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Thursday, June 9, 2011

21 bodies found in Michoacan

On June 8, between 20:50 and 23:00 hours, a total of 21 bodies were found dumped throughout the streets of Morelia, Michoacan. As a result of the discoveries, an intense mobilization by the Mexican Army and Federal Police was triggered throughout the state.

All of the victims showed signs of torture prior to being executed. Several of the victims were bound hand to foot, and in at least two of the locations, narcomessages were found on cards.

"Because society has asked for this, here are the house thieves, attackers and rapists, and more are still missing."

Since the end of December 2010, the state of Michoacan has been caught in the middle of a turf war between La Familia Michoacan and splinter group Los Caballeros Templarios.



  1. christ. My sister was just asking me if I thought Michoacan was safe to visit, as she went in the past, and Oaxaca frequently when she was young, I told her no, not really. I'm sure the people of Michoacan want the criminals tortured and dumped in the streets, why does La Familia persist with this bullshit?

  2. This is a totally doubtful analysis of who the people in the group Los Caballeros Templarios really are...

    'Since the end of December 2010, the state of Michoacan has been caught in the middle of a turf war between La Familia Michoacan and splinter group Los Caballeros Templarios.'

    Are The Caballeros Templarios really though just a 'spinter group' coming out of La Familia Michoacan? The name they chose to give themselves suggests otherwise. It suggest that Los Templarios come from a completely different military/ gang operation than La Familia Michoacan...

    The Caballeros Templarios historically were a religious Catholic group of warriors during the Crusades against the Muslims. This name suggests deep Catholic and Mexican military connections, not drug cartel people split off of La Familia Michoacana. As also does their rhetoric.

  3. WOW! Ardent posted a comment without blaming the USA? WOW!

  4. @ ardent..

    interesting analysis but i think you are reading too much into the Templarios name. It most likely is a splinter group...(aren't the Templarios led by La Tuta?). Also haven't we witnessed the splintering of almost every single one of these groups? In-fighting, backstabbing, egotism, & power grabs seem to be the name of the game with these guys. Plus the fact that they splintered from the quasi-religious fanatics LFM, its only natural they would use another religious association...might as well be the Knights Templar.

  5. Los Caballeros are el Chayo's people, LFM are El Chango's people.

  6. Lol ya but did you read ardent's comment? Hilarious. Which do you think it is....the cabelleros templarios are backed by deep catholic and mexican military connections....or they just picked that name cuz it sounds cool? Please tell me what the catholic church stands to gain by starting a small new cartel. No doubt they have connections with the church & military, but no more than any other cartel. Clearly they picked the name because they are quasi-religious fanatics much like LFM. To think it goes any deeper than surface level is paranoia. If high level members of church & state were going to join up, as they most likely already have, it would be with Zetas or Sinaloa. Anything else would be futile. And starting a new cartel? Ridiculous

  7. What a horrific thing to wait for your turn to be tortured and killed and to endure watching whats fixing to happen to you. This crime was committed by savages. These dead guys are most likely innocent people who were kiddnapped and killed by the real criminals. Condemmed to death by torture without trial. Wow, thats F##ked up!!
    Don`t belive everything that you read or see.

  8. I suggest that the Knights Templar sound more like a semi- military connected death squad group than anything much else... Shades of Colombia here. Plus, the Mexican military has always had shady operations in Michoacan, Guerroro, Chiapas, etc. from times way predating the 'drug war' battles.

    'All of the victims showed signs of torture prior to being executed. Several of the victims were bound hand to foot, and in at least two of the locations, narcomessages were found on cards.

    "Because society has asked for this, here are the house thieves, attackers and rapists, and more are still missing."

    Sorry, but that does not sound like a 'narcomessage' at all, but a military/police 'deathsquadmessage' instead.

  9. yeh, I believe you're right, the Templarios are Servando Gomez aka La Tuta and El Chayo departed in December. And the message may be just to wake people up and make 'em think. Not that anyone is really stupid enough to actually believe they are out there actually tracking down and eliminating the baby rapers. There are no good cartels. None value life. They only value money.

  10. Animals are roaming Mexico with blood lust... They kill and then just make shit up, "this guy was a rapist" "this guy stole a car" its all bullshit they kidnap and kill innocent people because they are mentally stunted deranged psychopathic drug crazed animals with a blood lust, they love torturing and cutting people up... Recently one of these criminals strangled a 5 year old child, just the other day CDG shot and killed a 12 year old child... Those animals need to be exterminated off of the face of the earth the sooner the better. The Mexican governments go about this war without having a definite plan is a complete failure, there is so much corruption that there will never be full extermination of the drug gangs if t is left up to the Mexican government. It is going to take the U.N. and or the U.S. to come in and save Mexico from itself, ALL of the cartel criminals need to be exterminated like the sewer scum vermin that they are that is the only thing that will possibly allow Mexico to rebuild itself, anything less is a complete failure... The U.S. and or U.N. needs to join forces with what ever is left of the Mexican military that is not already corrupted and there needs to be a very aggressive non stop assault made on ALL of the criminal cartel gangs and to not stop until they are ALL exterminated off the face of the earth, that is Mexicos only true hope and anyone that thinks anything less will work does not know what they are talking about...

    Mexico needs the death penalty imposed on anyone that belongs to any criminal cartel organization and they need to start building more secure super max prisons to house the other criminals.

    If Mexico does not make some very drastic changes within the next few months the entire country is going to fall to the criminal cartels and then either the U.S. and or the U.N. will have to come in and exterminate them... It would be nice if Mexico would allow General Carlos Bibiano to use all of the Mexican militaries might to exterminate all of the cartels, they need to reach out to the U.S. for military assistance and use the U.S. Air Force to bring in some Blackhawks and begin to wipe out these cartel scum... Then All of the marble shrines and villas and cemetery shrines made by the narcos need to be bulldozed and smashed and everything having to do with Jesus Malverde needs to be outlawed along with the retarded narco corridos... Then new schools need to be built from the confiscated narco assets...

  11. lol Ardent has lost it. Some good posts on here though, esp. about people being killed and organized crime just making things up, pretty chilling actually.

    The Knights are just one half of La Familia, of course it's some weirdo religious name, they are religious zealots, all their top leaders are heavy into organized religion.

  12. So many of you BBers have neither education nor imagination. However, in Colombia the Right Wing corporate elites and Colombian military organized death squads that often acted as little different than any group of drug traffickers acted. In Guatemala, Peru, and El Salvador, it was and has been often the very same.

    Now, even after BB has posted top Mexican military and Mexican corporate people advocating for death squads organized by themselves, you think I 'have lost it' because I consider the evidence about Los Caballeros Templarios points more to that direction of who they actually are, rather than this stuff about a supposed splitting off from La Familia that is mainly pure speculation? But media sources really have presented little hard data up to so far, have they?

    I think part of this BB reader speculation that La Familia is supposedly deep deep dark into religion (Catholic), is from Right Winger Anglo Protestant USA types, who are looking quite hard for reasons to dump on Latino Catholicism, even more than they already do. These Right Winger Protestants deeply hate Liberation Theology and extend that hatred into their excursions into imagining that the drug gangs are into Catholicism big time. It hurts them too much to ever acknowledge that it is the conservative Far Right Mexican authorities, that these US Protestants politically support, that might be the real Catholic religious fanatics here. Like it is hard for them to fathom that the main body of Mexican Catholic fanatics are PANIstas and not drug cartel members of some splinter or other...

  13. 'Condemmed to death by torture without trial. Wow, thats F##ked up!!'

    Aint that the very same thing you are calling for every other day?

  14. names of victims please

  15. @ anon 7:56 AM

    14 of the victims have been identified at this time, but not all of them have been published. These are the names of the victims(were identified by families on Thursday):

    Jorge González Díaz, Gerardo Reyes Flores, José Luis Valdés Contreras, José Luis Rodríguez Barrera, Valdemar López Sánchez, Gustavo Herrera Román, Alan Pascual Cruz,Omar Agustín Mata Gómez, Juan Carlos Rangel Rangel,Héctor Rangel Suárez, and Eduardo Huape Romero.

  16. if you find the rest of the victims name will you please post them if anybody reading this has any information post it because we are looking for a loved one from that state that had been kidnapped since may in that exact state


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