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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

State Police Paúl Barraza Peñuelas is Interrogated

In the video recording the agent is identified as Paul Barraza Peñuelas, 39, born in Guasave, Sinaloa, and an agent of the state police.

The man can be seen handcuffed while sitting on a white plastic chair and right behind him, is a promotional banner of Malova when he was campaigning for governor, a post that he won.

He says in front of the video that the new group of Police officers is funded by El Chapo Guzman, and he also provides several names of officials who receive money from the capo.

He notes that as a police officer it's not right that "While the bosses receive full hands of money, we are sent to the slaughterhouse."


  1. well hopefully they pumped him full of hot lead..

  2. He speaks the truth. The leaders are selfish and send soldiers to the slaughter house while they reap the profits. There needs to be a better solution than to take bribes or dying.

    I'm not going to sound like a smart ass and offer any solutions because I don't have any real ones, but I do hope things improve for people living in Mexico and South America.

    From the looks of this, it sucks to be poor, it sucks to be a gangster and it sucks to be a cop.

    Every one who is living or making money is only experiencing temporary joy. Eventually everybody dies sooner or later.


  3. Wow your an idiot. Just because he admits to getting money over bullets doesnt mean he deserves to die. If you were put in a situation where you were told either except this money and work for us or get shot or tortured by us. Im sure you would rather get shot because of your pride. Me i would take the money because of my family. Not saying its the right choice, just saying its the smart choice to make in Mexico to survive. So next time you put a comment about shoot them all, think about how some of these people are forced in these situations kinda like the military soldiers have to listen to their commanding officers even if its moraly wrong.

  4. Do you even know what he said? while your sitting there hoping hes head got pumped full of hot led

  5. Everybody in Mexico has an excuse,and blames the corruption on every thing imagionable,on and on and on ,But one thing ramains A HUGE NUMBER ARE CROOKED,LYING,--- Who will ever accept the Pepsi Challange?

  6. Anyone who takes these confessions seriously, when done under duress, are fools. He's going to say what "might" keep him alive.

    There are no short term solutions to this and so many miss the simple point: the economy of Mexico, especially outside of the big cities, is largely dependent on the dollars of the drug trade. Whole cities are supported by it and the people desire the work....they don't want it to end.

    The long term solution, a real economy and pay based on legitimate jobs and the drug trade's societal influence is gradually minimized because people don't want to die.

    Even if the demand in the USA went down significantly, the profit margin is large enough to absorb it. Legalizing it in the USA only raises health care costs in the USA, which would have to be offset by taxes...which still keeps the door open for the blackmarket and very little is accomplished.

    Jobs are the answer.



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