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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mexican Army and Zetas Clash in Ayotlan, Jalisco, 6 Dead

Six cartel gunmen were killed in an overnight clash with soldiers in Ayotlan, Jalisco, the military said Saturday.

The town is about a 40-minute drive from Michoacan state where drug violence is rampant.

The soldiers say they were alerted that heavily armed men had taken over a hotel called Los Arcos and were apparently using it as a "safe house". When they arrived the men opened fire, they say.

The army alleges that the men were members of the Zetas drug cartel, and say they found and seized assault rifles, grenade launchers and ammunition at the scene.


  1. Texcoco Mex said

    This the types of things I like to read about.

    Criminals killed 6 Police or Army 0

  2. 6 dead Z what a great start for a Sunday, let's see how many more can be killed today. They should give bonuses for killing Z.


  3. 6 less scumbags. Fuck trying to capture a narco just waste them on the spot!

  4. Are you guys really that stupid who believe everything??I seriously doubt that on all the gun battles between sicarios and the army,most of the sicarios die and only like one army soldier dies that's straight BS.Maybe if the sicarios all had little 22.pistols but they have AKs caliber 50,grenade launchers,I personally think it's in that one battle were Arturo Beltran died only one marine died,BS it was like a two hour gun battle and only one marine died that's straight BS,I don't know why the Mexican government is so scared of revealing the true numbers could it be that maybe those sicarios are still equally trained if not better then the army,that's what I think.

  5. 224, shut the fuck up. Damn bro, how can you be so imbecillic? Soldiers train for this shit day in and day out. This is who they are, killing machines. All sicarios train for is in how to shoot a gun and that's it apart from some basic strategies. But come on, these bum-ass fools ain't shit when it comes to steppin up to the big dogs. If they were that good they wouldn't retreat as often as they do. When have you ever heard of a group of soldiers retreat from these butt-ass wimps?


  6. @3:52pm.what part of mexican drug cartels have exmilitary soldiers as sicarios don't you understand?are you really that much of an idiot.And actually there's been alot of story's of sicarios running out military personal obviously it's not gonna be the primary information on the media.If these bum ass
    Sicarios as you call them had no training what so ever don't you think the Mexican government would of eliminated every drug cartel in Mexico??so the two answers are,they can't,or they don't want to.And no Im not defending sicarios I'm just stating the truth it's almost impossible for army personal and sicarios to crash constantly in gun battles and no army soldiers get hurt or died at the most one while 10 sicarios die it's just not logical due to the fact they are about equal when it comes to firepower,the weapons that they both have.So all you idiots keep on believing that a Caliber 50 rifle won't go through a bulletproof vest only because he's an army soldier.

  7. The sicarios with military LEAD the cells. You might have 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 5 guys with military experience. But most gunmen are just run of the mill ppl, guys off the street, in fact worse than that. Most are drug users, high school dropouts, etc. To think that anything near the majority are ex-military is hilarious. The 6 that died in this article? Probably had a few weeks training at best.

  8. These fility gangbanger pussy Zetas mothers should be arrested for not flushing the tolet when they shit these piece of shits out!!
    After they are destroyed thier families should be rounded up and stripped of all of thier assets than shipped out to the deserts on a one way trip!!!

  9. 6 58 cartels do have ex soldiers or skilled gunmen. But the majority are queer gangbangers and low lifes who's training doesn't compare to a 24/7 soldier. Cartels are well armed but so are troops. They ambush and try to avoid direct combat with troops like the viet cong that's were they do damage. That's why they never attack a base becouse they'd get stomped. Corruptions the cartels best weapon, it prevents troops from raiding houses or gives cartels the tip to leave an area. That evens the fight and is why its important to arrest goverment officials not just cartel members. U rarely hear them getting arrested

  10. 525, The only intelligent thing you said was that the Mexican government does not want to win this war. The soldiers, they're just following orders. We know if it was up to the soldiers they would've already run-up into peoples houses everyday, all day up the block, draggin your grandma and grandpa out if they had to, going through your delicates looking for any reason to put you in a box, Kill/Capture style. Ya feel me?

  11. anon@ 9:12
    second that .. the soldiers would massacre the to house ...everybody out .,.who are you?... what is that?... where have you been ...where did you get that money/cel/car/watch/ necklace/ring/ Z gorra /etc......death in the streets and allys..the halcones would be the first to go... ...
    a bloodbath followed by calm...innocents as well as guilty killed..not a pretty sight

    after it ...being a narco supporter would be not so attractive ..not so cool to be the tool

    i am not saying this is the right way..AGAIN ..i am not saying this is the right way

    i am convinced that the "leadership"?... is either corrupt or incompetent ..or some of both ..and are under orders to prolong... not end it

  12. @7-24, 2:24PM,

    The "rank and file" of the Zetas are not skilled military soldiers, rather low level, poor, street thugs. Are they dangerous, sure.. anybody can take an assault rifle and "spray and pray" the area but to say these guys maybe better trained than the military is a little far fetched. In addition, when the bullets start flying, I would venture to say most of these "wanna be" gangsters engage in the instinctual human behavior to run..rather than find cover and return fire!

    Well it maybe true that the DTO's have .50 caliber type weapons in their arsenals, from the reports on these "fire-fights", they are not commonly used. For one, most .50 cal we are talking about are not assault rifle platforms rather sniper style weapons. They are heavy and hard to operate if not properly trained and are not used to take out multiple moving targets. Keep in mind even .50 cal machine guns are mounted systems (vehicles, aircraft, etc..) your average sicario is not walking around like fucking "Rambo" with belts of .50 cal ammo draped over his arm while holding the machine gun (btw..I know Rambo was using a M60 not a .50cal machine gun).

  13. whats up with that first pic? shouldnt it just be the shell on the ground, not the whole bullet? unless it popped out of the mag.

  14. My point is that it's very unlikely for only one soldier or no soldiers to die in most of these gun battles.We all kno these criminals hunt in packs,commandos.And caliber 50 is common.

  15. You know what 5:25 has a valid point.I doubt the Mexican government is revealing the true numbers after these firefights.

  16. Most cartel gunmen cant go toe to toe with a trained soilder but it is a little fishy that sometimes its like 16 dead cartel members and no soilders dead maybe its true the government when it could hides the true number of soilders dead maybe the government doesnt want the stuff that happened to the dead soilder when they killed Arturo Beltran Leyva although in other battles many soilders have been killed like when they had the shootout with tony tormenta he had a group called the scropions as his body guards in the two raids on his safe house to get him there was around 8 soilders dead on the second raid that they killed him tony and 4 of his bodyguards died but the scorpions took out 3 marines and 1 soilder and wounded a few other marines so about toe 2 toe but that was expected the scropions were very highly trained gunmen some even ex-soilders

  17. There has been quite often unofficial witness reports that authorities do not report nearly all the casualties they suffer and why would they? It is a PR battle after all.

  18. Ran out of ammunition and surrendered and then killed!


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