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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"El Diego" Confesses, details Villas Salvarcar massacre, car bomb and more


High-level Juarez cartel member Jose Antonio "El Diego" Acosta Hernandez, who has been linked to at least 1,500 murders in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, told investigators that he was in charge of about 45 young gunmen, officials said.

Acosta, who was arrested over the weekend, told Federal Police investigators that the gunmen he commanded ranged in age from 18 to 25, and he urged the young men to steer their lives in another direction.

Acosta’s mission was to eliminate members of the rival Sinaloa cartel, which the Juarez organization has been fighting for control of the border city of Ciudad Juarez, located across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.

The suspect confessed that it was his idea to set off a car bomb last year in Ciudad Juarez, which is in Chihuahua, marking the first such attack by Mexico’s drug cartels.

The car bombing killed four people, including two Federal Police officers, a paramedic and a doctor, on July 15, 2010.

A car packed with 10 kilos (22 pounds) of C-4 plastic explosives was apparently detonated with a cell phone on a busy street in the border city.

Acosta told investigators that he ordered the Jan. 31, 2010, massacre of 15 young men in Juarez’s Villas de Salvarcar neighborhood because some members of the rival Artistas Asesinos gang were attending the birthday party.

“Some of them were indeed members of the rival group, because many times that’s how they recruited them, looking for students and really young ones who would avoid getting stopped on the streets,” Acosta told investigators.

“Several of them were innocent,” Acosta acknowledged, adding that he felt “bad” when he heard about the victims.

The Villas de Salvarcar massacre “was not worth it” because innocent people were at the party, Acosta said.

The suspect told investigators that he became a drug trafficker in the same way that other people choose different occupations, like farming or retailing.

Four men were sentenced last month to serve 240 years in prison each for the birthday party massacre in Juarez.

Juan Alfredo Soto Arias, Aldo Fabio Hernandez Lozano, Jose Dolores Arroyo Chavarria and Heriberto Martinez were sentenced on July 11.

The Juarez cartel was founded in 1993 by Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who was known as the “Lord of the Skies” for his fleet of aircraft.

Amado’s brother, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, and his son, Vicente Carrillo Leyva, who was arrested in 2009, took control of the cartel following the drug lord’s 1997 death after undergoing plastic surgery to disguise his identity.

The Juarez cartel, one of Mexico’s most violent criminal organizations, is waging a war against the Sinaloa cartel that has left about 9,000 people dead in the past five years.

Additional link of interest:
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  1. These guys are such a bunch of cowards. “Several of them were innocent,” Acosta acknowledged, adding that he felt “bad” when he heard about the victims." - at least stand by your convictions.

    I'm starting to think all of these interrogations are for show and that these guys that are arrested are simply either being forced to say they feel guilt about their actions or that they are hoping for a lenient sentence.

    Before long, Mexican prisons will be like US prisons where they let you out WAY TOO EARLY. Killed 25 people? Ok, serve 1 year.

  2. Once again Borderland Beat needs to qualify these so-called confessions by adding that the MX military and MX federal police routinely use torture to gain such confessions. Doesn't it seem illogical that such an alleged hardened criminal who is probably quite intelligent would just come out on his own free will and confess to numerous crimes that would send him to prison for life?

    I know it makes good headlines to have a confession of all these crimes, but it is well documented by Human Rights groups that Mexican law enforcement routinely uses torture to obtain false confessions. That is why so many cases are dismissed and Borderland Beat and other news sites never follow through with the stories of arrested individuals as they make their way through the Mexican judicial system. If the media did this then they would be quite aware of the release of a lot of individuals due to false confessions obtained through torture, planting of evidence, and many other crimes committed by Mexican law enforcement just so they can say they made an arrest on very public, media watched crimes.

  3. tenia que ser un chilango

  4. This guy was a heavy hitter in that cartel but I have a feeling that el Viceroy turned him in to relieve the heat on him by DEA

  5. I don't think he will beat this case on being tortured to confess. I am sure they did, but 4 of his soldiers already got 280 years each for the kids. They have the case from "their" forced testimony.

    I can't see Viceroy doing that 11:57 PM. JL was ruthless, and treacherous. Vicente always backed him even when he got out of line with stuff. One of 2 things probably occurred; El Chapo's grew got his location and "snitched again", or the DEA fingered him to the Mexican Feds.

  6. 12 16 I'm thinkn the DEA nailed him, he's killed 1500 people (that we know of) and I'm sure they took his threats serious, and took him out before he took out an agent. Fast and furious blew up in there face, imagine if he would've came thru with his threats, shit would've really hit the fan. Especially since he warned them. The pic of those white guys in the raid of el diego basicly proove they were there, just add 2 and 2 together.

  7. " THE EYES ARE THE WINDOW TO THE SOUL" look real close at all these killers, look in their eyes, it's obvious that any shed of happiness has been ripped out of them by their murderous killng others they kill their own souls.

  8. I'd like to know if he really hung those banners, (Pinches gringos) as of now we haven't heard different from him.

  9. Texcoco Mex said

    He doesn't give a fuck about any body else but himself he only feels sorry about innocent people because he got arrested.

  10. what is it with a these Linea Fuckers. No one seems want to say the truth about the JL. The fact is the queer m-fucker is pushing daisies along with Monico.

  11. He wasn't so much a heavy hitter in regards to a key guy who pushed weight but he was one of their main sicario leaders. So I guess it was a hit to their hit squad but their drugs will continue to flow. This guy was a fall guy, who had already too much heat on him for all the stupid killiings la linea has been doing over the last years. His bosses are most likely relieved, for now that is. But if indeed he did order more than 1500 murders, how did he keep track of them. On a note pad? He most likely has more killing than that on his hands, these guys henchman have no control anymore. Anyone and anybody can be a worthless sicario in Mexico. It doesn't take much to be a disposable peon in the cartels. To be a sicario and sicario leader is not one in the same as overseeing the flow of drugs and having your own rank.

  12. Hes a coward like the rest of em. I doubt chapo knew his location if he would this punk would have been in a video getting cut up. The dea push mexico to arrest him i say that bcus some mexican officicials probably knew wer he was jus like they know wer that other coward jl is hiding. Mexico is protecting all these drug .dealers for bribes its nothing new. Its jus the way the mexican government is they betray their own ppl for money n let cowards kill ppl for money. I hate those murdering pigs every single 1 of em

  13. @08/02 10:40PM,
    First, it is well known what this turd is/was responsible for..geez he left narco banners with his criminal moniker on it "El Diego." The Mexican gov't didn't need a confession from this "jerk off" he was already wanted and his crimes are well known, the torturing/interrogation was just a bonus. Keep in mind, prior to being caught this idiot threatened DEA personnel and US consulate workers..some argue the narco banners issuing the threat were left by rival DTO's to place heat on "El Diego," I beg to differ considering he was responsible for the killing of the female US consulate worker and her husband, in March/2010. Point is good catch..and I could care less if this dude was tortured or treated bad, as far as I'm concerned he lost his "human rights" the first time he intentionally spilled a drop of innocent blood..Death by firing squad would be appropriate!

  14. it warms the heart to read that although he was ordering his young crew to kidnap, chop, and grind people into a bloody pulp....that he still had the "decency" to steer his guys in another direction in life.

    ROT in hell diego. at least you'll look really cool for all eternity in that peacock of a shirt.

  15. How many confessions have we heard since the drug war started? How in any way has it made any kind of difference? Do these confessions even matter whether true or not, the killing has already been done.

    Once again, classic Mexican government. Distract the masses and say "hey look over there", don't worry that
    thousands are dying this guy confessed!.
    This confession means nothing, BB should ignore these type of public relation events.

    Como dice mi abuelo, "pan y circo mijo, pan y circo" is all this is.


  16. Ta bien que gane Sinaloa la plaza. Como el año pasado que no gano México el mundial, pero de perdida españa si. todo esto tiene que pasar antes de que el presidente termine sus seis, y para que queden las tropas listas encargadas de Los puentes principales de esta region, desde Santa Teresa hasta el nuevo internacional aca por Fabens, que ahora se encuentra en preparacion. Antes, habian vatos que se nos brincaban de Caseta para camellar con la alfalfa, ahora eso mismos güeys tienen otras intenciones. El dicho aqui en el 915 es que aqui "nunca pasa nada". Es cierto a algun nivel. Se necesita revisar el diario si a uno Le interesa esta materia, y si el caso es que no anda de malillo o Le falta interes sobre sup comunidad, porque a ep times y diario de ep Les dan una buena limpiada antes de desatarlos. Everything is taken take of very well, and clean. Just like years ago, when a pact was forged for the hundreds of clicks in the city to join and become 21 for the organization of the BArrios, we've shown we can hold down an entire metropolis while the mediums and the PD fearfully filter the 'ugly'. Lulz and antisec gave outsiders a nibble of what disgusting and shameless really mean as words. Asi es como va estar preparada la raza, apollada por migra que mata a jovenes sin estar en su tierra y balea a gente en las nalgas, soldados traumados por la Guerra que se Dan a escopetazos en bares nacos, sheriffs de verdad jotos gueros ex-comandates, gente corrupta violadora de niños chambeando en edificios de vidrio a un Lado de la jaula central y PD sin calificaciones suficientes, de Los que nos burlabamos en la prepa e ingresaron a la chota por amargura. Solos.

  17. How can monsters such as this sleep at night? How can Mexico justify not having a death penalty? It is the worst country on this planet earth when it comes to dealing with criminals. That is why there are so many homicidal maniacs in Mexico, something that they can all be proud of I am sure...

  18. Why do the NEVER capture or kill Chapo? Coss? Lazca? 40? Viceroy? Its ALWAYS the lower level nobodies...

    Why capture tham at all, they should kill them as soon as they are positively identified they need to torture as much intel as possible and then hand them in the town square and leave hanging for all to see for 72 hours...

  19. Why do they never capture coss??? He's barely just gotten to power - cuz his boss got capped. Viceroys boss got caught. Lazca & 40's boss got killed. So how can you say they never catch the top guys? Chapos been in power a while but eventually he'll fall out of favor. Cant be #1 forever.


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