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Monday, August 15, 2011

A new administration in Acapulco

Acapulco was the scene of another 3 executions today, following the 10 execution style murders this weekend, after a bloody week that suffered more than 20 executions and a harvest of body parts left on 3 bridges on Thursday with banners signed by La Barredora's Comando del Diablo.

Placards left at the scene of the executions today and at several sites during the weekend were signed by a previously unheard of group calling itself "La Nueva Empresa" (the new company) or "La Nueva Administracion" (the new administration).

Mid-day today two adolescents were shot and killed while traveling on public transportation in two separate attacks on the colonia Garitas bus route. One youth was found on the curb just outside his bus while a second youth was found slumped on a seat inside another bus. Both had been shot in the head.

Placards left at both execution sites contained the same message.

"This happened to me for assaulting people and supporting kidnappers. Sincerely, The New Company"

Earlier today during the predawn hours, a taxista (taxi driver) was executed inside his vehicle which was parked within Acapulco's Maxitunel, a 2km long two way traffic tunnel that crosses under the hills surrounding the central city area and connects to the Acapulco-Mexico City highway. A placard was also left at the scene of the murder

Because of the frequency of the bodies of execution victims left at the entrance or within the Maxitunel, the locals have renamed the underground artery La Maxitumba.

Esto le va a pasar a todos los que roban, secuestradores y traidores, firmado por la Nueva Administración. Gente del Cochema que en paz descanse.

"This will happen to all robbers, kidnappers and traitors. Sincerely, The New Administration"

"May the people of Cochema rest in peace."

It is unclear if this group is associated with or has splintered from CIDA or La Barredora, the two local criminal organizations fighting for the Acapulco plaza or is another new group entirely, maybe sent by one of Mexico's more established drug cartels.

An article published by Proceso this weekend stated that the CIDA group has been largely decimated by Federal forces and la Barredora.

According to the Proceso article, La Barredora is loyal to the Sinaloa Cartel.

Late Sunday night around 10pm the dismembered remains of an unidentified man were deposited on the Miguel Aleman promenade, in front of La Gran Plaza shopping mall.

Several narco messages were left at the scene but the contents were no released to the media. However the signature was seen as "El Comando del Diablo"

The Comando del Diablo is a group of sicarios, or death squad, that works for the Barredora criminal organization.

Another gangland style execution occurred early Sunday morning in the colonia Icacos area of Acapulco. Six men were shot only blocks from the Naval base. Three men died at the scene of the shooting and one died a short time later in a local hospital.

Unconfirmed reports from witnesses stated that paramedics in an Acapulco Fire Dept ambulance were attacked by unidentified gunmen while responding to the emergency call to render aid to the survivors of the Icacos shooting. The driver of the ambulance was reportedly abducted.

Sunday, later in the morning, another gangland execution by "La Nueva Administracion" occurred on Nicolas Bravo street in the colonia Santa Cruz.

The authorities found the bodies of two men with multiple gunshot wounds and with a placard signed by the above mentioned group.

"This happened to me for robbing and kidnapping innocent people. Sincerely, New Administration"

Saturday night's execution of a couple in the colonia Lazaro Cardenas, in front of the local "Radiorama" radio broadcast installation, saw 2 narcobanners signed by "La Nueva Administracion" (the new administration) and "El Castigador" (based on the comic book and movie character The Punisher).

"This will happen to all the thieves and kidnappers. Sincerely, The New Administration"

"This happened to me for entering the plaza. The Punisher"

Last Thursday, the body parts of at least two execution victims and narcobanners were scattered on 2 pedestrian overpasses and the Bicentenario bridge, a favorite Comando del Diablo site for dumping the bodies of alleged CIDA gang members.

The banners left at the 3 bridges read:

"Señor Gobernador Ángel Aguirre Rivero tú has sido causante de la muerte de gente inocente, de taxistas, mujeres y niños por estar apoyando a tu primo Víctor Aguirre, proporcionándole escolta de tu Gobierno y armamento para poder andar libre.

"Ya que el (sic) a dado órdenes de matar gente en los bares, como son el bar los limones, artistas, mujeres y niños inocentes con el fin de calentar la plaza, solo tú vas a detener esta guerra deteniendo a tu primo Víctor Aguirre de no ser así esta guerra seguirá Atte. El comando del diablo."

Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero, you are responsible for the deaths of innocent people, taxi drivers, women and children because of your support of your cousin Victor Aguirre, arming him and providing an escort from your Government so that he can move freely.

Since he (sic) has ordered the killings of bar patrons, like at Los Limones bar, singers and innocent women and children for the purpose of heating up the plaza, only you can stop this war by restraining your cousin Victor Aguirre. If not this war will continue. Sincerely, El Comando del Diablo.

Of the original leaders that formed CIDA (Independent Cartel of Acapulco), only two remain: Carlos Barragán "El Melón" and Víctor Aguirre, an ex-Federal Police officer who was previously imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Victor Aguirre is a cousin of the current PRD Governor of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre Rivero, who on numerous occasions since 2009 has been accused on narco banners of protecting his cousin.

Governor Angel Aguirre is alleged to have ties to drug trafficking and to have engineered the release from prison of his cousin Victor.

The Governor has consistently denied all the charges leveled against him, but it is widely suspected that political and law enforcement authorities of the three levels of government and military leaders provide protection to organized criminal groups in the tourist mecca of Acapulco.



  1. For God sakes, those were just kids!!! Sad. The most dangerous thing a Mexican can do, is be around another Mexican. And they blame the US. Horrible. All so they can get a gold plated AK-47 with a rooster engraved on it, and pointy toed ostrich skin boots. Jackasses.

    1. The U.S. in many ways is worse Gringo, how many mass shootings have you had in 2021? Mexico is still a developing country, what's your excuse?

  2. Sounds like a clear message from some vigalantes, don't rob, kidnap and kill and you'll be safe.
    Good message but that's some nasty photos, is that a young girl? That's just not fair.

  3. how many groups are in mexico? i can't even keep up with all these names how many are there

  4. so sad in Acapulco. It's getting more desperate and brutal by the week it seems.

    Did anyone see the pozole left by CDS for Zetas in Nayarit? What is it about that place that brings out the sick executions displays that are seen there?

    For the record, they definitely aren't vigilantes, it's another splinter group, which doesn't even make sense, anymore, it's splintered so many times. Oddly enough All the groups say 'STOP EXTORTING STOP KIDNAPPING, yet it never stops, cuz they are all doing it.

  5. Justice hits hard...If it is true these victims are criminals that rob, kidnap etc..they got their just reward..The problem with all of this killing IS the people..NOT ANYONE ELSE OR ANYTHING...MURDERS ARE DONE BY PEOPLE.

  6. How long before this group ive never heard of splits into 2 groups ive never heard of

  7. Wow now they are finally cleaning up Acapulco. No more kidnappers thieves n scum bags . They should teach those punks a lesson. God bless the new administration. Good work

  8. Texcoco Mex said

    This shit is crazy, sometimes I wonder how many people will have to die for things to get better.

  9. It seems like these narco messages are getting a little hoakey. Do the killers have a variety of cards pre-printed to fit a variety of situations or do they write them out during preparations for a specific hit? Most likely what the card says has little or nothing to do with the motivation for a killing that happens on the street. The picture of a schoolboy on the bus with a bookbag on his back who supports criminality? Really? Mexico is in an inescapable vortex. The reason that Xe and other security contractor won't go is because the situation is hopeless and corruption makes it insane to try to help. Mexico needs a death penalty and nationalized police who can be moved outside of their hometowns and vetted. The U.S. Needs to stop the drug flow into and throughout our country. I can find lic. Plate numbers, names and addresses of drug dealers in any city in the U.S. With little or no effort. Why can't the police who wants to impose a traffic fine on me' for some bogus infraction?

  10. Better be part of the big gang in town Freelance Criminals are having a bad day.

  11. "La nueva empresa" or la "nueva compañia"
    Maybe those are zetas because the z's call themeselves "la compañia" so they might be people from the beltran/zetas that work for Hector Beltran..
    Remember, CIDA is barbie's people. Barredora is chapo's people. So this new company must be the zeta\beltranes that were allready in the plaza!! They just changed their name.

  12. Aca is a total mess and I don't think anyone really knows who is running the show there. One cartel keeps blaming the governor accusing him of being related to a CIDA leader since they share the same last name, but he denies it and supposedly has proved there's no relation. I really wonder if these people killed are involved in kidnapping. I mean they are never found with guns on them.

    They do the pozole thing in Acapulco as well....also, friends have been increasingly telling me stories of violent crime. Just yesterday, one girl was sad because her brother's friend was kidnapped, the family paid the ransom but they killed him anyway. Other friends are getting twitter warnings about a gang of kidnapper/car jackers.....another friend spoke to her architect yesterday and one of the guys killed this weekend was a worker on her villa. He was supposedly a very hard worker, took off on holy days, was very religious and had worked with this architect for many years.

    I talk to taxi drivers, waiters and everyone tells you something different with regards to cartel groups which leads me to believe nobody is in control and nobody, not even authorities know what's going on. It amazes me that with security cameras, security forces galore, that a van can in broad daylight in the tourist zone dump bodies and drive off. I used to think maybe there's a dozen or more killers doing this, now I'm more than convinced it's 100's if not even more. I think there's been a total breakdown of morals in that city. I don't blame extreme poverty..I blame greed and excitement of kids thinking it's cool to be a sicaro and get easy money. It's really sad situation to see a tourist city void of wealthy visitors who normally packed restaurants and clubs on weekends. There's sooo many good people out there that have no control over this and really don't deserve it.

    Locals tell me they hope Beltran Leyva cartel gets full power there so they can live in peace again, but something tells me things will never be the same. Aca doesn't get much coverage on BB, but from what I read daily, it seems at least 6 murders per day being recorded..I reckon higher than that in reality.

  13. Anonymous @ 7:17 AM

    Sounds like a possibility.

  14. you are sickos for re-posting those pics

  15. lol at 'finally cleaning up Acapulco'. You guys can't be serious, this is just more of the same, worse, actually.

    I'm sure locals do say they wish the Beltrans would get full control, again, they remember when it was relatively peaceful narco controlled city, just a few years ago, but that is completely wishful thinking. Not only as Acapulco changed, but the Beltrans with it, they don't have the ability to control Acapulco anymore, frankly, I don't think anyone has. It's too far gone, I would just stay out of it if I were Chapo or whoever runs operations for CDS/CDG, anyone.

  16. Sometimes pictures of the dead are posted with the hope that someone will identify them. I know it seems brutal to most of us, but they have no way of knowing who these persons are due to the fact that most of them do not carry ID.

  17. I hear there's a few job openings for coroner in Acapulco.

  18. @ 7:17 Yeah I agree thats gotta be hectors ppl and zetas because beltran leyva cartel also goes by the name "La Empresa" and zetas by "La Compania".

  19. @ gerardo

    Very good article. Really shows the ugly side of Acapulco.

    The pictures are vivid and provocative. Some of the dead bodies look like kids.

    What a mess Acapulco has become. El Chapo is very smart to focus his attention on Juarez and letting the other cartels kill each other off like what's happening in Aca.

    "Abla bien de Aca!"

  20. Acapulcos crazy! Haha also according to ZETATIJUANA the war between "el diputado" leader of the plaza in cabo san lucas,baja california sur for hector beltran leyva el H against "el javier" leader of the plaza san jose del cabo,baja california sur for el chapo guzman has begun.Supposibly el javier sent sicarios to kill el diputado but they failed and killed his two top operators but not him. Lets hope cabo san lucas
    doesnt turn into another acapulco.

  21. @3:45pm Imagine a war in Cabo San Lucas. Crazy. This war is all over the place.

    Can't Mexico and the U.S. keep their shit together like Canada?

    Legalize marijuana.

  22. A toda madre o un desmadre

  23. Link to the article? Since when do Beltran's hold any territory in Baja? Although they just captured some lowly looking Beltran Leyva in Ensenada who was kidnapping for ransom.

  24. Yeah that would be crazy,and also bad for the people living off tourism.Hopefully it doesnt go too far but ZETATIJUanA also mentioned that when the sicarios caught the two top operaters of el diputado,to torture them and get all the info they could,that they also took one of there wifes that was with them that was pregnant and idk i didnt really understand it too much but it said that the sicarios took her baby,(i dont know if it was from the pregnant girls stomach or wat)but either way thats fucked up.Im guessing el diputado will seek revenge.

  25. @ J
    If you want to go to that article just gp to google,and type, "Guerra de carteles|ZETA|Libre como el Viento " and click on the one with the same title.haha thats how i got there jeje,yeah but in responce to J,I had no idea Cabo San Lucas was a beltran leyva plaza,i barely found out today.Theres been little violence,until now,around that area.

  26. Just read it. That's bad. I hope this doesn't go far. Get the Beltrans out of Cabo, or let them have it. Don't turn Cabo into a war zone. That would be such a bad move for either side.

  27. It would have been good if the article had the number of total murders in acapulco this year last i read it was like 300 at the end of april of this year i havent found any other homicide totals since then but if the rate continues acapulco will have over 1000 killings by the end of the year

  28. @anon August 16, 2011 8:35 AM

    very authentic post

    thats what gets me about Mexico...cops everywhere

    in Monterrey

    municipals..estatls..federals..soldiers..marinas...not just two or three...convoys of 6 to 10 trucks..7 ,8 ,9 or more armed to the teeth "cops"...but still right in the middle of the day a average /decent barrio ..i saw a pursuit and killing...what the fuck...the "authorities" just drive here and there ,,,speeding ..lights flashing...totally useless...playing cat and street soldiers on the corner barrio presence... no deterrent at all... but ..after the fact ..a big show ..bullet markers ..forensics in white paper suits...

    ..either they are totally incompetent...or really it is just one big charade ...because even with tons of "cops"...the narcos operate with impunity

    and the thing about the kids/young people ..yeap...creepy ..i don't know if it is the money..the power factor ...adrenalin..whatever..they seem all about it .. to walk down the sidewalk ..and know you could be shot dead at pretty much anytime ..and thats it ..too has turned into a bad video game

  29. Ok am i out, who is fighting in guerrero? and who has the most plazas?

  30. It's anarchy in Aca, who really knows if it's DTOs or Vigilantes responsible for these brutal killings, which obviously appear to be "over kill." Who knows if these people (the dead) were innocent or actually guilty of the crimes mentioned in the "narco banners." I wouldn't trust or believe anything written in those messages, they are propaganda more than anything else (smoke and mirrors). Right, wrong, or indifferent...when the people who are being victimized start becoming judge, jury, executioner..without the "rule of law"...all is lost and the lines between good and bad becomes blurry, at best.

  31. Back in March Borderland Beat had this from Ovemex

    Is this some thing similar and are these groups growing. It is difficult to keep track of the different groups. I can't keep track of the groups along the border that I visit [Laredo to the Gulf].

  32. All of this has nothing to do with "marijuana" any longer. This is all about a society that is broken. Sure, they want to get their product across, but now all this killing is almost an addiction to the people. It`s a high they cannot get from a drug. As sick as that may sound. For a killer, the first one is the hardest one, after that one, they start becoming easier, until it`s common place , and for some a thrill. When a human being can tie up another human being, beat them with a bat while the scream in pain and for their life and out of fear, and the person can beat them till they expire, then methodically cut them to pieces and pick those pieces up for a camera to film, well folks, that has nothing to do with legalizing marijuana or not. That is all about thrill killing.

  33. I don't understand why people continue with the death squad stuff, this isn't a vigilante group, it's not a government death squad. It's simple. It's another cell/group operating in the city. Death squads and vigilantes, please. I'd say a good 30& of all narco messages say something about protecting people or not extorting or kidnapping.

  34. I agree with anon August 17, 2011 11:39 AM. Can't point fingers at the US for total society moral breakdown and how much of this is really about moving product north? It's a city, cities have consumption and Mexican cities have extortion. My 2c's is CIDA is broke and desperate. They are employing kids to rob, kidnap, steel, carjack etc all actions that have sharply increased this year...They are going broke and need money to buy more weapons...they will stop at nothing. It's a total bloody mess. Restaurants sit empty....Not sure how many of you have been to Acapulco, but it really was the coolest place for any level of income....Lots of locals only type bars/clubs and then huge gorgeous international discotques...state of the art, great shows, service etc...really cool people in that part of Mexico...Many of the locals used to tell me they don't see much of what's reported, now they are living it with really horrifying stories of their own. Aca rarely gets coverage...Considering what it used to be, I find it surprising....If they start this in Cabo, it will send shockwaves all the way to Cancun and just kill tourism.

  35. I have to laugh at the people who read an article like this, and then comment "clean up mexico, legalze marijuana!" Lol. 13 dead in one day. Pictures of a guy with 4 bullet holes in his head. A young kid with guts laying next to him on the seat of his school bus. If only weed was legalized this would all go away!

  36. So sad. These poor kids. How many more must die for greed, stupidity, excitement?

  37. Several more deaths today and yesterday in Acapulco. Body parts being left at the quebrada (divers), a water park, a church. Some sources say they are murdered policemen. What next? Not a word about any of this on US news stations.

  38. I knew when I saw the article on Borderland Beat that talked about a shootout that happened on a popular tourist strip in Acapulco that showed a white SUV crashed in the middle of the street in broad daylight, that the war was going to blow up in Acapulco.

    The war in Acapulco is a dirty one. Seems like a lot of kids are becoming victims to these dirty shootings. Everything seems out in the open as far as violence.

    Hang on to your seatbelts! This one's gonna get crazier!

  39. This war started more than 2 yrs ago or at least the violence...It's steadily increased while marketing of the port has gone down and virtually no international visitors in the past 2yrs. They went from 14,000 spring breakers to under 100 from one year to the next. Many people in Acapulco over the past couple of years had their heads in the sand big time. Many would say oh this is between different cartels, they don't care about tourists or local people..If your not involved, you are fine.....Boy has that changed. I read nearly daily of innocent victims being killed or injured and I reckon it's higher than what we read. Friends on the ground now tell me it's very bad. It's very hard to believe this gorgeous cool destination is this bad, but it definitely is. I'd imagine it's just as dangerous as walking around Juarez or maybe worse?
    Everyone I know down there rich and poor has a story to tell...Either robbed, extorted or know people who are affected. How does a business even know if they are paying the right extortionists if nobody is in control down there?

    Aca is a big drug consumption city rich and poor...I wonder if the territorial disputes are just immature low life gangs revengefully killing other gang members or if it's drug consumption profits, extortion rights of an area or receiving and shipping of large quantities of narcotics? What do you guys think? A little of everything? They say Meth ingredients come into port there....I'm willing to bet the government has their hand in some of this.
    One thing I noticed different about Acapulco vs other hot spots in Mexico is the dead usually look like regular people or kids, not thuggish sicaro types. I guess many of them are halcones...I've seen a video of tourist police being interrogated by armed gunman admitting they gave information to CIDA or someone..I forget..later they were found in pieces. Honestly these guys looked scared and not some drunken, coke abusing hard asses..I really think people are making bad choices or really have no choice and are ended up chopped up and executed for little shit.....I'm not saying I feel sorry for someone who gave info, but sometimes I think one takes a job and their boss tells them to report what they see or the cartel tells them...They probably know they are not killing people, selling narcotics etc and never realized til now they could end up raped and's really sick shit and seems more violent there than other areas aside from Nayarit.

  40. @10:50 am

    Good comment. I feel the passion in your words. I can tell that you are frustrated and sad at what the piece of shit cartels have done to the beautiful city of Acapulco. I am not familiar with Aca but I see how the violence in this once peaceful and fun city has blown up in a grotesque and chaotic manner, while many innocent people fall victims of senseless violence.

    "How does a business even know if they are paying the right extortionists if nobody is in control down there."

    That says it all. Acapulco gas become a violent playground for a bunch of unorganized gangs who's only means of winning the Acapulco plaza, is by enforcing extreme violence on each other and killing anyone who gets in the way, including kids.

    Juarez is a beautiful city because of it's people but does'nt have any physical attraction. Acapulco is a lil' paradise city that has been held hostage by a bunch of hateful murderers and while i type this, someone over in Acapulco is probably laying in their own blood just waiting to die. Just another day in Aca.


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