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Friday, June 3, 2011

Shootout Between Military, Police and Sicarios in Nuevo Leon

During the early hours of Friday there was a confrontation in the town of Guadalupe, Nuevo León between the military and the municipal police. Preliminary reports coming from authorities indicate that it was all a part of the confusion that prompted elements of the Municipal Police to confront the Mexican military.

The military had detected an armed commando in the streets of the community of Jardines de San Rafael, and this caused a pursuit to a nearby community of Rio, where the sicarios took refuge in an alley. According to the military, members of the municipal police arrived and attempted to back up the sicarios causing a shootout between the military and police. The shootout caused terror among the residents of the region who were awaken by the loud sounds of gunfire.

The incident lasted for more than 30 minutes that resulted in the arrest of three gunmen, as well as the detention of 10 policemen who were under investigation. One officer was reported as injured from the gunfight, and several cars and homes sustained damaged.

The military managed to secure several different weapons, tactical equipment and radio equipment.


  1. God damn Municipal police, damn corrupt and weak. God speed to the real heroes of Mexico, the military and the Policia Federal.

    Go kick some butt boys!

  2. I have no doubt that both the police and military need to adjust their tactics in order to coordinate their actions better. I do not know all the facts here, so I am not necessarily sure that the officers were working for the cartels. It sure would be easy for confusion to happen in a situation like this.
    I know I will sound crazy for this statement: this article gives me hope that Mexican law enforcement is actively trying to improve itself.

  3. Very confusing. I've seen an increase of Military here in Monterrey and almost a decrease of Federal Police. I don't believe for one minute that the Municipal Police would actively engage the Military if they knew for sure it was the Military. I think they got their wires crossed somewhere.

  4. 7:07 how can you coordinate anything when no one trusts no one?

  5. Years back I witnessed this first hand in Juarez. The municipal police surrounded a group of federal police and there was a long face to face confrontation with a lot of screaming and guns pointed at each other. The federal police finally backed down.

  6. I sure feel sofe with Mexican Law Enforcment,JOKE. How do you clean up these worthless opportunistic thiefs??

  7. and so the police were able to protect the sicarios from the army...allowing them to escape

    just like they are paid to do...bien trabajo cabrones...pinches culeros corrupto


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