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Thursday, July 21, 2011

13 Members of "La Familia" Accused of Massacres

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) reported on the arrest of 13 suspects responsible for over 19 executions linked to the June 26 and July 8 massacres in Valle de Chalco.

Among the suspects it includes Fernando Perez Delgado, aka "La Morsa", 58, who was a commander of the municipal police in Valle de Chalco, in addition to Javier Monroy Flores, aka "La Paca", 36, former soldier in the Mexican Army, assigned to the prestigious Presidential Guards.

The arrests are in addition to the 40 narcomenudistas (small time drug dealers), seven public officials and 12 suspects from various roles within "La Familia Michoacana", all involved in the executions.

Authorities seized six vehicles equipped with secret compartments to store drugs, a 12 gauge shotgun, three handguns; one 9mm and 45 caliber, one hundred rounds of ammunition, a gas mask, ski masks, six cell phones and 29 kilos of marijuana.

The remaining detainees were identified as: María Hermelinda Trinidad Pérez, “La Chila,” 36; Aparicio Barrios Benito, “El Beno,” 34; José Luis Medina Jardón, 46; Luis Eduardo Median Herrera, 29; Andrés Barragán Pascual, 37; Luis Alberto González Hernández, “El Caballito,” 25; Juan Santos Fiscal, 48; Javier Morado López, “El Güero Michoacano,” 36; Juan José Salazar Sánchez “El Salazar,” 26 and Juan Carlos Días Sánchez, “El Carlitos” 26.

The last person arrested was José Luis Vázquez Sánchez, "El Chiquilín," 43, also a policeman in Valle de Chalco, all 13 have links to the criminal group "La Familia."

"La Morsa" was identified as the criminal cell leader and although he held the title of deputy director of the municipal police, he actually was the shift manager.

Attorney General Alfredo Castillo Cervantes said that all the detainees form part of "La Familia Michoacana" and has confirmed their involvement in the massacre where 19 people were killed, in two separate incidents of June 26 and July 8.

In a press conference, the AG said that the executions are a product of the struggle between cells of "Los Caballeros Templarios” and “La Familia.”

Source: Milenio


  1. Not only are the Drug Cartels taking a blow by Calderon going after these animals but so is the NRA. Go get 'em Calderon!!!

  2. Same old story,arrests,pictures,jail for a few months, DISMISSAL,back in business,NEXT. It would be more than telling for someone to fallow a few cases from arrest to disposition and see what really happens.

  3. "commander of the municipal police"

    So is he between lieutenant and deputy chief in ranks?

    I'm sorry but all i know is US ranks and there it is so, as far as i know.

    Just interested.

  4. LOLOLOLOL, 10:34 AM....What do you do, sit at your computer and wait for a new article so that you can say something against the NRA. There is no link in this situation to the NRA taking a hit. What are you talking about? Did someone from the NRA get arrested with them?

    If you don't like the NRA go protest against them. But protest them, don't interject silly comments that don't even apply on a web site designed for those interested in cartel activities and situations in Mexico.

    But because our constitution gives us the right to keep and bare arms, we are a people who can protect ourselves and families unlike Mexico who doesn't have that right. What do you suggest, take the right away so the criminals and cartels can do the same here? Did someone do something really bad or mean to you and say they were with the NRA?(lol)

    And while you are warming Calderon's balls for him, ask him if anyone in Sinaloa got busted today???? Ask him if El Chapo sent his monthly kickback on time too???? That is his goal dumb ass.

  5. I would not be surprised if 10:34 AM is a part of some political campaign or another.

  6. I agree let's keep it borderlandbeat. This individual is alway tryin to give a blow to the nra.. to calderon too. Jus keepin it bb

  7. @1:06

    Actually, Mexicans do have the right to own small caliber weapons if accompanied by a permit. What they are not allowed to own are assault rifles or anything else resembling military grade.

  8. And this simply shows, over and over, how the line between the police, military, and the cartels is blurred forever. You never know if the cop coming to help you, is the cop coming to kidnap and kill you, and the same for the military.


  9. Texcoco Mex said

    Anon 6:15 PM You are right people can buy a gun in Mexico from a to a I think. Is not easy but is not impossible. If you have no criminal record you can buy a gun in Mexico.


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