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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Armed Commando Attacks Speedway in Chihuahua

Sunday at dawn a heavily armed group entered the Autódromo Élite (Elite Speedway,) located in Chihuahua, where a night race of cars was getting ready to take place. The race was to benefit the rider Jorge Aguirre, known as the Pirinola, who suffered an accident and had expressed a need of financial support.

The unidentified armed commando started shooting with heavy firepower in the speedway were and then fled in various luxury vehicles. At the scene the driver Jorge Sosa and one of his assistants identified as Jose de Jesus Orozco Martinez were slain.

Fernando Martínez Sosa, who serves as deputy director of crime prevention in the city of Chihuahua, was wounded in the shooting and was immediately taken to a hospital to receive emergency medical attention.

Authorities confirmed that the official officer was in the company of his family enjoying the event and indicated that he was not the target of the attack.


  1. Does it seem that the violence is heating up and escalating? Allot of couples, men and women being killed... Crazy, crazy stuff... Its like they have all lost their minds and it has nothing to do with the drug business anymore they are just fighting like street gangs...

  2. Id say the violence has been extremely high for the months, altho not necessarily escalating rapidly

  3. Juarez has always been violent

  4. That is so chiken shit to shoot up a racing event filled with children and thier fathers and families out having a good time. These people are real losers. I hope they find them and F##k them up hardcore- Mexican arrest style, but worst- F##king savages!!

  5. Sounds to me like someone got a Sinaloa Cartel member to sponsor a car and Juarez heard about it. It seems to me that Juarez is having some success in moving Sinaloa back out of the state again. It for some reason has become a priority of cartels not to allow the general public in Mexico, the pleasure of any type of leisure activity. No bars, no soccer games, no drinking beer on the lawn, you better stay inside. It is a damn shame. It will not change until the leadership enforces a cartel truce which includes no violence directed at citizens, no extortion, and no kidnapping. The PRI will be the only way this will occur.

  6. lol thats not gonna happen. These people can't even control their own crews/cells, much less the government.

    Look at Beltran Leyva/El Negoro, La Linea/Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, El Inge/El Teo, you think VCF orders kindergarten teachers to pay cuota?

  7. Is it just Me,or are MEXICAN CRIMINALS complete low I Q idiots.


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