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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Searches for Missing Teen in Juárez

By Diana Washington Valdez
El Paso Times
Relatives of Juárez resident Nancy I. Navarro Muñoz, 18, said they have become desperate in their search for the teenager who has been missing July 13.

Her parents told authorities they last saw Navarro when she left the house to apply for a job at the Modatela fabric store in downtown Juárez. She was looking for work because she had lost her job at one of the Lear maquiladora plants and has a baby to support.

This week, the teenager's relatives and friends conducted a protest in front of the Chihuahua state attorney general's office, complaining that investigators are not doing enough to find Navarro.

Lucy Muñoz, Navarro's mother, said her daughter was last seen at a bus stop downtown around 2 p.m. on July 13.

According to XEPM-TV (Channel 99/Televisa) in Juárez, a string of young women with similar profiles as Navarro have turned up missing in recent months.
More than half a dozen of them attended the private Ignacio Allende preparatory school, which is in front of the Benito Juárez monument in downtown Juárez. The missing teenagers were known to use Facebook and vanished in the same part of the city, XEPM reported.

FBI and Mexican federal attorney general officials previously said that Juárez Azteca gang members allegedly were implicated in the deaths and disappearances of young women. Officials said the gang is part of "La Linea," a network of corrupt police and business operators that control drug-smuggling in downtown Juárez.

Juárez city officials said Tuesday that a special police unit called Grupo Jaguares (Jaguars) was sent to patrol areas around schools to keep criminals away and prevent campus property thefts.
Non-governmental organizations like Amnesty International and Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa have alerted to a new wave of violence aimed at young women in Juárez. "On a number of occasions, the authorities have failed to respond rapidly to reports of women and young girls going missing," Amnesty International said in a statement after Adriana Sarmiento, 15, was reported missing in 2008.

Chihuahua state officials said 122 girls and women have been killed in Juárez this year, and that most of the deaths were related to organized crime. Mexican officials said 58 girls and women who were reported missing at the end of 2010 had not been found.


  1. How can they expect authorities to act quickly if it is most likely that they are the ones that took her? They also have 100's if not 1000's of other cases they are dealing with, they cannot focus all of their resources on this missing girl (as awful as that may sound).

  2. @July 21, 2011 11:08 AM

    "How can they expect authorities to act quickly if it is most likely that they are the ones that took her? They also have 100's if not 1000's of other cases they are dealing with, they cannot focus all of their resources on this missing girl (as awful as that may sound)."

    I just can't be more thinking the same way.

  3. I know Regio, right? How can they even begin the search? Its one missing girl. I'm sure they have bigger problem to deal with there. She is pretty so I am sure she was kidnapped and in a different state or in the middle of the desert in a campo by now acting as a sex slave or "cook" for one of the cartels. I'm sure she is alive, just probably doesn't want to be. Poor girl.

  4. What Kind of a Comment is this "El Regio" talking about? "How Can They Find Her Quickly If they took her"! Hey I mean we got other cases
    we have to attend to and when were done raping her and torturing her we'll let her Go?? We all
    know that the Municipal,State and Federal cops are all dirty but thats for $$$ I Imagine if they are kidnapin young girls it's either for
    ransom (even though no-one has asked for $) or
    I suspect for some WellOff sexual perverts who
    are making them Sex Slaves or making Porno Flix
    with these girls and diguising them with makeup and wigs and druging them into oblivion. A couple years ago they caught a bunch of girls
    in Curacel and other Carribean Islands that were
    all F--k-d Up and had been workin for years thru
    out South American and the Islands that had been kidnaped and didn't even know their "Real Names" because they had been drugged for years and had been grabbed in their early teens. I know cuz I worked as a bartender in one of these
    joints and saw it!

  5. It's hard to Imagin having to carry on like nothing happening around town, taking the bus walking by bars that are slinging drugs, and cartel look outs watching your every move.
    Maybe this girl should be the cause to find her and protect others trying to just carry on daily life in town.

  6. In the US we are more concerned about Casey Anthony or Joan Bennet Ramsey than a mexican girl. Sad but true

  7. Just how many years have these disappearances of young women been going on in Chihuahua now? Many on BB like to blame PRI alone for all the corruption but Chihuahua has been under both PRI and PAN governors through the years and it seemingly makes no difference at all, as the women keep on being murdered and disappeared either way. It's a very sad situation.

    We can also expect similarly that a presidential turnover to the PRI in 2012 will change very little for the better either. The PRI is every bit as much inclined to allow the US government total reign over Mexico as PAN is. The murders and mayhem will only just increase with a PRI government in power, which is every bit as Right Wing as the PAN Administration of Calderon is.

  8. Very good point. It is very likely that some kind of pig cop was involved. It is very sad to think how easy it is to kidnap, rape, or murder a young woman in juarez. Even Americans have crossed to juarez just to kill a woman and then crossed right back to el paso to never be found. What makes me believe that it was a cop is that she was probably kidnapped in the daytime and in downtown, in a populated area. Right now her body is probably lying naked in a juarez desert. Or maybe she's being used as a sex slave. This one tears me up inside. Even more so because as regio said, this happens often in juarez.

  9. @ 2:15
    Where is curacel? You mean Curaçao off the coast of Venezuela?

  10. !0:15 PM...LOL...He paid a group of bus drivers before he had his heart attack and died 2 years ago to follow up with more killings so it would throw the law off and cover up his crimes even after death. I like that one bro, Very cleaver.

  11. I live in eptx I can stand this shit. One thing I hate about j town is theses sick fucks there sopost to be tought guyz my ass and they come over here nasty Fucks. This shit has been going on for years I hope one day it end. Mybe lil man can fix it?*? (I)

  12. Juarez is the sewage filter for all the sex offenders in Mexico looking for a perfect place never to be seen or investigated. It is also a great place for a sex offender from the US that is on the run to hide, perpetrate, and live cheaply never to get investigated.

    El Paso has a facility that accepts sex offenders from all over that were refused discharge or parole to there home state. They take their ankle monitors off the next day as they cross the bridge. God bless the poor young girls and children of Juarez. They need it.

    And yes, many of the disappeared were victims of sick sorry cops having their feast on "Juarez Noches." Four or five of the scum bags will grab a flower and party on her all night and then get rid of the evidence.

    This crap has gone on long before any serial killers were recognized in 1993.

    Give me a break, wasting manpower to investigate, come on. It's about fear of retaliation from powerful perpetrators. The authorities do not care because the victim is insignificant.

    Personally, the rape and murder of a precious young girl is a crime without forgiveness. God put women on this earth to be loved, respected and to reproduce. To me, this is more the unforgivable sin than blasphemy.

    One simple mans opinion.

  13. @ july 22 2:36 am

    Good comment

    If this were an impulsive killing or premeditated by a serial killer they would have found her body already. But her body has'nt been found yet which leads me to believe that several people were probably involved. Pobresita.

    That sharif sharif joke was tasteless.

    The horror never ends.

  14. Texcoco Mex said

    There is a news article in mundo narco about a girl who was missing and was found today. The girl has different name and different age according to the news in the picture to me it looks like the same person same event ( missing person ) same state ( Chihuahua )

  15. Another young pretty teen girl missing in Juarez? Already it's said that the actual death toll is at least 5000+ since the media and authorities actually took notice? It's really sick and I am sure that every rapist/serial killer in the Americas have been drawn to the area because they know they can find victims there and do what they will and get away with it! Those 58 missing women and girls will most likely never be found alive and are either being used as sex slaves in a whorehouse or some campo or else their bodies are lying out in the desert decaying or thrown into a well or something? Hopefully the scum who are doing these crimes will be brought to justice someday, but I don't believe they will be anytime soon, if ever? God help these poor victims and their families!


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