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Friday, June 10, 2011

Terrorist Group Setting Up Operations Near San Diego/Tijuana Border

SAN DIEGO -- A terrorist organization whose home base is in the Middle East has established another home base across the border in Mexico. "They are recognized by many experts as the 'A' team of Muslim terrorist organizations," a former U.S. intelligence agent told 10News. The former agent, referring to Shi'a Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah, added, "They certainly have had successes in big-ticket bombings."

Now, the group is blending into Shi'a Muslim communities in Mexico, including Tijuana. Other pockets along the U.S.-Mexico border region remain largely unidentified as U.S. intelligence agencies are focused on the drug trade...

The agent, who has spent years deep undercover in Mexico, said Hezbollah is partnering with drug organizations, but which ones is not clear at this time. This includes money laundering, firearms and explosives training. The undercover agent and Mexican intelligence tracked two Hezbollah operatives in safe houses in Tijuana and Durango. "I confirmed the participation of cartel members as well as other Hezbollah individuals living and operating out of there," he said.

According to the agent, the organization sees the U.S. as their "cash cow," with illegal drug and immigration operations. Many senior Hezbollah leaders are wealthy businessmen, the agent said."

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  1. Wow, five-week old story sourced to a single, anonymous, "former" intelligence agent! I'm convinced. Good find.

  2. Great. I'm moving to San Diego in a little over a week. On top of the shitty cartels, now I get to worry about this. Why can't they be setting up in Texas instead or something? Ugh.

  3. Nate Dogg Said:

    I wonder how much truth there can be to such claims. The U.S. might have the perfect excuse to expand there operations in Mexico if there is terrorist+carteles. Lets not forget that DEA and other letter abbreviated organizations are all ready in Mexico operating and training more future cartel members(exp: ZETAS @ ft. Benning) Some of the worst terrorist organizations where created with western(U.S. etc,)influence. The future will be the only indicator of truth.

    If you respond please respond with evidence and truth instead of an emotionally biased response.

  4. this is not good news...for anybody...if this is true ..and who knows if it is could be a nightmare scenario..

    the first suicide bomber ..or car bomb..or any other event that can be connected to hezbollah Mexico would re ignite the war frenzy that followed 911...

    except this time it this not from the middle is from right next door ..hezbollah in cahoots with a Mexican DTO..

    if there is any truth to this is really bad news and Mexico better move fast and stop it ...if this beginning is allowed to entrench and prosper it will surely give the war hawks in our government all the excuse they need to increase our involvement in Mexico

    it is almost even worse if it is not true ..but a prerequisite for a false flag operation designed to justify some sort of US intervention in Mexico

    this is the creepiest news i have read in a long while..what next? .. will the next revelation be that hezbollah Mexico is being partially funded by Iran..

    Iran..DTO"s...Hezbollah.. all working together in Mexico..and Mexico powerless to do any thing about it ...that all equals disaster...

    not good for us ..not good for Mexico...good for the international banker warmongers who will finance the "increased military cooperation",between Mexico and the USA.... masking what would really be the invasion...destruction ..and reconstruction of Mexico... realizing a tidy profit, gaining control of Mexico... and all the while further demonizing the Muslim world, and forever erasing any chance of justice or freedom for the oppressed arab/middle east/muslim people

    if i was a narco i would run like hell from any connection to Hezbollah

  5. Sweet. "Obama wants open borders" as a title with rag-heads in arms in the clip. Yeah ... Was some time since we heard about the association between Barack HUSSEIN Obama and some muslim terrorist group. Well 2012 is closer now.

    Has BB moved from its neutral stance to becoming an outfit of Fox and the tea party? What happened to you guys?

    Who is this Layla? What credentials? Next time Gaddafi will post here as a BB reporter? Buggs & al., are you still alive? What's happening to BB? Can you answer guys?

    BTW, I'm no right or left. Pure libertarian. And allergic to bigots, morons and spinners.

  6. Ok,this story is old and where is the proof? Has BB been infiltrated by a right wing extremist? Why move away from the "Mexican drug cartels?" So far BB has taken the neutrality line with reports directly related to the Mexican DTO's, but I think this Layla comes with alternate motives, readers beware!

  7. We will tear them to pieces if they f##k with us. Let the raghead terriorists come close to us and they will be easiler to destroy.

  8. Has the BB crew been taken over? What happened, why this???????????????

    I come here to read about the Mexican drug cartels not these theorists full of propaganda, I just don't have the time or wish to dive into this BS. Why would this reporter start her new lead post with this BS??????????

  9. Not convinced that any middle eastern anti-US groups are setting up shop in Mexico. Hezbollah would seem to have enough on their hands with Israel to start bothering with this sort of operation. DHS has never presented any kind of compelling evidence that middle east-based organizations are working through the US-Mexico border. Let's focus here in the US on helping Mexico deal with their cartel issues instead of worrying about unsubstantiated claims that Hezbollah has decided to plan moves on the US along one of the most heavily militarized borders in the world.

  10. this is a lie! the cartels would not let some Muslim terrorist group open shop on their territory

  11. I think they would let them open shop, if there cartel is weakening, they would need the money to continue surviving!!!

  12. Relax Matanzas,

    'Has BB moved from its neutral stance to becoming an outfit of Fox and the tea party? What happened to you guys?'

    Well Yeah???? But what really happened was that Layla was just absent mindedly sitting on her sofa watching her favorite local 'news' out there in North San Diego brought to her by Channel 10 Nutcase Fox, and she evidently wanted to show us how worried Rupert Murdoch is about Hezbollah in Tijuana. Imagine the dangers for Anglo US Navy whoremongers partying down Revolution Ave if some Palestinian terrorist was to throw acid on them as they walked by the 'Zebra' while all boozed up?

    So Layla rushed to us informed BB readers this 'news' item and I'm not thinking conspiracy here at all. What if Hezbollah began to launch bottle rockets into San Ysidro from Tijuana? Has Obama prepared the country for that? Channel 10 Nutcase Fox, over and out!

    I loved the 2 very concerned talking heads on Channel 10!

  13. Well, they're not exactly opening shop in the cartel's area to sell drugs just to radicalize Muslims and I'm sure they'd make it a point to get along with anyone who might have services that could increase their cash flow as knowledge building bombs and strategics with tunnels would count. Cartels are all about money.

  14. A friend from the DEA told me that Islamic Terrorist Organizations couldn't operate in border because of these drug cartels.

  15. For those of you that think it's a lie, do you have proof that it is? I am no war monger, but you have to be prepared for ANYTHING.

    And so what if it's a lie? I think we need to go in there and do something anyway.

    If you're wondering my political stance? I'm an Independent, but national security should not be tied to party affiliation.

    The fact of the matter is we need to get in there and make a difference. In my opinion, I would think the Mexican Government would welcome our assistance. They may not say it publicly because it would show weakness to the DTO's.

    This is a proxy war currently. It's easier to fight a proxy war. I don't think it's gonna come to sending in troops, but I sure would like to see more money, and arms going to the Mexican Government.

  16. This is not new news, Terrorists having been crossing the border for years.

    It was only 2 months ago they caught a terrorist Cleric in California in a car trunk that was banned from entering the USA that admitted he was smuggled across the border.

  17. You people need to clamp up and move on. BB is not here to give you a single point of view but many. If the story is related to the drug wars and it comes from a somewhat reputable source then it's worth posting. I personally don't beileve it but what do I know? I'd like to see you guys do some reporting of your own. Stupid monkeys.

  18. FOX NEWS??? WTF! That's the source of the information? C'mon BB I come to you to guys to get some credible news information, not some right wing propaganda like Fox news.

    @ Matanzas
    You and I are thinking the same thing bro!

  19. Love the TeaBag propaganda using "Former FBI" Agents or "Former this or that"
    anyone can blow air out their asses DFL is a great example of that.
    Chapo Bin Ladin?
    Mullah Omar Rodriguez?
    Will it be Allah-Chingada instead of Allah-Akbar? i agree BB has been infiltrated by right wing Teabags. or Ex cops with Right wing leanings who happen to have friends who are Always "Ex agents of this or that"
    screw you Pendejos, the Biggest threat to world peace are Conservatives.

  20. Texcoco Mex said.

    I'm not a smart person but I don't believe this story. I just don't see what type of benefit the cartels can get with terrorist groups when they already have to many problems.
    After reading this it open up a window for me to remember when Iraq was accused to manufacture weapons of mass destruction and to have ties to Al-Qaeda. No real evidence of that was ever found.

    I have a low level of education, only nine years of school in Mexico. The little English I know I learn it all by myself. I don't like the cartels, they can go to hell for all I care but I just don't believe this.

  21. Infiltrated? Please, yall sound like the BB some golden bastion of pure truthful information. Information gets filtered by many people before it gets posted. Sounds to me like a bunch of you self-effacing monkeys have nominated yourselves to be the thought-police.

  22. I think Tijuana is the only plaza that Fox could come up with that could be even remotely possible, and even Tijuana is a stretch. Does anyone think that Hezbollah could even afford to buy and ruin the plaza? If Hezbollah is operating in Mexico, they're probably just gun running.

  23. I don't really believe this, or at least the way it is presented in this story. I don't think much of the whole cartel/terrorism link, two separate issues entirely.

    One point, the borders have been tightened dramatically since 9/11, why would DTO's sanction or encourage a terrorist attack, that only hurts the bottom line.

  24. I think you guys are being too harsh on the author of this article. The theory that this article resembles a Fox campaign post is something I would have to disagree.

    The U.S. always fight war that carries some advantage significant to it. The Vietnam war was to sell weapons, and the war in the middle east is for oil.

    How can a war in Mexico benefit the U.S.? Don't we already have smugglers putting U.S. guns in Mexico? What benefit does America have in fighting drugs in Mexico? Probably not much, because there will be another country taking its place and next thing you know Mexico's drug cartels will return in one form or another.

    The purpose of news is to inform, and BB has been doing a find job.

    By the way, I'm just a fan. I've been going to Blog Del Narco, and Mundonarco and so far BB is the only site that has good translation of those article in English. For the non Spanish speakers have you guys presses the "translate" button on those Spanish only website? The translated materials are just horrible.

    I don't speak Spanish, so this site has been a blessing to me :)

  25. Car bombs in mexidope should be dome proof and Islamic extremist books have been found in the southern Arizona desert.

    What should make it more believable is it is hard for most to think it is true.

    One day we will all find out. Keep the borders open let in the drugs but no there are no terrorist organizations operating in mexidope. They are already here in the USA figure it out. Now go back to dream land where the borders are secure and drug cartels would never accept money from a terrorist.

  26. Even if Hezbollah is there you have to remember that striking the US is pretty far down their priority list. What they are doing there is making money to fund their operations and gearing up for a another conflict with Israel.

  27. Yep, agree with most of the above, this is unfounded propaganda, and I also really want to highlight the stupidity of the guy speaking @ 1:40 quote: "180,000 people were caught that are called 'Other Than Mexican' people that were not from Latin America" *FACEPALM*

    I sincerely hope I can assume that everyone here knows that Mexico != Latin America and that every year hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans Other Than Mexicans go through Mexico and into the US.

    Seriously guys this unbelievable ignorance about your own continent is what gets you all those Americans Are Stupid stereotypes. It's so ignorant and stupid I can't help but think that maybe he's trying to deliberately trick his audience into being scared by all those non-Mexicans crossing the border by neglecting to say that they're probably just migrants from Guatemala, Brazil, Bolivia, etc. In that case that is despicable behaviour and clearly reprehensible from a journalistic point of view.

    And yeah, cartels aren't stupid. They know that if the US ever gets the serious idea that they're helping Islamic terrorists they're toast. They will NEVER help Hizbullah or any other terrorist group cross because they know if the US finds out it will be the end of their business as they know it.

  28. You've made some good points Santiago. I especially like the comment that cartels would never help Islamic terrorists because it would help to bring down their own drug trade.

    I do wonder, however, if clandestine training to include a more organized front, sophisticated tunnels and arms trade is not enough to make at least one cartel open to the idea of collaboration--very quietly.

    I also agree that more substantiated and documented evidence needs to be presented for anyone to take it seriously.

  29. come on, this is bullshit, control the media and you control the masses. US is supporting the cartels to intercede because it knows that the Mexican Gov. can't handle it. This is just another made up story to give the US government more support from the public for when it does decide to intercede. Come on guys wake up!

  30. Hezboallah is Most likely running with The Sinaloa Cartel. They can easily disguise themselves as Mexicans and slip across the Border with The Coyotes. Hezboallah parapanalia has been found in the desert along illegal immigrant footpathes and routes in Arizona. They are here. DHS where are You?

  31. guys im calling it, its official..............
    BB has Officially Jumped The Shark! RIP BB

  32. I live on the Mexican side of the border and this is absolute hogwash. It's just not true.

  33. Well if true then I guess we're pretty much F-ed since the democrats don't want to make do the moat with alligators on the rest of the southern border. We already have the moat in most of TX lol which is awsome. But you gotta look at this through the world of politics, the dems don't want to secure the border better cause they'll get sympathy from the hispanic people and they'll eventually vote dem cause they are viewed as the non-racist politicians but when the republicans want to secure it so no americans get harmed we are viewed as racists. Hell I'm hispanic and come from mexican blood and even I think securing the border better would be a start. You see the dems like to make everything about race, so if they sympathize with hispanics they get their vote and make useless laws. Hell my own family views obama as god and still have faith in him even though he hasn't done jack shit.

  34. I live in Veracruz Mexico and have been here for most of the four years since the violence has really gotten off the ground, here are my 2 cents based on that..

    The cartels are busy enough with Calderons military crackdown to ever even think about burdening themselves with active participation from the American agencies. whatever (very questionably) marginal benefit hezbollah expertise might, just might have for them, its simply not worth the massive bleeding ears headaches it would casue.

    Furthermore, anyone who spends enough time down here learns that most of the sicarios and even their leaders are people who come from the bottom rungs, theyre the mexican version of redneck hicks.. I just don't see it in their character to know how to establish a working relationship with a middle east terrorist organization.

  35. 'Hell I'm hispanic and come from mexican blood and even I think securing the border better would be a start.'

    So the Hell what, Anonymous 1:16 am? You are a Right Wing USA Today acculturated Hispanic and the Mexican blood in your family's distant history has been turned into cheese whip at this point. You are a Velveeeta 'Hispanic' at best.

    'You see the dems like to make everything about race, so if they sympathize with hispanics they get their vote and make useless laws.'

    That's because US Anglos are such a lost and innocent crowd by and large. They call you Velveeeta Hispanics 'Mexicans' even! That's the farthest thing from the truth though. The USA acculturated Velveeta Hispanic is not a Mexican. It is about acculturation more than just soullessly/ solely about race.

    'Hell my own family views obama as god and still have faith in him even though he hasn't done jack shit.'

    In that, they are more like Anglo liberal pacifists of the American Friends Service Committee or Mennonite faiths that are also DP addicted. They absolve Obomber of all sin, too.

    Hispanics with big velvet pictures of John F Kennedy still hanging in the living rooms are not Mexicans.

    And Anony 2:22 pm who said...
    'Furthermore, anyone who spends enough time down here learns that most of the sicarios and even their leaders are people who come from the bottom rungs, theyre the mexican version of redneck hicks.'

    Yeah. And that's why the Anglo redneck hicks on the BB blog hate them so. They're looking in the mirror and seeing Spanish speaking reflections of themselves! A portrait of Dorian Gray Syndrome...

  36. @ well said Ardent. Another problem with many of the posters on here, besides their disregard for punctuation and proper grammar, is that a lot of things go over their heads. You have to dumb it down for this folk in order for them to understand.

  37. Allah Chingada, right up the tail pipe....
    No more Muslims and illegal Mexicans in California.


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