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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Juvenile "I am a Sicaria at the Service of Los Zetas"

"I spent two months training and I only been working as a sicaria for three to four days," said Maria Celeste, a 16 years old, between smiles. "I'm sicaria for the Zetas," she said.

The criminal career of the girl was cut short last Tuesday when she participated in two shootouts against state police in the community known as La Lobera, in the municipality of San Cristobal de la Barranca, which borders the state of Zacatecas. Six of her colleagues were killed and she was arrested along with nine other gunmen, most between 16 and 21 years of age.

When she related of what happened during the training days, she explained: "I managed the "cuerno" (AK-47), the "erre" (AR-15) and "cortas" (handguns of different calibers)."

On Tuesday night the 10 suspects were presented to media in the premises of the Ministry of Public Security of the State in Guadalajara.

Simply put, the juvenile native of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, talked about how she got started in this criminal organization.

"I was invited by some friends who went to work with Los Zetas," she said while emphasizing that she was not forced to be part of Los Zeats.

Patiently she told that her training carried out by former military commandos consisted of physical training and the handling of weapons, although she acknowledged that she was not taught how to use grenades.

Running out of words and with a facial expression of concern occasionally smiling, Maria Celeste was resigned to the possibility of being prosecuted, perhaps for the crimes of possession and carrying of weapons only authorized by the military and crimes related to organized crime, along with others they may bring up.

She made it cleared that during her training and days prior, in her role as sicaria she had not yet killed.

A "halcon" of 21 years of age:
Another of the detainees was Beatrice, a 21 years old from Xalapa, Veracruz, who in her capacity of the criminal organization of Los Zetas she was supposedly responsible for monitoring the movement of authorities, in essence, she was an "halcon." She belongs to a criminal cell based in Zacatecas where eight other women work.

"They would pay me 4,000 pesos every other week in Fresno for about a year. I work for the commander Centeno," she said quietly.

About what happened Tuesday in the town of San Cristobal de la Barranca, she had this to say: "We were coming from Fresno and we stopped at La Lobera to rest. We then headed toward Florence to fight the Gulf cartel. Here we just stopped to rest, because those were the instructions we received."

Her assignment was not fulfilled. The 10 people apprehended were in possession of four trucks, two of them were armored, an M-60 machine gun, six AR-15 rifles, two AK-47 rifles, a 9mm handgun, a grenade launcher, two hand grenades, camouflage uniforms, 36 magazines and about 500 round of ammunition of different calibers.

The women being detained acknowledged their involvement in organized crime and that it had been profitable for them.

Maria Guadalupe Sandoval, who wore military-style clothing, said that she received 12,000 pesos a month, more than the others because she knew how to handle weapons and for having some experienced in shootings.


  1. This is a socioeconomic thing, I think, I mean selling drugs is one thing, allure of easy money, whatever, but a gunmen? A sicaria? How desperate do these girls have to be to consider this a viable option? An assassin? A lookout? At 18? These girls should be going to prom or parties, clubs, not training how to use an Ak-47.

    The other side of the coin is that the narcos influence has created a whole generation of children who will do anything to be a narco, and don't seen the right/wrong of it, sociopaths, how are eager to kill/hurt people.

  2. Haha were the bjs included on their pay? I'm sure the guys at camp would run some trains on them

  3. Sending little kids to there death... To fight CDG trained military? Are you kidding me? Zetas need to be wiped off the face of the earth...

  4. Something I learned a long time ago. Don't ever depend on anybody because even your shadow will leave you when you're in darkness.

  5. $300 a month with a huge chance of getting raped, beaten to death butchered and set on fire.

    Yeah fuck yeah they sure have there priorities right

  6. Remember that many of these young people have lost close friends and family in the most horible ways. If someone killed my older brother or father and cut him up or beheaded him I may find myself compelled to join the ranks of a competing cartel to exact revenge.

    Remember how infallible we all felt around that age.

  7. just imagine what the golfos would of done to them.

  8. Texcoco Mex said.

    I like this...Don't ever depend on anybody because even your shadow will leave you when you're in darkness.

    Haha were the bjs included on their pay?

    Well according to Nota Roja in Spanish one of the guys who got arrested said las mujeres son "damas de compañía". In other words the women were Escort Women or Women that do Sexual Services. Maybe they want to make money twice, Working in the Escort Busyness and Working in the Assassin Busyness.

  9. Sicaria ? hmmm, sounds more like Narco Puta to me...

  10. i bet all these little bitches are ex whores...who just weren't bringing in enough money and got demoted

  11. If you think about it, it is ridiculous but sometimes we got to understand that maybe its the easy way out of poverty and thats why its chosen, not forced. I dont support any of this but then again, many dont know the frusturation of not having food on a plate.


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