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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pharr mayor's son caught with 114 pounds of pot at checkpoint

By Jared Taylor and Naxiely Lopez
The Monitor

Federal agents arrested the Pharr mayor’s son after they found more than 114 pounds of marijuana inside his vehicle.

U.S. Border Patrol arrested Leo Palacios III after he pulled up to the Highway 281 checkpoint south of Falfurrias about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to a criminal complaint. After a secondary inspection, they found the pot stashed in his Mercedes E320 sedan’s trunk.

Palacios, who lives in Austin and is son of the Pharr mayor of the same name, claimed he was in the Rio Grande Valley on business.

“I did not know anything about this,” the mayor said. “All I know was that he was arrested for possession. He hasn’t called me or anything.

Agents say they were about to release Palacios from the checkpoint when he started moving his car forward slowly.

Agents tapped the side of his car and waved their hands while telling him to stop, the complaint states. Other agents yelled at him to stop and he finally complied.

A drug dog alerted to the trunk of Palacios’ car and agents asked him to move it to secondary inspection. Palacios asked the agents why he needed the inspection, saying he didn’t see the dog do anything. Another agent commanded him to move the car to secondary and Palacios complied.

At secondary, Palacios opened the car’s trunk, even though agents never told him to open it, the complaint states.

Agents looked inside the trunk and saw a blue storage bin with clothing on top of it. Inside the bin, agents found several bundles wrapped in black plastic. A slice through the plastic revealed marijuana stashed inside, according to the complaint.

Investigators arrested Palacios, who told agents he was going home to Austin and had been in San Juan for three days on business. He told the agents he is vice president of a highway road construction company and had been staying with his parents in Pharr.

Palacios then refused to say anything else to investigators, saying he wanted a lawyer.

Pharr Mayor Leo “Polo” Palacios said his son’s arrest came as a shock.

“I have no idea. I don’t know, and I don’t want to know,” the mayor said.

Mayor Palacios, who operates a drug rehabilitation clinic, said he learned of his son’s arrest from his daughter-in-law, who was worried after he never arrived in Austin late Wednesday night.

“I never thought he would be doing anything like this in my life,” the mayor said. “They were not raised that way.”

Wednesday’s arrest was not the first drug case for the younger Palacios.

He was convicted in federal court in January 1992 on cocaine possession and conspiracy charges. He received a 70-month prison sentence and was released in December 1996.

Palacios made an appearance before a U.S. magistrate judge Thursday in Corpus Christi. He remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing set for Tuesday.

The mayor said his son had lost about 50 pounds in the last six months after contracting pancreatitis. He said the younger Palacios “almost died in December” and had been taking medication for the ailment.

“I don’t know if la medicina le vuelve la cabeza o que,” the mayor said, questioning whether his medicine affected his demeanor. “I can’t tell you that myself.”


  1. What a dumbass!! He did'nt evern try to hide it
    Wow!! He should be charged with Stupidity and shot in the leg!
    He WAS the Vice Precident of a highway road company. He served time in prision and still did'nt learn a lesson. my guess is that this boys done. Hes fried toast anyway you look at it. Good!! He deserved it!!
    Oh yea, as you read this hes spilling his guts out to investigaters and saying yes sir and no sir to all of them. Hes ready to tell all as long as it can save his ass!! It won't. Hes fucked!!!!!LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  2. “I don’t know if la medicina le vuelve la cabeza o que,” the mayor said, questioning whether his medicine affected his demeanor. “I can’t tell you that myself.”
    Oh. Thats what happened? Well then they should release him. You know come to think of it when i bump my head all i can think about is being a dope dealer after i take "la medicina"

  3. Damn! Us hippies of Austin, Berkeley, and Boulder needed that stuff! What am I going to smoke now, Brito? Alcohol?

    Leo, did you just think that you could drive that stuff up through Falfurrias, or were you planning to send it up North as 'books' to the U of T library?

  4. Pharr, the Tri City Bomber safe haven, filled with bad cops and corrupted officials. No on plays ball with them because no one trusts them. That city just plain sucks.

  5. I guess being a Palacios only helps you stay out of trouble in the valley!

  6. hehehehehhe.....
    No! Not in the U.S.A. (Gasp)

  7. Wait a minute ! what is this ? According to some of the many inbreds posting here, corruption only exists south of the border. Fukking hypocrites, i bet they're gonna start calling for legalization hahahaha !!!

  8. I hope he gets his nuts cut off for this. I hope he's force-fed acid, I hope his ass is sown shut and is force-fed nothing but Taco Palenque until he balloons up to a big fat pig just like his stupid dad. I hope they take an axe and chop his right leg then spit on his face, then chop his left leg then spit a lugee on his mom's face, then using a rusty cleaver hack his right arm...then hang his sister by a bridge, hang her by the fuckin tits..then pull his teeth with a pocket knife...cut out his tongue and roast it with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce..and serve it to all the Zeta wannabes, may he and his family burn in hell.

  9. OK, someone has to say it.....



    this is him on facebook. add him to personally tell him what a dumbass he is.

  11. News on what happened in Matamoros.

    Los ciudadanos de Matamoros se fueron a dormir con el sonido de automáticas armas fuego, explosiones de granadas, interrumpiera neumáticos y sirenas después de un gran número de Zetas hicieron su camino en la ciudad.

    Un recuento oficial no ha sido puesto a disposición, pero fuentes cercanas a la escena afirman que al menos una docena de cuerpos fueron esparcidos alrededor en las calles mientras pistoleros recuperaron otros que fueron obtener fuera en SUV.

    El rodaje comenzó poco después de la 1 de la mañana entre grupos rivales de pistoleros y las autoridades respondieron poco después, dijo un funcionario de aplicación de la ley mexicana. El tiroteo duró cerca de dos horas.

    Las áreas con tiroteos informes incluyen Calle 3, Avenida de Solidaridad, Avenida Marte R Gomez, Avenida Del Nino, Colonia Villas Las Torres, Colonia Buena Vista, Colonia Jardin y Fraccionamiento de Rio.
    La aplicación de la ley oficial confirmó también que varios autobuses de transporte público fueron secuestrados y estacionados en el centro de la ciudad y en el Jardin de la Colonia en un esfuerzo por bloquear la respuesta del ejército mexicano y la Armada de México.

    Una fuente con conocimiento de primera mano de actividad criminal confirmó que el tiroteo fue entre miembros del cártel del Golfo, que intentaban defender su plaza y miembros de los Zetas, que intentaron hacer una inserción en la ciudad. La fuerza de Zeta osciló entre 40 y 60 del fuerte con un gran número de SUV, dijo.

    Después de que miembros del ejército mexicano respondieron a la escena la lucha se convirtió en un tiroteo de tres manera con los grupos de pistoleros dispersar a la ciudad, dijo. No queda claro cómo muchos Zetas permanecen en Matamoros.

    Este incidente es el más reciente intento por los Zetas tomar Matamoros. Recientemente, el grupo hizo otra incursión y fueron conducido a la zona de Lucio Blanco cerca del libre comercio puente de Los Indios donde ambos bandos chocaron con el ejército mexicano.

    Fuentes afirman que los Zetas de esa incursión fueron diezmados en Lucio Blanco, pero no comentan sobre el número de muertos.

  12. I bet is going to be like that mayor of tijuana,that has that much of firearms and his case got dismiss because of the lack of si aqui tambien se puedes because is a Nation of Laws.and also his daddy is a public servant meanning he got conections and influences.

  13. this much weed falls under federal kingpin laws and they have strict sentencing guidlines he gonna have an extend stay in the USA yaaaay

  14. "Wait a minute ! what is this ? According to some of the many inbreds posting here, corruption only exists south of the border. Fukking hypocrites, i bet they're gonna start calling for legalization hahahaha !!!"

    palacios sounds like a spanish last name, which means they're probably mexican.


  16. dang poor valley dude, sure he flippin as we speak...poor pops also, bigtime investigations all around.

  17. La medecina la coca pendejo

  18. @ardent ..

    how much you need there ardy,,.i got jack herrer..lemon haze and big bud right now...and can prob'ly get you some northern lights ...are you incapable of growing your own?

    are you sad? about one of your shipments getting busted

  19. gonna cost daddy some money to free junior this time ...they must have bribed the wrong guy at falfurrias

  20. marijuana from mexico sucks ass anyway. if anything California dominates. like they used to say BUY AMERICAN ;)

  21. I seriously believe that the people along the Border that are in power (police, mayors, county mounties) who support the doctrine that there is NO Spillover from the drug violence in Mexico in their areas are on the take and don't want State or Feds coming into their areas. It must be common knowledge that if there is a Mexican cartel fight for control of Matamorus, then they must be passing a hell of a lot of drugs thgrough Brownsville. You know that many of the Border Patrol there HAVE to be on the TAKE for that to happen. So, why don't we do something about it?

  22. For 2:15...the REASON that we don't do anything about it is BECAUSE WE will have the same situation in the States that Mexico has right now...Scarry, huh? But true, so we PUT IT OFF for someone else to do Mexico did!

  23. Yeah, our Brownsville, Harlingen, Weslaco, San Benito, South Padre Island, McAllen, La Feria, Edingburgh, Rio Grande, Roma, police, border-patrol, sheriffs, customs agents, all of them no valen verga. They're all bought. You can tell by their shifty eyes, their nervous unfriendly, behavior. You'd be amazed how many of them have huge gun and car collections and yet out on the streets the weight keeps coming through unimpeded. Until our government or the people do something about that this shit will continue flow freely.

  24. Dummy photo. I count at east 75 50 pound bales of weed.

  25. First off all of you inconsiderate people don't realize the toll that this is taking on the family. And for those of you who post anonymou and immature crappy about thoroughly hurting him physically need a mental evaluation, if you don't know this man then why be so judgmental.
    And to the rest of you talking about his family that way are arrogant. for those of you who have children whether grown or adolescent, if your child makes a dumb mistake like this one in the future you would know that parents can not control every move their child makes. Don't be rude and disrespectful to the poor man, his other children are all very successful and doing well yet you don't applaud him for that, or for helping the City his is the mayor of grow over the past couple years.
    No one is perfect and its ridiculous for growm adults to be so horrible about a person who.made a mistake. And posting his Facebook to tell him things? What are we 12? For all those who don't know the full story and are here to talk trash and bash think twice about how you would feel if it was your child in this situation. And to the others who seem to have beef with the mayor, keep your unnecessary comments to yourself.

  26. gina...the valley is shit...i was born there and my family left because of the shit this guy doesnt deserve to get mutilated like ppl here want. but he still did it no matter what his circumstances were he did it. hes not a "poor guy" by any means i work for shitty money and i never resort to criminality to fix my problems. i just work hard like my parents taught. and yes parents cannot control their kids but i will say the examples they set mold them.

  27. Anon 10:28 on June 19 really made an interesting observation about corruption on the

    U.S. side. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. In all the arguments on

    this forum about what role if any the U.S. should take to stop or least lessen the

    violence south of the border I haven't seen much discussion about what seems like one

    of the most obvious answers. If the plazas where all the violence is taking place,

    Mata, Reyanosa, Juarez, Laredo, etc. are all so valuable that the cartels are warring

    over them, doesn't it seem logical to divert much more of the $120 PLUS BILLION a year

    we are currently spending a year on this "war" to shutting down the ease of transport

    at those plazas. More Xray machines, more inspections, more dogs, more scales, better

    vetting of inspectors etc. I know the arguments of industry and politicians about you

    can't slow down border traffic that much. I used to be the transportation manager of

    a maquiladora that sent food products north, so I know how important timely crossings

    are to business. But we have reached a point where we have to weigh tens of thousands

    of deaths and a breakdown of the social fabric against the expediency of speedy

    crossings. I think the U.S. side could lessen the impact of more searches with more

    and better equipment. Agents could be better vetted by lie detectors, currently HLS

    says only 10% are given lie detector tests and it will be 2013 before they are able to

    screen all hires. Frequent follow-ups of all agents should be done. The money is

    already there in the 120 billion that we are already spending. I is just a matter of

    changing priorities. Hell, the Manhatten Project only took 4 years to create an

    atomic bomb. Surely we could make those highly prized drug corridors virtually

    impassable for drugs in less time than that. I know where there is a demand the

    cartels will find other ways to get it up north, but at least we might stop the

    slaughter taking place in the Mx. border cities. We would then just have to try to

    solve problems arising from whatever alternatives they come up with. If you stop and

    think about it, it might save a lot of lives and a lot of money if we just used some

    of that 120 BILLION we now spend to fight drug trafficking and just pay them the 25

    Billion they supposedly are making now and tell them to go home.

  28. Patty Vasquez FiszerJuly 5, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    Shame on you ANONYMOUS cowards for involving his family. Your IGNORANT, TERRORISTIC comments are sure to make this country a better place. You only make yourself sound uneducated and jealous. Thank you for nothing.

  29. i went to school with this guy back in pharr elementary never thought a preppy dude could have the nerve to do this but the mayor n all them pharr bitches comissinors all re elect themselfs thats why that fat ass mayor leo palacios is always been in power , n fuck torres the n his lil faggot inspector buddys they think they all that becouse they have the last word when they go inspect their buisness fukin pieces of shit que se compren calzones ..

  30. todos son ratas those political bithes leo palacios torres the fagot inspector and woody and barney his lil inspector gay buddys i

  31. Sad, but true. The Palacios are all corrupted and most of them are addicted to cocaine. Mayor's granddaughters are sluts and have cheated on their husbands. I say this, bc I know and have seen it.


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