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Saturday, July 23, 2011

"La Barredora" hangs two heads in Acapulco

Acapulco is the showcase for the atomization of major drug cartels into mini-cartels or simply local criminal organizations when top kingpins fall to the government.

La Barredora and CIDA, the two local groups responsible for the violence in Acapulco, are run by gunmen who were once members of the Beltran Leyva organization, and after that organization fractured worked for "La Barbie". After La Barbie and his father in law, Carlos Montemayor "El Charro" were arrested the low level gangmembers broke into smaller local groups that are now at war with each other.

Both gangs make a living mostly from extortion, kidnappings and control of the local drug market. Their members once worked for cartels controlling multi-state areas and routes through which cross border drug trafficking flowed.

But their world has shrunk. Now these criminals fight for control of organized crime in this popular tourist destination, and to keep other groups out.

What these two gangs are expert at, however, is the use of extreme violence against enemies and to terrorize the local population.

Beheadings, dismemberments, tortured bodies stuffed into trunks of cars, indiscriminate shootouts in tourist areas where innocent bystanders are killed, the murder of citizens who refuse to pay extortions, no fear of killing federal police or military personnel, this and more are par for the course in Acapulco, on a daily basis.

In the latest display of symbolic violence, La Barredora has begun hanging the heads of execution victims accused of being associates of CIDA.

Friday night two heads were hung from the Bicentenario overpass and the bodies of the victims left on the roadway, covered in tarps.

Messages left at the site of the atrocity were addressed to leaders of CIDA (Independant cartel of Acapulco), pointing to the rival La Barredora as the perpetrators.

This happened to me for supporting Melon, Victor Aguirre and Eden. This goes out to all of you.

Taxi drivers, this happened to them for supporting Melon, Victor Aguirre and Eden. You're next Chino, Guatcho and Plebeyo. (This message says that the men were Taxi drivers, probably working as lookouts)

Sincerely, the devil's commando.

The torsos were abandoned and the heads hung in the face of hundreds of motorists travelling on both roadways.

On Tuesday, two other heads were hung on a pedestrian overpass with the dismembered bodies left on the roadway below. A similar message was also left at that site.


Melon here's your trash. Victor Aguirre and Eden, this happened to me for killing innocent people. Sincerely, the devil's commando.

CIDA is led by Antonio Barragan "el Melon", Moises Montero "el coreano", "el Cholo", Victor Aguirre and Eden Parra.

La Barredora is led by Heber Jair Sosa "el Cremas", Christrian Hernandez "el Cris", and Victor Galeana "el Gordo".



  1. Texcoco Mex said

    So for what I see Beltran Leyva are not in Acapulco anymore.

  2. This was to be expected, The ants are scatering

  3. Interesting, So, CIDA split, again? And thats where a lot of this violence is stemming from? That particular group just gives off the most desperate, deprived and sickening aura, the violence has an edge to it, that I don't see anywhere else in Mexico.

    I'm glad someone figured this out, so which side was hanging up the fake Sinaloa cartel messages?

  4. I doubt Beltran leyva would let go of Acapulco that easily,what I think Is that if CIDA split most likely one of those groups will unite with their former bosses the,Beltran leyvas to regain control.It's only logical,I think.

  5. Most likely one of these groups did ally with the Sinaloa cartel and the other with the Beltran leyvas.

  6. This is what happens when you have extreme rich and extreme poor. In otherwise CAPITALISM. This is the future of the US as well.

  7. @3:10pm.I agree.

  8. Damn, where do yall get moost of your information from? Yall be sounding like you amongst these dudes or something. I wonder if you're undercover ICE or FBI or what? I'm at home chilling with a beer and girl, where you at?

  9. That's like saying you have to be in the NFL to follow football closely. 'Where do yall get that from, are you actually on the field'?

  10. Like I said it's only logical,just like after the death of LFM leader who I forget his name,but after his death LFM split intoLFM and Los caballero templarios,so what happened next LFM looked for support from their former bosses Los zetas and CT I wouldn't doubt looked for support from el chapo.So I believe something similar is gonna happen here if CIDA split and it's now CIDA and LA barredora most likely one will go looking for their former bosses Los Beltran leyva, and the other one will unite with their rivals the Sinaloa cartel.

  11. I follow Acapulco blogs and news and this is an everyday occurrence. Everything I read says something totally different about how and why this is happening. Which cartel and what. It's very bizarre. There was an execution in a famous tourist restaurant last week called El Zorrito hitting a tourist as well. Tourists are getting clipped left and right down there, but it's mostly covered in Mexican media outlets.
    It's a pretty bleak outlook in that city with no end in sight. If anyone has more info, please share..I find it very interesting as someone who's spent a ton of time in that resort city.

  12. this goes to show how tenacious mexican criminals are. this war will continue for a looooong time. the mexican cartels are not like the italian mob. the italian mob knows their place when being pressured by the government but the mexican cartels just branch off like roaches and then turn on each other. the mexican cartels live by no codes of conduct. none. every cartel should live by some criminal standards, not including the fake propaganda codes that the templar live by. but some rules should be enforced by these cartel leaders and there should also be stronger chains of command.

    the situation in acapulco is from the self-inflicted damage caused by a weak cartel that used extreme violence as a tool to scare it's rivals. at first, these strategies seemed to be working for them, giving them an image of strength and fierceness but eventually turned on this cartel and now acapulco suffers from a grotesque turf war.

    these splitting cartels are now weaker because of lack of leadership. neither will be the last cartel standing.

    i agree with rise makaveli when he stated that these extreme acts of violence are worthless and only make conditions worse. death is the ultimate sacrifice.

  13. It's a a good theory, about the Beltran's and Sinaloa, but I don't really accept it, at this point. The Beltrans I do think are definitly in Guerreo and Acapulco, fighting whoever they need to, but Sinaloa? For one, I think their control of the plaza and state, has been low if anything since the Beltran Leyva/Chapoa split, when is the last time anyone from Sinaloa was arrested in Acapulco? Or a Guerreo plaza? Or a Sinaloa drug load seized?

    I think it is just a mess, all these groups are just fighting to the death over the retail sales, and extortion/kidnapping rackets. A lot of these groups are likely formed by third tier sicarios, I mean they arrested some leader of CIDA a while back and the guy was a 37 year old taxi driver, and only been a narco for like 2 years. Plus, they must lack funds, and resources or one group would have probably backed down the other by now. Dogs fighting for scraps. It's pretty sad and pathetic in a lot of ways.

  14. The Italian Mafia knew public violence was bad for business and bad for getting pinched. These guys don't care. They openly pull a van up, shoot up a place killing innocents and/or go and dump bags of body parts while the public stares in awe..or maybe not in awe anymore. These guys have destroyed tourism...International visitors were on decline, but Aca had a chance with the right marketing. Now it's completo, finito,nunca! 14,000 spring breakers failed to come to Aca this year as in the past year. That's a lot of dope money lost for the local cartels....I just don't understand why by now they can't keep it out of the tourist zone and leave innocents out of it.....It's bordering terrorism IMO.
    I find it absolutely amazing knowing the amount of police, military patrols through out Aca that everytime this stuff happens, nobody can get the bad guys. I mean there's traffic everywhere, how hard would it be to catch 2 white vans in some kind of net? Shear imcompetence.

  15. Dogs fighting for scraps"
    Well said and the bottom line here.

  16. great comments.

    i guess when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. it's only the top leaders that get to enjoy the big piece of the cake while everyone else has to fight for the scraps. the last standing cartels will be the ones who stay infiltrated in the government.

    @ 9:37pm

    shear incompetence and carelessness. mexico makes money from the drug biz but loses so much more from its collapsing tourist industry. the same goes with monterrey. how could these open attacks happen everywhere without any justice or jurisdiction? how could a convoy of stanky ass zetas roam around a city full of military and police and just get away with it?

    everyone knows the answer but no one has the solution.

  17. Someone mentioned it's been a very long time since anyone from Sinaloa was arrested in Aca or Guerrero, but that's not true. About one month ago military raided a house near the tourist area and arrested 4 people...they found automatic weapons, grenades, duct tape and masks...The one guy admitted he was from Sinaloa and sent there. I think it's just a breeding ground and destination for anyone involved in illegal business. Like many people go to Hollywood and hope to be discovered or try to make it in the Big Apple, scumbags go to Acapulco to try and get scraps like the dogs mentioned.

  18. Well know one knows the lifstyle that these scum
    bags went thru, both boys and girls abused on a constant basis both physically and sexually,and the girls were constatly beaten on
    by both thier boyfriends and even thier brothers
    and cousins it's Fact. So if they grow up to be
    Cold Blooded Murderers we wonder why never mind the teenage boys like El Ponchis!

  19. Well i kno beltran leyvas have a huge presence in the state of Guerrero ,but also Edgar Valdez faction.most likely things will go back to normal and Guerrero will continue to be Beltran leyva plaza just like Morelos.I doubt rivals will challenge them because that's been their plaza for awhile.Most likely it's just the few remaining from the Edgar Valdez faction fighting for alittle bit of turf.

  20. I doubt the Beltrans will reclaim much of Acapulco, if they haven't yet, why would they?

    As far as Sinaloa, I meant from CDS, like a cell, or plaza leader, or anything, maybe thats what you meant, but still, I think Sinaloa as Chapo/Mayo have little to no stake in the city or state.

  21. Beltran leyvas aren't reclaiming Acapulco that's been their plaza for along time they are just defending,cleaning their plaza much like in Sinaloa.

  22. Yeah chapos and mayos power are more concentrated in The states of Durango Sinaloa, Sonora parts of Chihuhua and Baja california,parts of Mexico city,parts of Nayarit,Jalisco but I don't know about now.That's about it they got influences in other states but not significantly.They had way more when Beltran leyvas were part of the sinaloa cartel.

  23. J, I'm not up on who owns what territory...All I know is Acapulco really well and this mess at times just seems unexplainable to me. Aca doesn't get much coverage on BB, but it's one of the most dangerous in Mexico...I can't believe what's happened to this place.

  24. Why would they reclaim Acapulco?cus that's been their plaza for awhile,they won't let go of any plaza without a major battle,they got the money so why let go of the plaza?The beltranes are not like zetas that didn't start trafficking drugs in small amounts and finally made it big,they are like that they started poor and made it big a plaza might not mean much but it is said that in Acapulco it's were they receive major shipments from Mexico city.


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