of marines

  12. Nuevo Laredo is ruined. Innocent people are literally starving to death because of these Zeta fools. So much suicide that the paramedics run around cutting down hanging bodies day and night.
    Where is God?

  13. Yes the "Zeta family" look like the scum of the earth but lets not forget people that the average life of the average Narco, whether it be a Zeta or CDG member, is not very long so I bet that whole family will probably be dead this time next year or maybe the year after but sooner or later by CDG or hell maybe even another Zeta you can't trust anyone!

  14. Mexico's gruesome civil war is clearly a product of the failed policy of Prohibition.

    Alcohol prohibition, was a tremendous failure due to the incredible amount of crime and disorder it created. Human nature hasn't changed since the 1920s and early 30s. Then, the distribution of liquor was turned over to a whole new group of criminal entrepreneurs. Now, due to the drug war, dangerous mind altering substances are sold, unregulated, by another new criminal class. Prohibition has turned Mexico into a civil war zone, so our intentions in prohibiting these substances may well be good, but the result of our inability to recognize the futility of such an action will both deepen and prolong the agony caused by this useless and dangerous policy.

    The future depends on whether or not enough of us are willing to take a long look at the tragic results of prohibition. If we continue to skirt the primary issue while refusing to address the root problem, then we can expect no other result than a worsening of the current dire situation. Good intentions are no match for the immutable realities of human nature.

    So may we have some realism from all of you now, on how to go about reclaiming our streets and stopping this mayhem? Please start making an honest effort to address the root cause of the present horrific mess and the high proliferation of "well funded" violent Cartels --the failed regime of drug prohibition.

    Total Body Count: 42,000 - many of them police, politicians and innocent citizens, including children.

    Estimated Body Count for 2010: 15,273

    Estimated Body Count for 2009: 9,600

    Estimated Body Count for 2008: 6,830

    Estimated Body Count for 2007: 4,300

    * So why not call it by it's correct name? What's happening in Mexico is clearly 'Prohibition Engendered Civil War' By refusing to acknowledge this fact we all help to perpetuated it.

  15. Sorry MFs.Gimme a chance i'd shot both them pieces of shit.Families eating pizza.Pisses me off bigtime.Time to fight fire w/ fire.TO HELL TO ALL U MF's DO THIS!GOD WILL HANDLE U IN TIME!TRUST ME.

  16. @2:29 You'll get yours punk.YOUR NOTHING AND YOU KNOW IT.BRING IT I'M READY.

  17. IM from NUEVO LAREDO... Born IN NUEVO LAREDO and IM NOT RUINED!!!... TKS! and we`ll keep on IT for our country... IF YOU KNOW were this animals zetas maraz golfazz HIDE let me know in prived on WE CAN SAVE OUR MEXICO from this SHT... TKS!!

  18. At J, I don't know where you've been but Nuevo Laredo is notorious for suppressing their mini war and for not reporting the deaths/kidnappings of soldiers and the military acting like death squads. People in Nuevo Laredo say that the military is behaving really bad with the city and citizens of Nuevo Laredo weather they are criminals or not. Nuevo Laredo and most border cities has always had that narco culture and street gang culture fill the streets which makes the situation 10 times worse, that's why Monterrey is brutal because the Zetas and Gulf Cartel can easily replace halcones and sicarios from the street gangs.

  19. @ September 17, 2011 11:19 AM Honestly I don't care if the number gets to one million deaths as long as the criminals are the ones who die more than the innocent. I don't see that many people committing crimes to get liquor, but in the other hand I see a lot of people committing crimes to get drugs. Legalize marijuana only.

  20. Now that you guys know where they're at go and say it to them!!

  21. The photo of the ZETA family,with little children.NASTY,and EMBARRASSING to Mexicans.I bet the mother "Zeta" would cry an ocean if her boys ended up dead and dismembered anyway.

  22. Its funny because now im trying to see how the Sinaloa Cartel is the most powerful cartel in mexico?Its it because they have parts of Sinaloa,Chihuhua,and la sierra Madre Durango?I dont know but it looks like the Zetas are a serious contender for that title,The Biggest and Most Powerful Cartel,even with all those super crazy blows the goverment gives them every day.

  23. Here USA: IF YOUR BORDERS were REALLY blinded for the trafic from this animals... ALL of us were reading diferents storys... the millions of USD$$$ this beasts reicive from USA... full of TRUCKs... are atracting more an more young criminals... imagine this people drogadicts the most with the ATF from "FAST $ FURIOS" armament... makes me sick!!... All of this is DEFINITIVELY handled on your side of our borders... WE`RE INFECTED whit BARBIEs... search on it YOUTUBE: "From High School Star to Mexican Drug Cartel"

  24. Lots of good comments on here however the main element allowing all this to happen IMO is a fundamental cultural difference in Mexico whih is heavy on religion and limited on planned parenthood or birth control. If you have a family of 7 kids and only have a househd income of 10k per year then you bet your ass some of those kids are gonna be prime recruites. Need a cultural revolution in Mex along with looser gun restriction, better paid police with great benefits and honor instilled in them.. Same thing in Africa but they are on a whole different level of savagery....

  25. @11:19 Yes, we've heard all this from you 1,000+ times before.


    Before you cut and paste the same stuff again you should proofread.

    "Prohibition Engendered Civil War"? You think that up all by yourself?

    @3:42 You're not feeling well. Take your meds and lie down for awhile. You'll feel better.

  26. All cartels are a bunch of punks these 4 ft punks aint shit without a gun

  27. have a FACEBOOK too:

    reporting our city situation... and the reports about this ratZZZ on PRIVATE MESSAGE pliss TKS!...

  28. To the idiot, who believes legalization will end the drug really don't have a clue! You can't compare the alcohol prohibation era of the 20's and 30's to Mexico's modern day drug's "apples and oranges" (two different things).

    The causes can be found in Mexico's failure to provide adequate eco/soc programs, which allow the poor a chance to thrive by legal means. Along with GREED, POWER, and CORRUPTION which can be found throughout all levels of the Mexican Gov't (local, state, and federal). The possession and drug use (in small amounts=personal use) has been legal in Mexico for sometime. The drug war for Mexico is an export business, so legalizing the manufacting of drugs on a large scale will do absolutely nothing. In addition, the major DTO's are fighting for control of "plazas" or drug corridors which lead to the do you figure legalizing drugs is going to solve that problem? Your not dealing with respectable business men, who are just "bending the rules" a little! I love it, when people think the solution is to change the law to favor the criminal..and fuck the countless victims and dedicated professionals, who fight the good fight every day, so dumbass' like yourself can offer up "mickey mouse" solutions to the worlds problems..can't wait to hear your solution for ending "Global Warming."

  29. "The future depends on whether or not enough of us are willing to take a long look at the tragic results of prohibition"

    LOL if mexico's future depends on repealing prohibition, then they are screwed. There isnt a country on earth where drugs are legal. In fact the US has considerably harsher drug laws than most, and thats not changing anytime soon.


    The only people who can stop the Z's and Chapo

  31. Is san luis potosi safer for americans?? Seems like it. Thanks, whitey

  32. Prohibition? WTF? did drugs have to do with common criminals robbing people at a pizzeria? Legalize every drug in the world, that'll only make extortion , kidnapping, piracy,human trafficking , forced prostitution and simple petty crime SKYROCKET . Legalization helping is a myth. Money is money, and they don't care how they have to get it!

  33. It just seems like the only time SLP was in the news was that border agent murder. Maybe bad news coverage is reason....ive stayed in SLP for extended periods never a problem. Great website! White Guy

  34. NORTHCOM, the Silent US War Command.... Notice that this visit to the Mexican military command clearly falls outside the parameters of why NORTHCOM was set up.

    US Northern Command Team Visits Mexico
    September 18, 2011

    PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. (AP) -- Personnel from the U.S. military command responsible for homeland security have met with members of Mexico's military in a visit to that country. Army Gen. Charles H. Jacoby Jr., head of U.S. Northern Command, writes in his blog that the visit occurred last week. Jacoby doesn't identify the personnel who made the trip.

    He said they used the trip to strengthen what he called an "already strong relationship" between Northern Command and Mexico's military.
    Northern Command is based at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. It was formed after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to work with civilian authorities during emergencies as well as defend U.S. soil. Like his predecessors at Northern Command, Jacoby also heads the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

  35. I think that the so called "corridos alterados" also play a small part in all of this. The young guys are growing up listening to that garbage and think they can imitate what the songs talk about. The new generation thinks its cool to be a narco thats why this will continue to go on as long as their minds are filled with thoughts of money, power , and maybe one day have their name heard in a corrido these kids will continue to look up to the big capos the same way your daughter looks up to say Justin Bieber. All you have to do is drive around LA to see what I am talking about

  36. Wow, I really love our 2nd Amendment!

  37. ..... THE END IS NEAR AND UPON US ALL!!! The signs of the end are all around us, birds, fish, people, nature not producing fruit or vegtables,ALL DYING, AND CURSED FROM THE EVIL!!!tHE BIBLE SAYS: if you want to be a murderer, then continue, BUT, EVENTUALLY, YOUR TIME WILL COME....
    THERE'S A WAR HAPPENING TODAY!!!a spiritual war.
    so, if your a righteous person, continue your fight to be good as much as possible, and remember, that GOD EXPECTS you to defend yourself and your family, and if in the process you kill a EVIL DOER, THEN SO BE IT !!!
    ....THE APPOINTED TIME HAS COME, AND IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME WHEN ALL THE EVIL DOERS will be petitioned to account for how they lived their lives..

  38. @ 3:37 that is so gay

  39. here are the superior cartel zetas at their best jajajaja

  40. Zetas come to the US and let us give you the same response Patton gave to a group of Bandits on the border early in his career.
    History is kinda my thing Patton used 'armored cars' the cars were convertible dodge touring cars, basically the dodge equivalent of a model-t...Patton's detachment killed 3 men, including Villa's 2nd-in-command.

  41. Convertible dodge touring cars are not armored cars
    White No.1 4x2 armored car built in 1915
    White No.2 4x2 armored car built in 1916 and used by the United States Army

  42. @ Gerardo

    This is a great article. It brings to light los zetas' threshold on nuevo laredo by even showing us pictures of zeta families.

    These pictures are tools of pyschological terror created by los zetas and are used to scare and intimidate people into staying clear away, or joining them.

    Either join us, or you will die.

    Now how could Calderon and the U.S. government allow for this to happen?

  43. Mexico's system and our system in the US both enable 'The Rule of the Strong' because both legal systems can be manipulated by corruption or maneuver. I makes me sick to see criminals go unpunished and then they just go and embed themselves more in society.

  44. @4:18 whatever punk.piece of shit.

  45. Gerardo...

    Excellent post! and congratulations on the INSIGHT repost of your writing.


  46. @8:21, Why are you so mad at the poster for stating what is obvious? In this "PC" world we live in, a person cannot even state the writing on the wall anymore without being some kind of "ist", or "bigot". Mexico has a different Culture. Plain and Simple. Not all are like this, but majority rules and gives the whole population the same type of look and feel. Mexico in general doesn`t think that crime is that big of a deal. The like to flaunt their dirty deeds. They like to intimidate and steal rather than work hard and contribute. Not that the USA or Canada or Sweden or wherever doesn`t have some folks with the same mentality, but Mexico is at a different Cultural level. When a reporter asked kids in a classroom what they wanted to be whent they grew up, 78% of the class said a "Narco". When asked Why?, "Because they get money, trucks and the pretty girls". That is the Culture that people do not like. No respect for others. I`ve always said people that eat where they sh*t are a doomed race. Sorry if it offends you, but have you seen Mexico? Being poor and being filthy do not have to go hand in hand. It`s a mindset. A "culture". Same as the "rap" culture that has a grip on many young Americans. Not conducive to being a productive member of society. A culture that glorifies "women as hoes" and b*tches" and doing drugs , is not a culture that ANY country needs. Painful? Yes. Truthful? Yes. Just like the Culture in Mexico. They say the truth hurts, obviously it struck a real nerve with you. Sorry.

  47. ^speak for yourself Mr .Mexican Culture Expert, the values instilled to me by my family and mostly ALL mexicans i kno do not reflect what you state in your ignorant post

  48. Prohibition's underlying ideology is based wholly on fear, hate, envy, and greed - leading universally and invariably to abject failure, economic collapse, sickness and war.

    Ending prohibition would greatly reduce, even almost eliminate, the market in illegal narcotics, cause a reduction in the number of users and addicts, greatly curtail drug related illness and deaths, reduce societal harm from problematic abusers, and bring about an enormous reduction in the presence and influence of organized crime. The people who use drugs are our own children, our brothers, our sisters, our parents and our neighbors. By allowing all adults safe and controlled legal access to psychoactive substances, we will not only greatly reduce the dangers for both them and ourselves but also greatly minimize the possibility of 'peer-initiation' and sales to minors.

    Never have so many been harmed and impoverished by so few, so quickly. Prohibition is not just an extremely expensive accident. Like any harmful and completely ineffective policy, it was connived and implemented by immoral, malicious, fools. It cannot be ended soon enough.

    After many decades of drug-war-dystopia, don't we all deserve a healthy, safe and prosperous future?

    Just say no to prohibition-insanity, prohibition-corruption, prohibition-violence and prohibition-terrorism!

  49. i know this article is old but i do wonder how it was discovered that those people where zetas? any sources to confirm this articles claims?


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