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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cuco Ruvalcaba is Executed

It was confirmed that Jose "Don Cuco" Refugio Ruvalcaba Plascencia had been executed by an armed commando inside an Applebee restaurant in the city of Chihuahua.

Don Cuco was taken by surprised by the armed group who first fired at the business and then they laughed at him before executing him. The incident caused panic in the restaurant that resulted in many to witness the gunmen flee aboard luxury SUV's.

The authorities confirmed that the victim was that of the former director of the Municipal Police of Chihuahua and had also been the chief of the Municipal Police in Ciudad Juarez.

Jose Refugio, 53, a native of Nogales, Sonora, died after having dedicated 33 years to police service. Many remember Cuco Ruvalcaba as a character, always drawing attention and creating controversy in the form he dressed. He was also previously chief of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Zacatecas and in addition worked with authorities in Puebla and Mexico State.


  1. Paint a target on your forhead and sit in a public place whete they can easily find and kill you? If you were that visible of a target doesn't common sense tell you to move far far away and keep a low profile?

  2. The criminals killed a good man. Cuco was loved by many in the U.S. and Mexico. He had a long and honorable career, niether of which the narco-scum will ever have. RIP, Cuco.

  3. @12:03 Im pretty sure he knew the risk, but he did not cower in the face of criminal scum and lived his life as he wished

  4. how did he dress?

    because he looks like a dictator, WHICH IS AWESOME!


  5. Well said @5:34am. A good cop is hard to find in Mexico now days, I to have heard he was respected on both sides of the border.

  6. if this man played by his own rules and did'nt surrender to the cartels and was a man of morals, then i respect him. but to have survived 33 years as a police officer makes me think that maybe he was'nt that good of a person. he probably thought, "there's no way they would kill me at an Applebees. well, in mexico, there are no rules. anything and everything always happens in mexico.

  7. 9:19 ajulio, quit assuming things about people you dont know, that is why people in the U.S. are so ignorant.

  8. Was my uncle looking for my father which was his brother. Juan rubalcaba flores my name yolanda mothers name cecilia. Or his relitives .


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