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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Military Operations in Sinaloa

The Mexican Army clashed this week with a group of gunmen (sicarios) in the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa.

Officials said the soldiers were conducting patrols when they were able to locate an armed group that was in the Rancho El Indio, near the international highway Médico 15.

This is when the gunmen (los gatilleros) attacked the soldiers and began a confrontation. Part of the armed group was able to flee the scene, however, two gunmen were killed and two others managed to be capture.

Military authorities seized four AK-47 rifles, several handguns, a Barrett type rifle, a grenade launcher, magazines, ammunition, radio equipment, cell phones, Marijuana, Cocaine, and six trucks.


  1. That isn't a Barrett, it is an M-2 .50 cal. The grenade launcher is 60-70's era. Looking at the condition, these weapons are bound for failure within seconds of a firefight beginning.

  2. Texcoco Mex said.

    This is the type of things I like to see. Once again our corrupted military was able two killed and arrest a couple of innocent people.

  3. The grenade launcher is an M-79. Bravo to the military for killing these scumballs. They aren't even worth a bullet, but hey, if you are going to shoot something, it might as well be a cartel clown!

    But really, when is Mexico going to start issuing hunting licenses for killing the cartels? There are a ton of well armed Americans who would gladly inject lead into the bodies of these thugs. I say give them the plomo, and take their precious plata. lol

  4. Ive yet to hear reports of any cartel effectively employing an M-2 or anything similar. A couple stories about LAWs or RPGs that cant be substantiated. Even half the grenades seem to be duds. I would love to see a headline "Lazca taken out by rival cartel from hundreds of yards away using high powered sniper rifle"

  5. I'm just wondering if it will ever be safe to vist family in Sinaloa again?

  6. Perhaps you do not hear reports because you live in the US and don't have a clue like all other Americans.

  7. Texcoco Mex said

    Is hard to use an M-2 .50 cal without a tripod unless is modified to be used as a shoulder weapon like the one on the tv show sons of guns, those guys do know how to modified guns.

  8. "Perhaps you do not hear reports because you live in the US and don't have a clue like all other Americans."

    Then what the hell are you doing on this English site if you think you got all the info? Sometimes people make no sense coming here only to bump their gums.

  9. 1 40 a top cds leader in durango got killed by a sniper in the mountains. Ruperton they called him. He also went and slapped the ex governer of durango in his office. Balsy old man

  10. True I live in America but I know as much about mexico as I can. I read this website & others, I buy books on the subject. What more do you want from me? Go interview people on the street? You should be happy I'm taking an interest, most of the world doesn't give a shit

  11. 10:14 PM
    Oh thank you so much for taking such an interest in little ol Mexico. We are so honor to have you paying attention to us. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. lol

    Just because your reading a couple of articles and books doesn't mean shit. It might give you an idea of what's going on out there but its giving you a foggy view of whats really going on in Mexico. You got to be from their to really know what's going on.

    You don't have to interview people but you can talk to a couple of Mexicans, i know they scare you but since your so interested, they might not know everything that's going on in Mexico but i'm sure they can tell you a little something of whats going on in their city or state.

  12. We all care and thanks to the good ppl like Buggs , Overmex and all the others for keeping this site up and running, and yes all the posters for your thoughts and input.

  13. Anonymous said...
    That isn't a Barrett, it is an M-2 .50 cal. The grenade launcher is 60-70's era. Looking at the condition, these weapons are bound for failure within seconds of a firefight beginning.

    Thank you for pointing this out, but it won't stop them from blaming us Gun Smiths and Dealers from selling this crap.
    BTW, if you look at that M-2, it's an old Philippine model made by a company thats called today Rock Island Armory, but back when they made the M-2 during WW 2, it was a government factory.

  14. to anonymous 3:45P.M Ruperton was not killed by a sniper, it was his own nephew who killed him and ran... he ended up in jail and if i recall hung himself or so rumor has it. Ruperto was one bad a$$$ dude.....DURANGO1

  15. Why are you all acting like gun experts

  16. 8 44 I was told wrong then. I was told he was a badass who didn't give a fuck and some of his stories. Do you know if the zetas are still I'm santiago and el llano? Heard they were by tepehuanes and herreras also.

  17. the first dude who posted on this is some old minute man type white dude . Im half white from my mother and half mexican my father is from zacatecas.I can read these comments and tell whose white because you all ways put comments like oh y dosent the mexican goverment let us come over n kill all the narcos... fuckin please a white dude wouldnt last one day n mexico trying 2 kill people not even a fuckin special op marine fuckin jar head wat ever the fuck u would get ur white ass killed point blank

  18. Obviously this mass killing of whites would happen in Mexico. We haven't advanced our military technology since the last time we kicked the piss out of Mexico.

  19. @ annoying ass August 14, 2011 11:14 PM

    and thank you for you stupid attitude ..and for being able in just a few words to show what an idiot you are

    are you this same idiot?...August 17, 2011 4:09 AM

    if not two pendejos should meet and rub up against each other

    oh yeah moron....which half is Mexican and which half is white bottom?..lado izquierda?...derecha?..

  20. @annoying ass August 17, 2011 4:09 AM

    really?....i don't know about that ..i think a "white guy" could do pretty well attacking unarmed people ...women and children ..tossing grenades ..and shit like that ..

    is that what your real tuff ass is boasting about...? that what you are so proud of?

    ...i bet you are one of those putas that think you narcos are gonna run roughshod over the USA ..right ?

    mebbe you better just stay under your rock...have a beer and beat your wife ...before you scare somebody... bitch

  21. lots of anti American sentiment here .."us army fag"????..what???...why are you here ?...this is a US based english..why don't you take your anti American ass over to blog del narco?

    or do you just think it is cool to sound all tuff narco anti fuckn woman killer nacro pukes wouldn't last a day against the machine know it would all die running

  22. The truth is these sicarios will go at with anyone,US army or mexican army.All americans for some reason think their army is unbeatable and thats not true just look at what happened in vietnam,they got raped.Mostly everything I stated are facts,except for all americans think their army is unbeatable,I exaggerated there,there are some wise ones out there that know that soldiers are humans too and can die,just as easily as sicarios.

  23. everybody knows is old common knowledge ...the nam war was never meant to be won...

    could the US army defeat every narco who would stand and fight ...uhduh...

    could the US army virtually eradicate the cartels ..yeap..for a while

    could the US army establish and maintain order inside Mexico...for a while

    but long term army can do what the people don't want..and i don't think the people want order ...not enough to really fight for it

    it is all so simple..really control the Mexico /Guatamala border ...really control the US/Mexican border ..really patrol the coastlines... that would pretty much take care of it

    but then billions of dollars would be lost wouldn't it

  24. @ sicario luvr August 17, 2011 2:56 PM

    hmm your "sicarios" don't do very well against you own army

    who for all their valor...have no real combat experience..other than putting down civilian uprisings

    you think they would do better against the US ARMY..which has fought continuously for 200 years on just about every continent on earth ..against every kind of imaginable enemy... an army of combat veterans..

    American soldiers die ..they know that is part of the job... i don't think threatening them with death is much of a deterrent

    a gold plated engraved 45..a fancy pair of boots..a silver belt buckle and a big escalade... coked out arrogant strutting greed ...duplicity..a willingness to kill women, children, and innocent people..mmm...not really..not at all ...the corridos would be hard to hear over the sound of the tanks

    i think your romanticism has blinded you to the facts

  25. LB im gonna be direct and honest with you,DEATH doesnt discriminate,it will come and take anyone,it doesnt matter if your a US army soldier or a mexican army soldier killing,to help its citizens,or a sicario killing for his organization,either way the chances of these guys dying,if they went toe to toe,with the same weapons,about the same years of being a soldier,or sicario,they chances are about equal,Im not an admirer of sicarios,I just happen to be realistic.I was reading an article about US soldiers,navy seals,that were asked if they would like to go to mexico and fight against these cartel,the veteran replied he didnt want to go because he says the situation in mexico has no end in sight,and that there was nothing he could do.

  26. @ ANON

    death is fickle cierto...

    but untrained rabble has no chance against trained experienced troops

    most of these sicarios would desert anyway

    the American army would not operate the same way as the Mexican army

    and the results would be far different as well

    to settle it ..ask your sicario friends if they want to fight the American army

    not the young guys...they are full of shit dreams and adrenalin...but ask the real guys ..the older ones...see what they think..ask the jefes de jefes...they know

    of course the guys said they didn't want to go because it is basically a lot of death for nothing ..and anyone who has known even a little danger has a lot of respect for it ... but as i said before .. because the people don't want change bad would be a waste of time

    but if ordered there ..they would wreak death and destruction very effectively..the "sicarios" would die by the piles

    i am just saying ...if the fight ever comes...and i hope it never does..and i don't think it ever will..but if it ever does....put your money on the US army

    that is my opinion...but i respect your opinion..and your right to see it differently

  27. was this some of Beltran Leyva's men? Heard on BDN that this was some of Chino's men, primo de el peinado and sub-lieutenant of los Anthrax?

  28. to anon 10:59
    yeah ruperto was a badass but he was bad with the people too depends if you were on his good side, if you were on his bad side he could be an a hole, like all narcos he was bad. The Zetas are mainly in Herrera that is theyre stronghold, but they are not really zetas, they are Juarez cartel, who was dominant till about 07 so people in the region just call them Zetas for short. Los llanos are not controlled by them since Chapo has many foot soldiers there, they pretty much run from Tepehuanes area to santiago at will without much interference. Herreras is theirs with the help of the Soldiers in Santiago....they are also very present en la sierra de santiago by the roads to topia and that garame road up, per many publications they take their hostages to some cienega or llano up there. there was a story on how a guy from nuevo ideal knew where they were holding his son hostage, he knew where it was and told the military and they said will help u early in the morning, and they never showed up. There are people that go there teps etc and are ok the main thing is if your in it(narco) their will be issues. if you mind your business there wont. DURANGO1

  29. Lol u guys couldn't hang!!!!!


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