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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Newspaper Vanguardia in Coahuila Bombed

A bomb was thrown at the offices of the Vanguardia newspaper in Saltillo, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, but no one was injured, the Attorney General’s Office said.

“Two vehicles and a window at the news company were damaged by shrapnel” in Sunday night’s attack, the AG’s office said.

The evidence gathered by investigators does not point to any specific individual or group being behind the attack, the AG’s office said.

Unidentified individuals riding in an automobile threw an “explosive device” at the newspaper’s offices on Venustiano Carranza boulevard in the Republica de Saltillo section of the state capital, the AG’s office said.

There was no comment from Vanguardia representatives about the attack.

Numerous attacks on media outlets and reporters have occurred in Mexico in recent years, with the majority of the incidents blamed on drug traffickers.

Both international press rights groups and Mexican journalists’ associations have repeatedly called on the government to protect freedom of the press and expression.

The U.N. and OAS rapporteurs for freedom of expression criticized the government last August over the “general impunity” that exists in Mexico regarding killings of journalists and demanded protection for members of the media.

“The full enjoyment of freedom of expression in Mexico faces serious and diverse obstacles,” the rapporteurs said.

U.N. special rapporteur Frank La Rue and his Organization of American States counterpart, Catalina Botero, who spent 16 days in Mexico gathering information about threats to journalists, reviewed their findings at the conclusion of their visit to the country on Aug. 24.

The majority of the killings have gone unsolved, prompting journalists to stage protests last year in 14 cities to draw attention to the violence against reporters in Mexico from both the security forces and criminals.

At least 68 journalists have been slain since 2000 in Mexico, the National Human Rights Commission, or CNDH, the country’s equivalent of an ombudsman’s office, said.

Thirteen other journalists have gone missing during that time, the CNDH said.

Other organizations report that more than 70 journalists have been murdered in Mexico since 2000.

Source: EFE


  1. Hey buggs, overmex posted this a while back.

  2. Better get in line and Calderon Bash, Get the heat of So Business can get back to NORMAL,after all isn't that what most Mexicans want??? Criminals want and need public support Media is a great resource for them.

  3. Echoes of the 'Everybody's always picking on Dubya' weeping of the past....

    'Better get in line and Calderon Bash' ...sez Anonymous 8:53.

    Poor Caldy, Calderon..... But do you really think that the Mexican public's desire to get rid of this guy is merely related to his militarizing Mexico through the US Made 'drug war'? It's much more than just that! It's the economy, Stupid!

    ...Or better said, it's the fact that Carlos Slim and the other corporate aristocrats in Mexico leave so little for the common people to live off of. But Caldreon doesn't give a damn though.

    Now, I'm so very sorry. I have gone from Bush bashing to Caldy bashing to even Obomber bashing! Trillions for war and peanuts to the people? Why The People just want better than that.... and that's people from both sides of The Border. Calderon deserves to be bashed, though blowing up newspapers is a quite a bit more than doing that.

  4. There was zero damage to speak of, folks in Saltillo say; much to do about nothing in the big picture of things.

    But these grenade attacks have been steady in Saltillo and also the burning of cars and buildings for about 4 months, since Bert left town for DF to become PRI president.

    I will say that most of my wealthy friends, including politians have left Coahuila recently for Tx. They say all indicators is that Coahuila will become very violent soon. These are folks leving in quiet places. Including where my foundation is. So is concerns me. I don't know what to think.

  5. BUELA Which political party do you think is behind all this violence?

    Or do you think that it is all crime in its most pure form?


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