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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dozens dead in Monterrey terrorist attack

photos courtesy of 066mty Twitter feed

In what can only be regarded as a terrorist attack by suspected drug cartel hitmen, an establishment known as the Casino Royale located in the municipality of San Pedro in the Monterrey metropolitan area was attacked this afternoon resulting in a confirmed death count of 53 victims.

Ten wounded survivors have been accounted for in addition to an unknown number of unharmed survivors. First responders are credited with saving lives by knocking down walls of the establishment.

Different versions of the attack are stating that either incidiary grenades were used or that the interior of the establishment was doused with gasoline and set on fire.

According to authorities the number of fatalities is expected to climb.

Frantic requests by persons searching for friends and relatives flooded social media sites.

Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina stated in an interview that tonight authorities are concentrating on the search for more victims and the identification of the bodies recovered so far.

The Governor stated that the investigation of the attack with the help of federal authorities will commence after the site is secured.

In the interview Medina stated that 6 attackers travelling in 2 vehicles were involved but their identities or links to criminal groups are unknown at this time.

President Calderon sent his condolences via his Twitter page to the victims of this "act of terror". He added that "these repugnant acts motivate us to persevere in this fight against these criminal gangs that have no scruples. All our support goes to Nuevo Leon."

This latest attack follows last night's attacks on casinos owned by Jorge hank Rhon in the northern Mexican cities of Reynosa and Saltillo, in the states of Tamaulipas and Coahuila respectively.

Last night in Saltillo, a "Caliente" casino was attacked by gunmen at 11:15PM. Almost simultaneously a grenade exploded outside another "Caliente" casino in Reynosa.

One person was reported injured in Saltillo.


  1. This is so fucked up hopefully now DTOs can be labeled terrorist groups and Obama can send help so Our Mexico can be saved

  2. The drug war advocates will now begin using their latest disaster as reason for why the drug war must go on and on and on and on and.................. ........on........ Each disaster just helps build toward the next one.

  3. Sick assholes....Mexico needs to get their head out of their asses and ask for some f'ing help. Those that standby and watch the daily massacres are just as guilty as those actually making this mayhem.

    It's kind of like being a drug dealer - it's "cool" until you get busted then while you sit in your 8x8 cell, you have plenty of time to remember how much of an idiot you were. Same thing with those judges that let the ex-mayor out - EVEN THOUGH two of the guns he had in HIS possession were used to murder people! It's not longer a travesty, it's absolute disillusion.

  4. Who in their right mind would go to a casino in Mexico?.. Only stupid ignorant people!.. Casinos are owned by drug cartels and at any moment their rivals can strike. Just make me think how fortunate I am to live in America a nation of Law and Order.

  5. cartels are terrorist groups expect more of this, Mexico deserve this if the people are not willing to complain to their corrupt politicians about using the full force of the army to fight the cartels

  6. This is the story that narco readers are talking about and i don't really see the American media saying much about it. They're so consumed by Syria and Libya and that prick Qaddafi. Why so much attention to a country so far away?

    Because the people there are fighting against the bad guys. Unlike in Mexico where the people are too scared to unite and fight for their freedom so it's the same stories of the cartels killing and the citizens running and hiding.

    Damn shame.

  7. No pun intended, but this is only going to add more fuel to the fire.

    This shit is never gonna end.

    Mexico's gotta find a miracle in trying harder in cleaning up their police dept. These kinds of crimes are humiliating to Mexico's gov. These assholes poured fuel and threw grenades and blow up a casino and get away?! That's bullshit!

    Fuck Calderon and his Ignorant staff and the entire Mexican gov., police dept. and military. A bunch of ignorant fools!

    I hope that they are all proud of this glorious mess that they have created on beautiful Mexico. They are all Destroyers.

    Boycott Mexico until it gets it's shit together.

  8. Zetas attacked CDG casino's yesterday and this was CDG response.

  9. So CDG pays the Zetas back by killing innocent ppl.CDG are bunch of cowards!

    CDG,Zetas are the same garbage.

  10. I know mexicans will be outraged that this isn't on the front page in the US, but truthfully, it doesn't deserve much press. Mexico experiences this many murders every single day. Sure this is a lot in one place at one time, but just as many were killed in Aca last weekend, and Juarez the weekend before. Business as usual

  11. ajulio - spot on. The silence from the US is incredible. If act of terrorism had happened today in, say, Bahrain, it would be big news. Despite the fact that Libya is all consuming right now.

    Why the silence from the media over here? What does it take for them to see this explosion of terrorism is a direct threat to our internal security, on a massive massive scale? What if people kept being turned up in metal pots, dismembered, and covered in vegetables in, say, Egypt? It would be seen as state sponsored terrorism?

    What if you found the same "poztle" pots it in, say, Canada? It would be seen as a serial killer. What do the Mexican's do? They read the stupid irrelevant notes they leave shoved in their bottoms, give them all the attention and notice they don't deserve, and then claim it is drug related because it said so on the note. Idiots.

    Ted Bundy drank a lot. He always killed while drinking. But we do not conclude that his spree was due to drink. Because it wasn't. It was because he was a sicko who needed removing from society, quickly, to ensure the safety of the public. Drink didn't come into it. I drink, and I don't kill. I know drug dealers too, or used to, and they didn't kill either.

    They don't need to read the narco notes to conclude what has happened. It is sick serial killer influenced terrorism. All of it. Drug violence is an excuse thrown out to sanitize it all. It seems to somehow endorse it. It doesn't matter that the victims entrails have been smeared all over the city, it was about drugs, so it was all ok. Case solved. No need to worry. Absolute short sighted uneducated idiots.

    Finally. it is all an unsolvable mess. The judges are bent, the jails are full and leaky, the prison guards don't care, the municipal police are a local thug/extortion racket paid for by the state, the feds are bought off, there is no death penalty option in the courts, a maximum penalty of about 10 years or something lame, and no process to punish 13 year olds who behead others. The lawyers are just scum, and the people have their head in the sand, and everyone (yes, everyone) is on the take somewhere. There is absolutely no infrastructure whatsoever to deal with this. At all. It will get much worse before it gets better, and for that to happen, they need to get themselves an infrastructure to cope with this. That would take years and years. And before that to happen, you have to get the people to vote for that to happen. And they seem to me a long way away from wanting to create that. That seems like it would be much too much like hard work. The best way is to blame the USA. It is easy, quick, and involves taking zero responsibility.

    Mexico is a failed state.

  12. @12.35 For that to be true, then you have to be certain it was a ZETA attack in Reynosa. And if that is true, then why do they attack this casino in revenge? The conclusion, for your logic to fit, would be that the Casino Royale in Monterrey was controlled by the ZETAS. Without that, there would have been no motive to choose that target.

    Could this be the case?

  13. julio what are you talking about? this story is all over the media in california. tv, newspapers, radio - even the wsj has it.

  14. That Casino is a 5 minute drive from my house. They hit it at such a shitty time too.....rush hour traffic was a mess at 4:00pm...add in Narco bombings and you have a full on rubber-neck convention.

    We were driving to a doctors appointment on Ave. Hidalgo around 3:45 and saw the smoke and a kiss of flames from pretty close...the smoke was billowing up like mad. I can't believe 50+ people were many were innocent is what gets me. So sad.

    I agree with a previous poster however...why, why why, would you go to a casino in Monterrey...half a dozen have been hit in the last few months but none like this. This is true terrorism of the innocent civilians.

  15. 12:35 AM

    Ok wheres the proof? U know that CDG has a presence in monterrey aswell? could be either zetas or CDG.

  16. "Obama can send help so Our Mexico can be saved"

    Are you kidding me? Good luck with that. His policies have fueled the violence. His regime knowingly sent thousands of guns to Mexico via Operation Fast and Furious

  17. CDG are the ones responsible for the attack in Monterrey,Saltillo,and Reynosa

  18. THIS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS FELIPE CALDERON FOR THINKING YOU CAN HAND MEXICO TO EL CHAPO ON A SILVER PLATTER. Can you believe, this little coward president sent a twitter. I fear this is just the beginning of similar incidents to come in an effort to stop the governmental support of the Sinaloa Cartel. I just hope it works sooner than later. It may because some of Calderon's elite could have mother in laws that play slots. HEY, HOW ABOUT A TRUCE MIGHTY FELIPE...BEFORE BLOOD FILLS ALL THE STREETS OF MEXICO. YOU ARROGANT DUMB ASS!!!

  19. Its funny (In a not funny way) that we blame everyone but how about the consumers? If there was no consumption of drugs or they were LEGAL, none of this would happen. Let's start talking about the CONSUMERS MORE!

  20. says that the zetas demanded$ 10,000 a week and the casino didn't pay....

  21. IT WASN'T RANDOM TERRORISM. Without minimizing the tragedy, there's a difference between an act of terror and an act whose unexpected consequence is terror. An act of terror in order to be labeled as such, must be planned ahead. The deaths in Monterrey are consequence of failures in the security of the establishment (locked emergency exits). The difference in language is important. In this case talking about generic terrorism reduces the responsibility of the authorities who should oversee the establishments exits and in such case combat the alleged extortion attempt that led to the tragedy.

  22. @08/26 7:10AM,
    Wow! That's all you can come up with.."Fast and Furious.." Maybe you should read the article because it wasn't guns that caused this place to explode and catch fire! Your an idiot..who blames the U.S. for it is clearly Mexico's failure to control and contain this problem. The U.S. has a very limited roll (if you can even call it that) with regards to combating or contributing to this problem. Remember, Mexico is it's own country with it's own laws and government. It's Mexico's inability to effectively govern it's people because of rampant gov't corruption..botched U.S. operations like "Fast and Furious" is a "grain of sand on the beach" as compared to what Mexico has contributed to this problem! Which btw has been festering for decades...

  23. at 7:34
    I agree.
    saltillo had another attack at the same casino last night.

  24. @Aug 26-9:02AM,
    What have you been living under a rock? Blood in the streets? We are way past that +40,000, which is probably way underrated. As far as a is that supposed to work? Your dealing with terrorists/criminals they are not looking for a truce..rather total control. I have an idea...why not let the leaders of all the major DTO's be officially a part of the Mexican Gov't..sounds crazy right..much like your truce suggestion!

  25. Texcoco Mex said.


    You really think a truce will work? That the killing will just stop? In Mexico right now killing is negotiating, with out government victory it can't be no peace, you have to kill the dog with rabies for the rabies to be gone.

  26. Texcoco Mex said.

    This video is from the security cameras from the casino, here you can see all cars and the people who did the attack on the casino.

  27. "Let's start talking about the CONSUMERS MORE!"

    Uhh, consumers of gas or of matches? Let's talk about evil more instead of trying to rationize it.

  28. Texcoco Mex said.

    According to mundonarco the attack was allegedly perpetrated by two groups of thugs from Los Zetas, who burned the place for not paying extortion.

    The information obtained from government officials Rodrigo Medina, indicates that, according to versions of the administrator the casino was required to pay 130 thousand pesos a week to let them operate.

  29. I wonder if those grenades that slaughtered dozens innocent people where some of the ones supplied by the USA.

  30. It's funny how people complain that the government can't stop the cartels. Cartel members just like terrorists don't expose themselves in uniform trying to pick a fight with military forces unless they are boxed in. Our U.S soldiers have been a the middle east for a very long time, has al qieda been totally eliminated? No. Its easier said than done for some fat ass couch commandos who have never seen or been in combat against an enemy who does not fight head on, but resorts to terrorism to push their agenda.

  31. something in the comments brought my attention not all Casinos are owned by drug cartels FYI , yes people that live in the US second doubt their visits to Mexico but the ones the live there will try to have a normal life if you know spanish and watch the videos posted above, the lady says most of them were women just trying to spend a good time with their friends and totally did not have nothing to do with, So i think people that died there were not stupid or ignorant( like someone mentioned in here) just victims just please people think before we open our mouths and judge .. WE might be "luckier" when it comes to safety in our Country but it doesnt make it perfect " LAW AND ORDER??"*t happens here too 9/11?... what about the massacre in that one camp this summer?that killed all those teens in their sleep in their tents in Norway? pleople think....evil is everywhere and not because we live in the US we are exempt from this!!

  32. El Presidente Calderon. You are an abject failure, mule to the Sinaloa Cartel and you have not the power to help Mexico. You sir should resign and pray that Chapo let's you live like the lap dog that you are.

  33. A failed state is described as below

    loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein,
    erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions,
    an inability to provide public services, and
    an inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community. You tell me, does any of this describe Mexico?

  34. These are the kind of events that attract the full attention of the the US government. Similar to the Mumbai or Kabul attacks. You'd think watching people get slaughtered daily would be enough for the Mexican Gov't to swallow that sovereign pride problem and ask for boots on the ground help. It worked in colombia and they are a much more stable and independent becuase of it. There is no way these organizations could do this much damage for so long without major complicity from top to bottom by the political elite in Mexico.

  35. I searched all the news sites, CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, all of those had this coverage except...., you guessed it the oMSNBamaC network. Not even in the top 20 world wide stories. Couldn`t find it anywhere on thier website. WHy is that the uber-liberal media can`t even cover a truthful event? Is that journalism? It used to be that whoever was first to the event got the story and was the most watched, now, it`s Oh, do`nt say nothing to offend any Obama supporters. I`ll never watch , buy from, or anything from that crappy company EVER. MSNoBamaCoverage

  36. @10:45

    That's true. The casino already was paying 50.000 to the gulf and as you say zetas was asking for 130.000.

    Since the begining i knew fucking zetas did this shit, and there stupid people saying CDG was guilty for this.

    By the way, fire was provoked by gasoline not grenades, so stop that crap about U.S. this U.S. that.

  37. well this is the best they could do so far attack innocent. Regardless of who it was its an atrocity. For those that blame Calderon, would you rather just mexico be run by thugs with no fear of attack by anyone of course not. You people are the ones who enable it, you know who the murderer's are the kidnapper's dealers etc. yet you are happy standing pat while they do their business wouldnt want to hurt your friends huh? let them kill somebody else but not my friend tomas the dealer. sad we as mexicans can blame the world the addicts but if we do not draw a line we will not get anywhere. sure calderon did not have a plan but did fox? or gortari, zedillo? nobody knew what was going to happen when the war started but must you rather have no military giving soem type of security? sure they are corrupt but last time i checked some help is better than no help. Blame chapo, Zetas, cdg etc for all this along with calderon, but he had enough of the corruption and tackled a monster that nobody even looked at. So before you blame anyone blame your cousin, your friend, your neighbor for facilitating the whole drug world.....

  38. Sorry to see this happen but this is what it's going to take for the goverment of Mexico and U.S. to take this shit serious. Expect some serious action now. Hopefully now there will be some people held accountable. There were innocent victims there. And for the person who said that all casino owners are bad people I personally know a good honest man who owns some in Mexico and I say BS at your comment. The cartels extort the casinos and you only need to comply are this shit happens. F*ck the Z's and Gulf cartel.

  39. it was zetas...they are really hurting for real distribution product...extortion and robbery is their business...

    but now that it has hit SAN PEDRO..the shit is on..if the Gob really wants to fuck the narcos up..they are gonna have to get the fuck out of the trucks ..and walk the streets ...police the barrios... random, roving check points inside the city...AND clear the streets of THE LITTLE PRICK HALCONES...

    the reactionary cat and mouse shit they have been doing is usless..they are gonna have to take it to the cartels ...the parks and corners in every colonia are where to start..that is where the little street dealers hang ..and watch ..and inform..

    my opinion anyway

  40. just think if this had happened in the middle east...damn..the tool talking heads would be yapping their heads off...

    but no....just a mention...hmmm wonder why that is ?

    what do you think?..really bullshit.... why does the violent of fifty people, 100 miles from the US border merit so little attention?

  41. Quite interesting, may be a game changer. High visibility, victims were middle class,in an affluent neighborhood, Calderon went there to talk. Not the usual Indios quartered and left in garbage bags on the street. MX labeling the perpetrators "terrorists" says it all. May be it was a rogue street gang pushing too far on an extortion scheme. Went way too far. Now is govt retaliation required. They can't duck on this one.

  42. Does anybody know what the La Raza movment here in the U.S. think of all this? Obama just granted citizenship to millions of Illegals just like every other president before him with pressure from these hispanic rights groups. Do they ever pressure the president to go into Mex? Or do they stay silent for fear that drawing attention to what's going on would open a whole can of worms and thereby damage their already tenuous relationship with white america? We have to remember that the media is controlled by the government and will only report what they are permitted to. We are coming close to the elections and seeing daily massacres in the news would only hurt Obama's chances of winning.

  43. @ August 26, 2011 8:55 PM Obama just granted citizenship to millions of Illegals.

    WHEN??? WERE??? Are you for real or you are just saying things just because.

    In 2001 I send an application for a U.S green card thanks to my brother who is a U.S citizen and I was accepted but I had to wait for a visa to be available. 10 years after I'm still waiting


    I will like to see how much truth it is on what you are saying.

  44. Texcoco Mex said.

    @ August 26, 2011 8:55 PM Obama just granted citizenship to millions of Illegals just like every other president before him with pressure from these Hispanic rights groups.

    You are full of shit, my cousin married a U.S citizen this year and she applied for legal residency in the U.S. Well immigration told her she had to leave the country and apply from outside and also wait 10 years.

  45. Why does everyone ask "why is this not on the news in the US?" Who gives a fuck if its on the news?!? What you should be asking is "how did mexico let this happen?" Maybe if you stopped worrying about how america views your problem, you could solve it yourself. please believe if this happened in the US, no one would give a shit if mexico covered it

  46. obama granting citizen ship..DONDE?..i have a few friends that i would like to find out where to get in line for...

    from my experience ...this comment is is hard as hell to gain legal status ...but coming thats a different story

  47. It crazy how Terrorist are just across the border. If the cartels do take over Mexico completely.....then terrorist organization from the middle east with infiltrate next door to us. This is probably a plan long set up to destroy USA. USA needs to act asap. We can't let this terrorist group get to big to fail!! Look at it at a bigger picture!!

  48. USA's enemy is the terrorist groups of the middle east...come on wake up!! If the twin towers took them 20 years to finally bring them down. What's not to think that they can be using Mexico border to attack USA. Mexico is not know for world wars...they have always been neutral peaceful country.

  49. This is MASSIVELY depressing. Not only because middle class citizens died, but also because the number of deaths is ridiculous. 50+ deaths?! And there's little to news coverage in the US? Why the fuck does the US pay ridiculously huge amounts of attention to the Middle East (which I honestly don't give a shit about) yet almost none to Mexico which borders the US? I feel sorry for all victims, as well as their families. Nobody deserves this. I guess I should be happy that a close friend of mine who lives in Monterrey is still alive.

    Also, this war was a mistake and horribly planned. All it accomplished was insane amounts of violence. Monterrey, as far as I know, was immune for it for a long time, but due to this poorly planned war, now it's extremely violent. Before 2007, this was unimaginable. Now I'd be surprised if it stopped happening. Holy fuck.

    Also, fuck drug users in the US, they're part of the problem (since they finance disgusting amounts of money to these psychopathic killers), and there is no reason why anybody should do drugs. Ever.

    Sorry if this was harsh, hearing about all this senseless violence pisses me off to no end, even if I don't live through it since I don't live anywhere near it.

  50. Texcoco Mex said

    5 people involved on the casino attack were arrested

    Carrazco Lucio Carlos Espinoza, alias "El Chigua", 25, Javier Alonso Morales Martínez, alias "El Javo", 37, Jonathan Jahir Reyna Gutierrez , 18, Juan Angel Flores Leal, alias "The Fields", 20, and Julio Tadeo Berrones, alias "El Julio Reyes' 28.

    At the press conference, the Attorney Adrian de la Garza, presented a video which shows the group of people getting gasoline in fuel containers at a gas station minutes before perpetrating the attack.

    It also appears that the Equinox gray van seen in the video of the attack was found.

    The recording also showed that the group of vehicles, including a Minicooper and Optra, move through Gonzalitos Avenue, heading to the casino.

    The president said the motive for the attack would have been to pressed the establishment to pay a fee, which is known as derecho the piso or tax.

    Presumably there was a disagreement with the owners and thats why it was attacked, but this is still under investigation, said Medina.

    He said that apparently the attack was against the business and not against the population, but the criminals were out of control.

  51. what the heck with u! U only think that mexican r stupid because they don't do "anything" for fighting bad guys and let me just say that the casino was set up on fire because the boss of the casino didnt agree to pay to the bad guys when he never owed anyhin! he was strong not lazy.
    Shame on u guys that descrimine ALL people because only a few percentage r doing the bad things!


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