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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sources: Zetas Head Lazcano Killed in Matamoros

The Monitor

Editor's Note
Ok, the possibility of Lazcano getting killed is heating up after The Monitor broke the story earlier today. The Mexican authorities have been very ambiguous at best in denying the death of EL Lazca. Just by the mere fact that federal police spokesman Alejandro Poire did not seem to know a lot about the confrontation in question tells me that there may be more to it. The Monitor is sticking to their version of the story, so here is their respond to the denial of federal authorities, but they seem to have a lot more detail than the actual Mr Poire, just adds to the credibility factor.

Heriberto “El Lazca” Lazcano Lazcano, the leader of the Zetas, died Friday in Matamoros after a gruesome firefight with the Gulf Cartel, sources outside law enforcement confirmed.

But Mexico’s defense secretariat issued a statement late Friday night disputing reports that Lazcano was killed.

The slaying of the kingpin behind Mexico’s most brutal drug trafficking organization came after firefights with the Gulf Cartel broke out shortly after 5 a.m. Friday across Matamoros.

Neither Mexican nor U.S. authorities had confirmed Lazcano’s death late Friday evening.

However, three Mexican sources familiar with criminal activity in Matamoros said that Lazcano arrived in Matamoros amid a convoy of more than 130 SUVs loaded with his Zeta followers.

Lazcano attempted to flee gunfire along Avenida Lauro Villar, which triggered widespread gunfire near Los Tomates International Bridge. Enforcers with the Gulf Cartel took Lazcano’s corpse after he was slain near the bridge, the sources said.

A Mexican army official said the regimiento motorizado — soldiers deployed in large trucks — had been stationed in downtown Matamoros and patrolled the area but did not participate in the gunfire.

But a U.S. federal law enforcement official unauthorized to speak publicly confirmed a separate motorized army regiment based elsewhere backed up the Zetas.

Sources familiar with the criminal situation confirmed Friday morning the Gulf Cartel kidnapped 11 Zetas — six men and five women — following a shootout Thursday that left 13 people dead.

A U.S. federal law enforcement official not authorized to speak publicly confirmed the Mexican soldiers and Zeta enforcers were working together as they tried to free 11 male and female comrades kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel.

Briefed by agents in Matamoros, the U.S. official said four Gulf Cartel members were killed, but the condition of the kidnapped Zetas was unknown.

In a statement, Mexico’s defense secretariat said military personnel found a body inside a vehicle slain after a shootout.

Defense officials said the body was not the body of Lazcano — contrary to foreign media reports.

Soldiers also found a building nearby where 17 people — 13 men and four women — had allegedly been kidnapped.

The gunfire ignited before dawn Friday and spread throughout the city, with grenade blasts reported as opposing sides clashed, eyewitnesses said.

Another U.S. federal law enforcement official not authorized to speak publicly said heavy firefighting took place close to Veterans International Bridge. The widespread gunfire had subsided Friday evening, witnesses said.

Rio Grande Valley law enforcement briefed by federal agencies said they were on alert to any gunmen or Mexican residents attempting to flee the gunfire in Matamoros after a street battle broke out Friday afternoon, about a mile south of the Rio Grande.

No photos or video of Lazcano’s corpse had surfaced as of The Monitor’s press deadline.

Alejandro Poire, spokesman for Mexico’s Public Safety Ministry, posted on Twitter that he could not confirm Lazcano’s death.

“With the information available at the moment, Heriberto Lazcano ‘El Lazca’ is not among those killed in Matamoros,” he wrote before the defense secretariat’s bulletin was issued.

The news quickly spread across Mexico, with national media outlets interpreted Poire’s post as an outright denial of Lazcano’s death.

Friday’s street battles came after widespread shootouts across Matamoros in recent days.

A bulletin posted by Stratfor, an Austin-based private intelligence firm, stated that a body believed to be Lazcano’s was being fingerprinted and forensically tested. The Stratfor bulletin expressed doubt Lazcano was killed.

Born on Christmas Day 1974, Lazcano was one of the founding members of the Zetas, founded by elite Mexican army soldiers who defected to side with the Gulf Cartel.

The Gulf Cartel employed the Zetas as their mercenary enforcement arm for years.

The latter group gradually gained power, and the friends turned foes in February 2010, when the alliance dissolved. The split sent much of Northeast Mexico into disarray as the two drug trafficking organizations struggled to control territory, including prized smuggling routes into South Texas.

U.S. prosecutors named Lazcano, also known as “El Verdugo,” Spanish for executioner, as one of several kingpins of the Zetas and Gulf Cartel in a June 2009 indictment filed in U.S. federal court in the District of Columbia. Beyond outlining the operation of the then allied force, known as “The Company,” prosecutors allege Lazcano took part in trafficking a 13-ton load of cocaine from Colombian suppliers into Mexico in 2007.

In addition to directing drug loads through Mexico into the U.S., the Zeta leader was involved in directing southbound bulk currency shipments, the indictment states.

And the Zetas have stepped up their violent tactics since the split from the Gulf Cartel, raising the former commandos’ profile through brutal beheadings and mutilation of victims who cross their paths. Mexican authorities have identified the cartel as responsible for mass graves unearthed near San Fernando, Tamps., about 80 miles south of Brownsvile that had 72 bodies in August 2010 and nearly 200 bodies at other graves found in March.

U.S. and Mexican authorities also have identified the Zetas as the responsible group behind an attack on Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent Jaime Zapata in San Luis Potosi state in February.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration offered a $5 million reward for information leading to Lazcano’s arrest; Mexican authorities offered a $2 million reward.

Lazcano was named in a superseding indictment in June 2009 alongside other Mexican drug trafficking bosses, charged with conspiracy to import cocaine to the United States.

Note: Ovemex helped with this post.




  2. So the monitor is trying to cover up their fuck up with saying this: "Enforcers with the Gulf Cartel took Lazcano’s corpse after he was slain near the bridge, the sources said."

    Really it sounds more like those CDG nut-riders on the forum jajaja...anyways he is not dead. Everyone seems to agree except the monitor and Brownsville Herald because they end up looking like the incompetent morons that they are jaja. Maybe they should check their sources next time.

    BTW why would El Lazca a boss be fighting in CDG terrority? Makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. I hope "El Diablo" gets killed too

  4. Born on christmas? What a crappy present to all of mexico

  5. Don't Fuck with Texas Joto

  6. For those that believe that Calderon's war on drugs is responsible for the increased violence, I remind people that the Zetas did not attack the CDG because of the government - they wanted a bigger piece of the pie.

    Calderon could stop tomorrow and the violence would still be escalating.

    Are you listening Sicilia?

  7. hey 10:55pm...El Lazca may be dead or maybe not. But relying on news media in Mexico is ridiculous. Most media have been threatened by the cartels not to report anything.

    And you would trust Mexican media sources?

  8. You guys are just as dumb for posting this from Monitor even though now they didn't mess up once but twice by still going with the story. Why would Calderon government deny he was killed? How would that benefit him? Calderon needs all the good publicity he can get right now esp considering the Zetas are hated by everyone!!
    "Even their mothers don't love them" -La Barbie.

  9. i really hope this bastard is dead...with a convoy of 130 SUV's driving through town, where were the Army? is this possible?

  10. Why would he go to Matamoros? Wouldn't that be suicide? Isn't Matamoros C.D.G central headquarters?

  11. If I was a cartel member, I would fake my own death to run schemes from behind the scene.

  12. I dont believe it...These bosses arent like kings in the old days who would lead charges into battle. These guys comfortably hide while dictating from afar. They may be smart businessmen but they definitely arent brave.

  13. Assuming that he is dead, I am still debating with myself whether this is a good or bad thing. On one hand, he deserved to die, since no mass murderer should ever have the right to live -- no exceptions whatsoever. On the other hand, this might cause the Zetas to split up again and increase violence further -- which is the very, very last thing that Mexico needs.

  14. Actually, the Monitor seems to be reporting more consistent news than Mexican news. Clearly, the Mexican news doesn't even acknowledge that the initial confrontation was between two rival gangs. Instead, they acknowledge a confrontation later in the day between Mexican Military and a drug cartel. As a result of that later encounter, Mexican Military are claiming this guy's death has not been confirmed.

    However, that spill ignores what has been reported - That this guy was killed as a result of an earlier confrontation between rival gangs and the rival gang recovered the body, not police.

    So this story seems to be more consistent than the sorry news reported from some of the Mexican sources.

  15. please check this resource.... admin

    lazcano doesn't die

  16. Huh? this dosn't make sense, I do HOPE the shithead is dead, but one think makes no sense.

    The Mexican military helping the Zetas?

    #1 The Zetas are Mexican Military DEFECTORS (natural nemesis's)

    #2 The Military is harder to corrupt than the Local Police, I can see this from a local police unit (usually made up of friends/family and locals) Mexican military troops come from a variety of backgrounds, young, middle age, PRI supporters PAN supporters, people from the North, from the South and every state of Mexico. I CANNOT picture a truck load of 40+ troops all agreeing to support a criminal cell, especially the Zetas

    #3 The Mexican military has been heavily involved in Anti-Zeta operations

    #4 Sounds like the CDG (Gulf Cartel) won this battle, im sure they would have took pictures of dead soldiers in full gear, etc. etc.

  17. I don't think he's dead just because while local media is afraid to report the truth in the north you know when a big fish goes down the government/televisa is all over it. example la barbie, el jota jota

  18. Whats with the whole "Law Enforcement not authorised to speak" yet spread rumours?
    and undercover in matamoros at that, without proof, cant you doughnut boys afford descent camera phones? at least back up your claim that
    Mexican soldiers were helping the Zetas.
    The whole "We all know its true" is a Faux Noise Mantra, and its infecting BB.

  19. (11:03)CDG is infamous for taking their opponent's bodies so it's not far fetched.(2:42) The military is corrupted from within. Read: and Charles Bowdin's "El Sicario."
    (1:22)That blog is not any better than this one, they both get their information from external sources, and the link you sent is of Poire denying the death of Lazcano (yeah I think the admin. got that thank you). In any case I will not believe untill I see a body none of this Osama crap. If the CDG has the body they will be posting a video of it pretty soon.

  20. I think lazca would be stupid enough entering matamoros, behind a 130 suv convoy backed up by army troops... It's pretty known that the Marines are the ones who do most anti-zeta operations not the army. Remember about a month back, when zetas entered miguel aleman and burned a lot of businesses? well the army did not respond until several hours later. so yeah its possible the army didn't do anything. Now the CDG doesn't parade around the killings of military personell. And the government denies it because they weren't the ones who killed him. Now given that this is true, the CDG will post narcomantas, and most probably display lasca's body. Now if this doesn't happen, then we can probably assume that his killing was just a media fail...

  21. You idiots who keep saying Mexican Media isn't reliable, well the Brownsville Herald and now the Monitor are WRONG!! Same ones who said Tony Tormenta was killed when he actually wasn't. So much for being reliable. Blog de narco says he not dead, well hes not dead. Blog de narco has more contacts in the underworld than the FBI and PGR put together. Hows that for reliable to you?

  22. I dont buy Lazca dying at all.

    Like someone said earlier this is not some medieval knight time where the King leads his troops to the battle in frontlines, it is just crazy. Do you think that Chapo would leave GN gunmen in streets of Juarez?

  23. @ KyleSam
    Is that you lito Brito?

  24. @ editors note

    "The Mexican authorities have been very ambiguous at best in denying the death of EL Lazca. Just by the mere fact that federal police spokesman Alejandro Poire did not seem to know a lot about the confrontation in question tells me that there may be more to it"

    Really? Ambiguous at best? Poiré flat out denied that Lazcano was dead.

  25. If lazco is done than the zetas r being ran by z40 trevino,and that guy looks like a nut compared to lazco.100 plus convoy,that's insane,I guess if a big fish would get involved he that's probably how they would roll. Bb doesn't filter anything except what the peoples I really feel like a gringo

  26. A couple of points of clarification; the Brownsville Herald never said Tony Tormenta was killed in the first confrontation, what they did say was that he was captured, and there has been documented evidence that Tormenta was in fact captured but he either was resued by his Escorpiones or bought his way out, BB has documented these facts extensively from official reports. Second Mr Poiré never denied the death of El Lazca, he simply said that the bodies recovered by the military were not of El Lazca. Bottom line only time will tell exactly what happened.

  27. You can tell the residue coming here from Blog del Narco. BDN does not conduct original reporting, they get their news from other news outlets, as they do here, but at least here it's translated in English. I spewed my coffe when I read "Blog de narco says he not dead, well hes not dead." They themselves are not saying he is not dead, they are just posting a story from another news gancy that says he is not dead. Comprehende?

  28. Thi story doesn't fit with commonsense, the multimillionaire leaders hide and givevorders not lead the expendable shoe shiners in battle.

  29. Why is it so hard for people to believe Lazcano was i Matamoros...don't you people know he was a special force soldier n probably had some training in the US. This criminal is not a regular cartel member or one of the Zetas trained by the original zetas...he is one that started this organization

  30. He looks like a Jonas brotherHehe

  31. can we get an update on lazca... is he dead or not?

  32. "you guys are stupid".....PENDE....JO

  33. The big deal to me is the constant commenting that the Military is in league with Zetas,CDG Chapo, or any other Gang. I have always Wondered how Criminal gangs in Mexico can openly PARADE up and down highways,cities,towns UNCHALLENGED, Its hard for me to appreciate the apparant degree of corruption,deciet,misinformation and manipulation that is NORMAL in Mexico. And yet journalist raise hell that the govt has been ineffective BULLSHIT its a wonder that anything has been done at all,CONSIDER THE ENVIORMENT ?? By US standards this "WAR" is a complete mess, By Mexican standards it is a ROARING SUCCESS. Consider a convoy of 130 stolen SUVs going down the highway to engage another gang in a city of say 75,000 people IN TEXAS what would happen??The new police chief in Juarez got it right Criminals can not exist without support from Law Enforcment. Heres hoping the all kill each other,SOON,Teenagers ,girls and all.

  34. 15- 5/8" Casing Right,
    show us proof of all you claim.
    where are your photos of all the SUVs in convoys. youre one more Teabag that believes everything you read or make shit up.

  35. BDN does not conduct original reporting, they get their news from other news outlets, as they do here, but at least here it's translated in English.

    Two things:
    1. blog del narco is from Mexico for a Spanish speaking audienence. There is no need for the articles to be in English.
    2. Yes it is true BDN gets their reports from other agencies. Yet a lot of it is exclusive like all of the gory beheading videos. Do you think they get them from el universal, el milenio or el Norte? No. Many times it's the narcos themselves who post things to BDN.

    No disrespect to borderland beat but the two blogs are not the same. Not even close.


    But a U.S. federal law enforcement official unauthorized to speak publicly confirmed a separate motorized army regiment based elsewhere backed up the Zetas.

    Sources familiar with the criminal situation confirmed Friday morning the Gulf Cartel kidnapped 11 Zetas — six men and five women — following a shootout Thursday that left 13 people dead.

    A U.S. federal law enforcement official not authorized to speak publicly CONFIRMED the Mexican soldiers and Zeta enforcers were working together as they tried to free 11 male and female comrades kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel.




    i actually favor the CDG..yo odio los Zeats mucho

  37. lectores es confirmada la noticia de la muerte de ese ojt mal parido lo siento por la empresa maruchan ya no van a tener esas ventas grandes como antes

  38. Well if he's not dead now he's fucking going to be!!

  39. I seriously doubt this is true at all I mean would a multimillionaire leader be out in the battlefield with the expendable foot soldiers leading a charge?!? they never done it before so they are unlikely to do it now as there too cowardly! They like to just sit in their comfy rich mansions while they all get killed and he don't even give a f**k!

    I really hope the Gulf Cartel gets a hold of this piece of anal leakage and puts him through months of torture then execution for all the suffering he's put Mexico through just so he could live a lavish lifestyle.

  40. Texcoco Mex said.

    Heriberto Lazcano si esta muerto pero de la risa de tanta pendejada que publican.

    I look around the news in Spanish and I didn't found nothing about the 130 SUVs full of zetas.

  41. @ anon 1:12


  42. @June 18, 2011 8:23 AM

    Hell no! Why would you think that?


    Poire has denied clearly that he is not dead. And I quote "Con la información disponible al momento, Heriberto Lazcano (a) "el Lazca" NO se encuentra entre los fallecidos en #Matamoros."

    Second not only him but SEDENA has released a press bulletin detailing what happen. And they even say its not even him. If he was dead I think the federal government would have say it already. They are in dire need of good publicity jaja

    TO EVERYONE EL LAZCA IS NOT DEAD!!! Y la banda siguió tocando...jaja

  43. Lol @ whoever said he looks like a Jonas Brother

    He totally does!

  44. Yeah Lazcano is dead just like Yvonne Álvarez was " killed" according to twitter

  45. you are all so naive, fist of all the US government is the one supporting Los Zetas to create the chaos! They control the media and that is why soon they will intervene in MX. Out of Chaos comes order, remember that gringos and mojados, pretty soon you will be fighting on the same team! Ha ha ha ha ha Lord save us!

  46. @June 18, 2011 2:01 PM

    Clearly you are not following the story. Poire has acknowledged that Mexican Military engaged a group of cartel members and got into a shootout. As a result of that shootout a few died. None of the dead were Lazcano.

    However, that has NOTHING to do with earlier events. It is clear that various news sites are reporting that there were two cartels who EARLIER, prior to the Mexican Military engagement, got into a confrontation and a shootout ensued. As a result of that shootout between both cartels, that ocurred earlier, it is reported that Cartel Del Gulfo killed and captured the corpse of Lazcano.

    So Poire could be correct that the Mexican military encounter didn't result in the death of Lazcano, but the earlier CDG encounter did result in his death.

    I find Poire's version questionable since he completely ignores reports of an earlier shooting. He only acknowledges on later shootout without even denying or referencing reports of the early morning shootouts.

  47. Poire has denied clearly that he is not dead.

    So he is alive then?

  48. Sorry for the mistake but Anonymous June 18, 2011 2:01 PM is me (KyleSam)

  49. they never said he isn't dead, they said "THE BODY OF LAZCANO WASN'T FOUND AMONG THE CORPSES"

    so this leaves two options:

    1. Lazcano fleed away
    2. Gulf Cartel members recovered their NUMER ONE ARCHINEMESIS CORPSE for obvious reasons, his head is the best trophy they could get from all the zetas kingpins, being Lazcano the TOP KINGPIN

  50. I am glad that BB offers a variety of news headlines and stories--and not just gory details of beheadings all the time. Not only does that get old, but people become desensitized to this kind of brutality and it slowly becomes 'the new norm."

    News about journalists, people caught in the cross-fire, corruption, rethinking the 'war on drugs'--all this is just as newsworthy, and more compelling intellectually. In other words, it gets people to think.

  51. Seems unlikely at this point. If the Gulf Cartel does have his body, there will be a brutal narco video in the next few days.

  52. @June 18, 2011 2:59 PM

    Your clearly not following the story. The only shootout that occurred yesterday, was in the afternoon. That's when the Brownsville Hearld and the Monitor decided to report the death of El Lazca bz he supposedly died in that three way battle between CDG/Zetas/Military. The only other battle that occurred was Thursday night when the Zetas were trying to make headway into Matamoros and got their ass kicked.

  53. Thanks to Buggs and Ovemex for their work in bring us the most up to date information doing their best to seperate what the real story is...

    There are allot of people saying CDG has him alive or dead... Maybe they set him up, you know setting up some type of a meeting telling him he has to come to Matamoros or no deal? Then when he gets there they spring on him with a set up? We will know in time, I am still holding out for a video showing him one way or the other...

    ©ĤİVǾ ︻╦╤─-~

  54. PLEASE be true! I F' HATE Los Zetas! But I have a feelin that this is'nt true. But if I'm wrong, I CAN'T wait to see a video of him dead. He created a mess with Los Zetas.

  55. We want to see him beheaded i will throw a party you are all invited.

  56. Only one way to find out....what's his Twitter?

  57. hahaa, whats the twitter, thats awesome.. z3 is probably somewhere in florida laughing

  58. If they do make a vid. It will be a big let down.. He's already dead. Most of these sick bastards get their jollies off to hearing them scream for their lives.
    Todos son una pinche bola de cagada . Todos carteles son lo mismo

  59. jajaja maybe is el lazca watcthing these sites, drinking some beer with z-40 and laugh at the rumors here. its still not comfired so time will tell.

  60. he looks like my cousin....for real

  61. Doubt his dead if he was he's dead body would be plastered everywhere


  63. LOL you guys gota remember that not all the shootouts make headlines. An good example was one i witnessed first hand when staying with a relative in Reynosa. At 5am i woke up to gunshots that was happening a block away from where i was staying. Gunfight lasted 20 min and the people inside the house all got killed while the people shooting from outside the house were taking cover behind a car.
    After the shootout the guys dragged the bodies outside of the house with some bags as well and put the bodies inside the car. An hour later around 6am a tow truck pulled up and took the shot up car from the scene to God knows where. At 8am police show up and there is no bodies so no news is reported. My aunt says it happens alot there.

  64. Lazcano is still alive,just like Israel Nava Cortez "El Ostion",he supposibly died in 2009,PGR most wanted but he still operates in Zacatecas.The Mexican govt is on their side,they are the enemy too.

  65. @ challa

    you are a fucking moron he would be no where near z-40. Z-40 has tried to have Z-3 captured and killed on numerous attempts.

  66. Who gives a dam that piece of shit deserves to die i hope hes dead those zetas are the trash of the world. If he isnt dead he will be soon.

  67. Every zeta n their supporters should be burned alive. Their all parasites n a cancer to mexico gettin rid of those mierdas would be a blessing. N u zeta supporters should die as well bcus your takin the side of somethin evil n disgustin to the human race. That mierda lazca will be dead just like his friend arturo leyva n i hope they degrade the piece of shit wen hes dead like they did arturo. He didn look so tough with all those bulletholes in his body.


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