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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Beltran's bought all of Acapulco, SIEDO records show

CHILPANCINGO, Gro. The ministerial statements of two protected witnesses from the PGR, including a financial ex-operator for the Beltran Leyva cartel who happened to be Jose Jorge Balderas Garza, "JJ." Confirm that at least since 2008, authorities from the 3 levels of government had provided protection for the structure of the late drug lord Arturo Beltran Leyva, "El Barbas," in Acapulco. Ex-operators of the capo, killed in 2009, currently find them self's in a spiral of violence that wont come to an end.

Both ministerial statements in the dossier PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/218/2011, composed by SIEDO against operators of a group called Cartel Independiente de Acapulco (CIDA), which translates to "Indepente Cartel from Acapulco." Who were arrested this year from various operations, which the political magazine "Proceso" had access too.

The protected witness with the code-named "Zajed." Who claims to have been a financial operator in the former structure of the Beltran Leyva brothers, in the states of Quintana Roo and Guerrero from 2008 to July 2009. Reports that in Acapulco a weekend can produce up to 4 million pesos, about 320,000 usd, "just from the sale of drugs," weekday earnings were far less.

Confirms that the police receives 500,000 pesos, 40,000 usd, per week in exchange for impunity. The person in charge of receiving the money was a commander named Frias and also on the payroll of the criminal structure were local politicians and army officers who are part of a wide network of money laundering operations, transfers and sale of drugs in Acapulco.

While the witness "Nemesis," from his statements it could be "JJ," said that after the arrest of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, "La Barbie," last August. The structure was left in the hands of his father-in-law Carlos Montemayor, "The Charro." Acapulco operators decided not to work for him and formed CIDA.

CIDA, the witness Nemesis added, took control "of all the crimes" in Acapulco, the port of Zihuatanejo and Costa Grande region, an area bordering Michoacan.

The witness states that the main players from CIDA are Benjamin Flores Reyes, "The Godfather" and Moises Montero Alvarez, "The Korean," both arrested by federal police. The first in March of this year and the second on the 1st of August.

As for Victor Aguirre Garzon, from an insistent by others has been linked as a cousin of Governor Angel Aguirre Hernandez and Carlos Antonio Barragan, "The Melon." Both are still free to operate in this beach destination.

The four leaders from CIDA are defined by the witness Nemesis as "criminals with no brains." Who engaged in theft, extortion and kidnapping because "they don't have the same contacts in drug trafficking" as "La Barbie." Adding that during the splendor of the Beltran Leyva brothers they "were just hitmen."

Subsequently, CIDA suffered a split and then came the group called "La Barredora," "the Sweepers." Which is controlled by Cristian Hernandez Tarin, the son of "Chaky" and Eber Jair Sosa, "The Cream." Both groups have been identified as responsible for the unstoppable wave of violence that prevails in this port.

The financial operator of the Beltran Leyva

With his studies in engineering, specializing in banking networks and "having work experience" in banks. The witness "Zajed" told a federal Public Ministry on the 1st of June of this year in Mexico City where he said, that during the time he served as the financial operator for the Beltran Leyva cartel he managed the funds of the criminal organization that was generated from kidnappings, extortion, drug dealing and the trafficking of cocaine in big scale.

"But my main function was the payroll for municipal officials, state and federal." Who were co-opted by the organization to protect and provide facility for the cartel operations in the states of Guerrero, Nuevo Leon and Quintana Roo, alleges "Zajed " in his ministerial statement.

Weekly, refers the witness, attending meetings called "Gathering of Plaza Bosses." Which took place in properties of the capo Arturo Beltran in Acapulco, a residence "in Las Brisas and a ranch that's located in Puerto Marques."

The witness Zajed said that these meetings presided by "El Barbas" were attended by public servants, police and military who were serving the organization. Discussing their "responsability and accountability" in federal or local operations with the objective of not affecting the criminal group activities and maintain the tranquility in the plaza, adds the records consulted by Proceso.

About the leaders of CIDA, the witness Zajed said that Benjamin Flores, "The Godfather," was part of a cell of gunmen that's commanded by Isidro Juarez Solis, "El Kirry" and Gamaliel Aguirre Tavira, "El Guero" Huetamo. They were responsible for patrolling the metropolitan area of Acapulco, specifically the colony Renacimiento.

This point is considered by the financial ex-operator of the Beltran Leyva as a major drug distribution center for retail. Since it was converted by local authorities as the "zone of tolerance" in Acapulco, as well as a "filter or customs" access to the port, where gunmen remain to monitor the area.

"The Melon," the witness Zajed explains he was one of the hitmen that was under direct orders of the kingpin Arturo Beltran and Moises Montero Alvarez, "The Korean," saying he was favored by "El Barbas" and "La Barbie." Because his function was to distribute all types of weapons to supply the criminal structure that operated in the states of Guerrero, Morelos, and Mexico state.

Zajed reports that the arsenal was accumulated in the neighborhood of Tepito in Mexico City and the "Korean" was in charge of carrying arms to the cities of Acapulco, Cuernavaca and the state of Mexico.

All these operations were coordinated by Miguel Angel Moreno Araujo, "El Buche," considered "the adopted son" of Arturo Beltran and the most violent gunmen from the criminal organization who was killed along with "El Barbas" in Cuernavaca on December 2009, said the witness Zajed.

"JJ", protected witness of SIEDO

For his part, the protected witness Nemesis gave his ministerial statement on March 7th of this year in the town of Almoloya de Juarez, in the State of Mexico. Provided information related to drug trafficking activities that took place in the ports of Acapulco and Zihuatanejo because he ensures that it belonged to the Beltran Leyva cartel, said the official records.

The testimony of this witness focuses in detail on the events after the capture of "La Barbie" on August 30, 2010 and the confrontation between his father-in-law Carlos Montemayor, "El Charro," was arrested last November and the operators in Acapulco that decided to form CIDA were apprehended also.

In this respect, Nemesis relates that after the arrest of "La Barbie," his father-in-law communicated with "The Godfather" and "the Korean" to tell them he would take charge of the organization wages and the payment of local authorities so business would continues "with out problems."

But operators for "La Barbie" ignored him and decided to act on their own with an operator of "La Barbie" in the state of Mexico. Identified as "Compayito" or "the hand with eye," recently arrested was attempting to form a regional cartel, said the witness Nemesis.

However, the case of the 20 Michoacan natives that were picked up in Acapulco during September of last year and the subsequent discovery of 18 bodies inside a "Narco Grave" in a rural area. This beach destination virtually collapse the group of "La Barbie."

In this regard, the witness "Nemesis" refers that he held a conversation with "The Charro." The group of "The Melon," "The Godfather" and "The Korean" had told him that they picked up the Michoacan natives because they were part of the La Familia Michoacana, then i told them not to be malicious and let them go but they didn't listen to me," expressed the father-in-law of "La Barbie."

Later, the witness "Nemesis" reports another conversation with "The Charro" where the leaders informed him that CIDA had already killed the people from Michoacan and he had been blamed for this slaughter, through blankets that were placed in public areas in Acapulco. Where they announced the separation from the structure of "La Barbie."

Then "The Charro" asked Nemesis if he could borrow "people" to "give them hell," the leaders of CIDA.

In response, Nemesis said, "that he would talk to his people to see who would go with him but instead i didn't ask them because I had my own problems. They were putting my name on the television too often in relation with the attempted killing of Salvador Cabanas."

In early January of this year, José Jorge Balderas Garza, "JJ," who is identified as responsible for the attack of the footballer Salvador Cabanas was arrested by federal police in a suburb of Mexico City and later transfer to maximum security prison in Altiplano, in the state of Mexico.

Federal authorities have linked "JJ" with the Beltran Leyva cartel and later with the structure of "La Barbie." In which the testimony of the protected witness "Nemesis" becomes proof that Balderas Garza is adhered to the controversial program of the PGR and is now used by SIEDO against one of the groups that maintain a bloody war for control of Acapulco, where authorities have been complicit in this bloodbath.



  1. Looks like party time is over for just about everyone involved. Greed, lack of business sense and total disregard for the population resulted not only in many getting arrested and pulled off the street, but an entire city now lives under seige and has lost more than half the tourist dollars it used to receive which is a hell of a lot more than the revenues from drugs.
    It appears that if these morons listened to El Charo, things would still be going on as business as usual, but they had other plans and joke is on them...they are in jail now. I wonder if the Governor is really related to this guy Victor. One thing is for sure, the narco messages continue to flaunt that and they seemed quite passionate about it. It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

  2. Texcoco Mex said

    Well it looks like the Beltran Leyva don't have Acapulco no more.

  3. The corruption of the officials (police and army officers, politicians, etc) is very interesting for me. Thus this is one of the most fascinating articles on Borderland Beat.

    Thanks !

  4. so does this mean sinaloa is gonna come out on top? do the knights templar or any major group have a presence in Acapulco in any significant way?

  5. I wonder why they didn't want to be under Montemayor,did he lack the respect to run a group? Great article, Procesco always does these.

    So, Barbie had Acapulco with the Beltrans, he was fighting with Hector Beltran, then he got arrested, and his group became CIDA, and the Montemayor faction wad pretty much defunct, so CIDA fought with La Familia, Hector Beltran, until they split again and now it's CIDA Vs. Devils Command, and the other formerly mentioned players.

    It's the Teo syndrome, you get these enforcer types who don't want to just move drugs or shipments north, they extort, steal ATMs, kidnap, whatever. When those types are turned loose the city becomes a nightmare, and now they are running the city, because there isn't faction strong enough to take control, like what happened in Tijuana. Also, the Beltran's may have bought Acapulco, but they definitively don't own it anymore.

  6. Not surprising at all. The Beltran Leyva Cartel was at " one " time very very powerful. They still are in a sense that they still push weight but their strong holds have slipped. But parts of Sinaloa, Sonora, Nayarit and Guerrero they still have peeps working for them. Some of the plazas that they owned outright have detirriated due to the fact " El Botas Blancas " was wasted. He was the man who held everything together and even in his ruthlessness he was a bussinessman who paid everyone off to work peacefully. What your seeing right now is the demise of several capos and the underlinks not knowing how to run the show. It seemed that in the Beltran Leyva orgainization with el Mochomo behind bars and el patron de patrones dead many questioned working for el H and split. As much as you want to condone all the old capos that have fell they knew a structure and ran by it. Fewer lives were affected years ago in Mexico. Right now there are very few guys that seemingly know how to operate peacefully. The violence will never cease to exist but controlling is key in Mexico right now. Which cartel will be the one to make a smart move, cause their downfall will be when the US is fed up and heads in.

  7. It seems to me that after the fall of La Barbie, El Barbas and the rest of the heads of these so called "carteles,"these plazas have fallen into the hands of thugs with guns, but no brains. It looks to me like Acapulco and Guerrero is ripe for another major cartel with the brains and the muscle to go in and take control of the place. There is going to be a lot more blood spilled before this settles down. May God have mercy on the people of Aca.

  8. I don't understand why Los Beltran-Leyva's have not tried to break out or bribe El Mochomo from jail? Especially with the surge in violence and small battle victories they have been accumulating against La Federacion. Especially in the states of Sinaloa, Sonora, and Nayarit. He seems the only likely successor to have the ability to run and unite the organization like his older brother La Barbas.

  9. I agree with J again..The enforcer types aka low lives get big headed thinking they can run their own crew. It's self destruction and clearly shows why Calderon government believes in biting off the head of the snake. I wonder how all those police and politicians get by now on there little salaries not being on payroll any longer. Is the party over for these guys?

    Does Montemayor have hair transplants...Looks like he had work done on his hair. BTW, just looking at the players involved, Montemayor looks more like a business man with some brains and the others look like thugs. I'm not glorifying the guy, but in the end, he probably would have been the best suited person to run the cartel. After all, he did want things to be left undisturbed.

    When these informants talk about the police in charge or the local politicians involved in these gatherings or even the Military commanders, does the Federal authorities investigate or take action? I mean if it's true the governor is in bed with his cousin complicit in the drug business, certainly action should be taken. One of the narco banners said his cousin is given arms and police escorts to carry out his business.

  10. This article gives us a good idea of whats happening inAcapulco, So the Beltran Leyva has the authorities bought in Acapulco bur their only problem is barbies crew,they are still trying to put up a fight,and the sinaloa cartel I have no idea what their doing there,their power in guerrero is really non existant,their probably just trying to make it harder for Hector Beltran to take control of Acapulco.My guess is Hector will control Acapulco even with CIDA and Sinaloa Cartel putting up a fight,remember that the Beltran Leyvas and LFM are allied and if thats not enough Hector could just call his buddy heriberto lascano to send some zetas over.

  11. 11:38 am You forgot to mention Morelos,Chiapas,Jalisco and Campeche those are also some states where Beltran Leyvas operate.

  12. 11:38 yeah beltran have had some slips but their strongholds have always been Sonora,and Morelos,which they still have plazas nothings really changed there,the only state they also had a huge presence is Sinaloaeventhough they still run citiez in Northern and Southern Sinaloa they lost some presence in Culiacan,which used to be their plaza along with chapo and mayo.

  13. Could you guys imagine being in hector beltrans position?I mean the guy loses his big brother and then carlos and alfredo el mochomo are locked up,everyone knows that el mochomo is highly respected,but hector?one of the low key brother who doesnt even allow artist to sing him corridos,or drug ballads all of a sudden is pretty much forced to take over the cartel.I mean you gotta give it up to him he is doing a pretty good job,for his first time as the leader,and also for being one of the less popular beltran leyva brothers.Not anyone could take arturos spot but his brothers not doing too bad, its just others (barbies faction,Sinaloa Cartel)are fucking things up for him.We will see how far Hector can get,so far their is no sign of him.

  14. I bet Neil Diamond is sick of singing that damn Acapulco song, now that the waters aren't so "warm and friendly"! Sad. What a beautiful place. All of Mexico, for that matter. Leave it to a bunch of greedy fukers to ruin a whole country, and all of Mexico lets them roll over on them. There's way more Mexicans who aren't in the cartels, than there are that are raising all this hell! All they have to do is allow citizens to carry guns, and this shit ends in five years.

  15. Dose anyone know what happens when the sicaros get caught? How much time in prison do they get or do they? Also what about all the lookouts? Sounds like they fear the cartels not the police.

  16. 12:55 PM... They tried to break Mochomo out when Arturo was still alive. They ambushed a convoy of federal police that were transporting him in an armored car but were unsuccessful and had to abort the mission.

    This article was excellent because the cartels have mutated so much in that area and their influence has shrunk so much that it is hard to follow the bits and pieces of information.

    I wonder what would happen if the ever arrested anyone from the Sinaloa Cartel and actually interrogated them and followed through with this type of investigation. I would love to see them get dismantled step by step like this. Sinaloa acting as informants is how this hole thing came about. El Chapo snitched Mochomo out because he was so respected and had better cocaine connections than he did.

  17. These "authorities" justify being in service to the narcos by saying that the drugs go to the gringos. So they can say Viva Mexico with a clear conscience and still take narco money.

    The problem they can't get around is that drug use, especially meth, is increasing among young Mexicans. Now there are tienditas all over Mexico's towns and cities selling to Mexicans. A bigger portion of that $4 million pesos per weekend is coming from locals and Mexican tourists not from gringo tourists.

    Fox says they should cut a deal with the narcos "for peace" because that's what the narcos told him to say because they are losing the war.

  18. Beltrans are getting their ass kicked in guererro jajajaja they dont have terrority in jalisco LOL dont believe these beltran supporter we all know that the beltrans has lost his presence in acupulco.

  19. Mochomos getting out next year.
    Beltran Leyvas are basically wiping out Chapos.&.Mayos in Sinaloa but ofcourse the media will.never tell you knowing how they do anything to make Sinaloa cartel seem like a God like cartel lol. No shit they been losing Guerrero once El jefe de las plazas died it all went to hell shit since el mochomo got locked up Arturo had been fucking up getting high 247

  20. @ chamuko

    The best articles are the ones that bring up discussion and teach you something. I learned some things from reading this article. Gracias.

  21. Thanks ajulio..

    It's a great article. Gives you a good idea on why Acapulco is seeing so much violence and the sick people that were or are behind it.

  22. 4:46 am If Beltrans dont have territory in Jalisco,Why is Puerto Vallarta,Jalisco one of their plazas?..thats where the son of Nacho Coronel was killed,and then Nacho blamed it on Hector,and kidnapped his wife but at the end ended up dead and never got to kill hector.

  23. jj is a punk i used to work out with him in laredo he used to drive his girls red rx7 never made it big here in laredo small fish


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