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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wanted Poster for El Flaco up

This week several banners were placed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua by the Attorney General's Office that provides a reward in the capture of the leader of a criminal group known as Gente Nueva, armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The wanted man is no other than Noel Salgueiro Nevarez, better known in the world of the narco trafficking world as El Flaco Salgueiro, who is the leader of Gente Nueva, a criminal group that has a presence in Chihuahua.

The authorities are offered 15 million pesos ($1,220,404 USD) for El Flaco for any information that may lead to the apprehension of his capture. The banner shows the photo of El Flaco, his description, and a telephone number to make a report. From past instances, these rewards go unanswered and have failed to produce any leads for fear of retaliation and mistrust of police

Still, police authorities hope to eventually catch the leader of Gente Nueva and at the same time expect violence in the face of the campaign to capture El Flaco.


  1. Any recent news on the internal turmoil between Gente Nueva and Los Mayitos in the Golden Triangle(Sinaloa,Durango,Chihuahua), or did it all get sorted out? Was there any truth to the rumor of El Flaco stealing a load from El Mayo or going rogue true?

  2. The banners have already "mysteriously" disappeared.

  3. Looks like they are trying to go after Flaco very agressively. For those who don't know who El Flaco is, he is more than just in charge of the sicarios for Chapo in Chihuas. This guy is well known for key people he knows in the states for flow of goods north. When he opertated out of Chicago years ago he was already a made man in the Mafia before returning south from running from the law. He and his family have been key pushers for years. His stronghold is Parral, Chihuahua City and surroundings into la sierra madre. He is ruthless but from what everyone says he didn't go rogue it was all rumors most likely started by his enemies. The dude has alot of paper and the backing of Chapo and his son Ivan. But no one is untouchable and the government is looking to get another key guy in CDS since they have been taking out la linea guys with no key CDS guys in sight.

  4. That's the government trying to play the people. They been taking down a good amount of key people from the Juarez cartel. So the people don't feel like they're playing favoritism towards the Sinaloa cartel, which they are, they start with this propaganda to try and win the people back by putting up wanted signs of a low level narco in the structure of CDS, of course No mention of El chapo or any wanted signs being put up of him anywhere. But that's how it goes let one of his pendejos go down.

  5. what mafia @ 11:01 am?cosa nostra doubt it but an associate maybe I thoughtchicago was dominated by the Herrrera clan

  6. The Mexican mafia, not the Herrera nor any others but Cartel de Sinaloa. He was a go to guy obviously in the states for the capos down south. Pushed tons of weight literraly then was popped learned of it and boogied down south. Where he was awarded a position there in Chihuas as key man. I am assuming, but if you step into Chihuas City, Parral and surroundings including close to Durango. El Flako runs the show and you only live in it.


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