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Monday, July 4, 2011

"Greetings from Comandante 40 to the troops"

UN SALUDO DEL COMANDANTE 40 PARA LAS TROPAS was the deadly Zeta greeting taped to the stock of a sniper’s rifle seized during Army operations in the northern Nuevo Leon municipality of Vallecio, located 50 miles south of the Texas border on Federal Highway 85.

The message is believed to reference Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, "El 40", second in command of the Los Zetas criminal organization, whose stronghold is the nearby border city of Nuevo Laredo.

Army troops had a greeting of their own when they raided the Ejido El Alamo at 6:00pm Sunday evening where they also seized 400 pounds of marijuana, 9 AR-15 rifles, 6 AK-47 rifles, 2 hunting rifles, 600 rounds of ammunition, 8 camouflage uniforms, boots, tactical gear, communications equipment and 16 berets with the Zeta emblem attached. The uniforms were reportedly Army surplus made in the U.S.

Military authorities reported the troops were unable to seal a perimeter around the farm and as a result an undetermined number of gunmen escaped in vehicles and on foot.

At the time an Army detachment was mounting a reconaissance operation on the streets of Vallecio and on dirt roads in the outskirts of the town when they ran into the main entrance of the Ejido El Alamo and observed people fleeing the scene.

The drugs, weapons and equipment were located inside a farm building and a white Nissan cargo vehicle parked outside. The 200 kilos (approximately 400 pounds) was wrapped in clear plastic in 63 packages.

All the evidence seized was transferred to the Federal Attorney General’s office in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon.

Thirteen gunmen killed by Army unit in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas.\

A total of 13 suspected gunmen were killed after a shootout with the Mexican Army in a rural area of the municipality of Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas this Monday morning.

According to the preliminary reports a military reconnaissance patrol repelled an attack by gunmen in the rural community of Zaragoza Atizapán.

The fighting occured at a farm where seven vehicles loaded with weapons, clothes and various equipment was seized.

A gunmen identified as Luis David Martinez Reyes who was in posession of an AK-47 was arrested at the scene.

Rio Bravo is located on the Rio Grande border with Texas, between the major cities of Reynosa and Matamoros and is a much used drug smuggling corridor into the U.S.

Although the identity of the criminal group that the gunmen belonged to was not revealed this area is under the control of the Gulf Cartel. It was recently learned that drug traffickers in this area are under orders to fire on U.S. law enforcement personnel if necessary to prevent the seizure of drug loads being smuggled into the U.S.



  1. El 40 is next. Just offer a 10 million dollar reward and you'll see he's a cooked goose!!!!!!

  2. El 40 and Lazca will never be caught. Just like Chapo... The Mexican gov will never allow it. They are to high up and Mexico is Narco culture....

    Mexico will NEVER regain its former self because half the population are cowards, the other half are the criminals

  3. @ 5:54 and 6:36

    El chapo has already been caught but he " escaped" Lazcano was never a navy seal dude.

  4. I'm from Río Bravo Tamps. Soy riobravense. Yes it was CDG. I know because my family still lives there and have to deal with these assholes every day

  5. Lazcano was never a seal?.... The media describes him as the "Mexican version" of our Navy seals.... which is NOTHING like a US Navy Seal

  6. yea hes not gonna get caught.el chapo is gonna go down first before this guy lascano doesnt like attention,i guess hes learning from hector beltran leyva now that they are connected.haha everyone thinks hes dead haha hes probably in mazatlan drinkin with his compadre hector at the beach chillin.Hector and lascano are very low key,chapo is already burned outand too exposed.does anyone know if the rumor that gonzalo inzunza el macho prieto,one of the top sicarios of mayo zambada whos in charge of about 600 people left and is now with the beltran leyvas,zetas?????haha because if thats so there gonna be alot of dead people in culiacan and alot of places.supposibly he swithched because they betrayed him and tryed to kill him.

  7. July 4, 2011 5:54 PM
    otro pendejo que sabe todo y caga pendejadas

  8. If Lazca's a SEAL then Z40 is a SEAL cuz they were both from the same unit (GAFE). But on that note, neither are anything close to SEALs. They are well trained no doubt, but don't even bother comparing mexico's special forces to ours.

  9. i doubt lazcano will be cought he keeps low key unlike z 40 whos alwayz making noise and doint retarted things just to get attention

  10. Ask a Recon Marine his opinion of a Seal.

  11. @ 9:09
    There is some controversy wether Z40 was a GAFE or not Lazcano and Mamito definitely were.

  12. These losers are clowns. Messages all over town, Forced recruitment, etc. Seals are super elite, to be sure but don't disparage other forces. I have seen many foreign troops that are amazing in their tenacity, Mexican troops included Everyone has their idea of a super military combatant. Just keep an open mind. Now, as far as these criminal clowns in Mexico go, they do not rate at all. anyone that goes criminal never was a real serviceman and never was elite. A 'comandante' with a sniper message for his troops? "looks like it's time for a change of command".

  13. lol I love how now all these news sources are reporting that the traffickers/smugglers are 'under orders' to shoot US Agents, that's bullshit, imo. I don't think Chapo ever gave that order.

  14. @ 8:21

    You idiot lazcano and all the [GAFE} were trained in the U.S that's what made them higher than any ordinary mexican troop
    learn your facts smart guy.

    ZETA 100%

  15. Hey supposedly the U.S. captured a "Drug Lord" in L.A. this weekend living in a Dilapidated Appartment, so my question is
    are U.S. Drug Lords broke as hell or is the U.S.
    raiding small time crack dealers then calling in Focks News to witness their war on drugs?
    pretty funny story.

  16. the 2nd story is from March.

  17. @ anon 12:07

    they did a couple WEEKS of training in the US. moron. how special do you think that makes them? not very

  18. Am I imagining things or do they hardly ever find cash in these narco raids? Something smells fishy.

  19. @ 12:07


  20. First, they came up with hats, uniforms with F.E.Z on them and now these words of "encouragement" from the boss. WTF?? Guess moral is down since they see many of their comrades in pictures all chopped up.

  21. @5:54pm
    Is your theory just based on narco culture? Just ask Osiel Cardenas where he ended up at. Where is Guero Palma? Where is Javier Torres Felix? Where is Rafael Caro Quintero?

  22. @1207pm
    You should go join them to end up chopped up in a hefty bag ass*****

  23. Z40 was never a member of the Mexican military or the GAFE unit. There's a lot of confusion about that because its been stated on here and other info/blogs. The fact is Trevino joined the Zetas early on during their conception and was under Z1's (Guzman) command. There are plenty of lists/rosters containing the names and pics of the original Zetas and Trevino is not listed or pictured.

    In addition, there's been past rumors that Trevino and Lazca do not get along..indeed its rumored Trevino attempted to use his influence with elements of the Mexican Gov't to have Lazca captured. As a result, Lazca is cautious in his dealings with Trevino, short of having him eliminated which he hesitates to do, at great risk of losing complete control over the Zetas cartel. It's easy to see there are some elements of the Zetas Lazca does not Trevino's faction.

  24. Several zetas were trained by us government. And also they hire several us mercedaries that are still out there.

  25. My question is. Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales was caught on December 19, 2010. When did he escape?

  26. @12:31
    I just read the article it said he had a black Camaro with Z 40 on the plates I wonder how and why he would drive around like that. He must like the attention.

  27. @12:07
    Ahahh La Familia Michoacana y Los Caballeros Templarios protectors of Michoacan, ask all those Zetas who tried getting in Michoacan ohh wait they were slaughtered and choped into pieces tell all your friends to keep trying to get the Meth plaza but that fat fuck Hector Beltran leva will never step foot in Michoacan and where's Lazcano that jonas brother looking pussy hair fuck


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