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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Military seizes $1 million in Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon

Without firing a shot Mexico’s military dealt a blow to Los Zetas by seizing more than one million dollars in U.S. currency from a safehouse in the town of Sabinas Hidalgo, located north of Monterrey on the highway to Nuevo Laredo.

The $1,047,000 was found in several suitcases at the location. In addition to the money four late model vehicles and more than a thousand rounds of ammunition were also seized.

The raid by the military occurred Friday afternoon at approximately 1:00pm.

Five male suspects, two of them minors, and one female were detained in the raid. A high ranking accountant reportedly evaded capture during the operation.

Raul Mireles, the mayor of Sabinas, and his family were targets of a grenade attack in 2010. Last year the municipal police station also suffered at least two grenade attacks.

In interviews last fall, residents stated that a climate of fear had descended on Sabinas, with vehicles full of armed gangsters constantly on the streets.

One housewife echoed what is increasingly becoming a way of life in northern Mexico’s cities and towns, “At night if there’s no reason to be on the streets its best to stay at home. Here we live in fear.”



  1. What do you mean " dealt a blow" these guys supposedly make 500 mill a year plus, 1 million is chump change for these scumbags.

  2. More like 10 to 20 Billion a year. That was probably one week salary for plaza employees along with a few bribes. It will give the Zetas a reason to fuck someone up though.

    LOL< I don't get it. They keep dealing the Zetas all the hard blows and busting all their plaza bosses, but the Zetas are the ones most active and most feared.

    Hell, the CDG can't knock them out of their territory and the federal police, military, and CDS are trying to help them. It makes me think that there is something to the US reports that the Zetas are a formidable opponent even to an army.

  3. Thats $1,000,000.00 that they showed. Can you imagine how much it really was and how much they stole. A load of cash like this was probably 7 to 10 million before the press was called!! Thats just the way it is!!
    I guess more power to them. I`d take a dope dealers cash in a heartbeat if i had the chance!!!

  4. Texcoco Mex said.

    I will like to get some money too. This is the 4TH time I see money sized from narcos in less than 2 weeks 990,000 then 1,000,000 then 1,400,000 and 2,500,000.

  5. Baby steps,journey of a thousand miles, Taking Narco Money is Wonderful,I don't care if the feds,mil,or whoever goes whoring for a month,just thake the Money from the Narcos. Sieze Narco property,arrest or kill them all. Make Mexico a place where crime is punished, could you even imagine that??


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