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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Five Members of CAF apprehended in Tecate

Arellano-Felix members arrested in Tecate Story/Analysis

Juan Carlos Flores, 'El Argentino', alleged second in command to 'El Viejon', principal subordinates of Fernando Sanchez Arellano, 'El Ingeniero' was detained late last Friday night. Flores, along with four others were arrested in Tecate, after a traffic stop of one of the men revealed 45 grams of methamphetamine. The man detained initally led the PEP (State Preventative Police) to the other members of the criminal cell, said to be led by 'El Viejon', who is unknown to authorities at this point.

'El Argentino', 28 years old, was in Tecate for four months where his duties and responsibilities for Sanchez Arellano included collecting plaza for dealers and other criminals operating in the area, and distributing and delivering product to tienditas, retail outlets for small amounts of drugs. Also seized during the operation was 9.5 kilos of marijuana, and a .223 caliber handgun, in addition to a .357 pistol. The relatively small amounts of drugs and weapons signify to me that the operators were not significantly involved in the cell the belonged to, or, it could signify that the cell in question was not a large scale operation. It seems that this could be a case of authorities 'padding' arrests, for publicity or other reasons, earlier this year police in Tijuana arrested a 22 year old 'lieutenant' of Sanchez Arellano, named 'El Jackal', with one kilogram of cocaine. The lack of press concerning that story and the subjects absence from any wanted list involving CAF members seems to display that he was not in fact an integral part of Sanchez Arellano's organization.

What these arrests do show is the continuing existence of the group of Ingeniero, who has been notably absent from headlines, arrests, articles for the last year. The low key boss may still have a thriving organization, or these may just be the remnants of a group reeling from losses inflcited by authorities and rivals. And who find themselves increasingly marginalized in their places of influence, Tijuana and northern Baja California by the bands of Achilles, who is loyal to the Sinaloa Cartel.


  1. --N
    El Ingeniero will maintain Baja while staying out of the media and government cross airs. You guys always seem to think that CAF is struggling internally because th, but the only reason for your false assumption is due to the media. Have you guys watch El Compayito's "El Mano con Ojos" interrogation? He refereed to aligning himself with other cartels including Arellano.
    They are still players in this never ending game. Tijuana still occupies parts of Peru and continues in the Baja and Sonora. If Inge continues to keep a tight circle and eliminate informants, time will be on his side. As long as our government continues to favor Sinaloa it will be pretty obvious who will continue to be dominants. But then again it is hard to tell if they (CDS) are having internal conflicts that may alter their future. Those supposedly narcomantas that indicated a split of Macho Prieto and Chapo/Mayo.Then with the death of Checo from Mexicali CDS, was executed in Sinaloa. Wondering who will fill his void.

  2. Yeah i agree Tijuana doesnt look desperate,or gone,how the mexican goverment makes it look.IF they were they wouldnt be operating independently.I remember before arturo went down they already had an alliance with zetas,and then he went down and everyone was saying that the veltrans,were done because they went with zetas,which we know now,that that was all BS,im guessing same is going o.n with CAF the more everyone thinks their about done,the more they can operate undisturbed.

  3. There is no question they, (people under, or loyal to Inge and Endenina) exist and continue to function, the question is, in what capacity?

  4. These guys aint shit

  5. @J well this cartel was once was a big dominant player but was knocked off the playground but im still wondering how LFM and CDS went right into there and caused a chaos and they took an act of desperation and asked LFM to pay up but never was able to enforce it so im thinking they asked the CDS to help keep LFM away and they would share baja?

  6. A lot of Meth is distributed by vendors in the Tecate Park and at the back of Bar Diana's across the street from the park. They will take you from Bar Diana's around the corner to a locked car port on Benito Juarez next to Joyoria Oscar where you can buy anything. You can sleep there if you want and they even have a toilet if you need it. A big gringo with a knife in his boot is running things most of the time.


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