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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Governor's Bodyguards Found Mutilated in Nuevo Leon

Police on Wednesday found the dismembered bodies of two bodyguards who worked for the governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, the site of a violent turf war between drug cartels.

Authorities believe Gov. Rodrigo Medina's bodyguards were killed by a drug cartel. A message left near the bodies accused Medina of favoring a rival drug organization.

The message also said the bodyguards, members of Nuevo Leon's state police, took money from the feared Zetas drug cartel.

"For the Governor Rodrigo Medina: Here are two of your bodyguards, very good at collecting money from the company Z, you just came and forgot, as if you will always be in power, soon your six years will be over, lets see where you hide if not before."

Medina, a member of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, is under pressure from citizens to put an end to the spiraling drug violence. On his Twitter account, he said he would not be cowed by the menace.

Medina confirmed that the victims were part of his security detail and called the killings "cowardly." He told local media later that "no message, no threat will make us stop in this fight" against organized crime.

Medina later offered his condolences to the victims' families at a news conference but declined to provide more information about the attack or the bodyguards' names.

The bodies were found at an intersection in Guadalupe, a suburb of the state capital Monterrey. The city, Mexico's third largest and one of its most wealthy, has been the scene of bloody cartel turf battles that have included frequent attacks on police.

Monterrey is home to some of Latin America's biggest companies and its annual income per capita is double the national average at $17,000. But it has become one of Mexico's most violent cities with more than 650 drug war deaths so far this year, more than in all of 2010.

Once considered a model city, the manufacturing center of 4 million people 140 miles from Texas has witnessed a rapid increase in drug violence since President Felipe Calderon began his fight against the cartels in late 2006. Some 40,000 people have died across Mexico since then.

The area in northern Mexico has been a scene of constant killings and reprisals since a rupture between the Gulf and Zeta cartels in late 2009.

Since then the Zetas are fighting an alliance of the Gulf and Sinaloa cartel for control of Nuevo Leon and its smuggling routes into the United States.


  1. There is no alliance between Los Golfos and Federacion! Each is fighting there own battles with Los Zetas. With Los Zetas getting more support undercover from the US government, the Federacion and Los Golfos (which in all actuallity are the only major players) will eventually fall or become the major cartel in Mexico. Up is Down, Black is White.

  2. What is a Mexican to do now? Lead or Silver, now or later? Have they made their own bed over the years of the PRI and now they must lay in it? I have seen much referred to here in BB that the US is responsible for the guns in Mexico. Somehow I got the impression that every Country was responsible for their own Borders and what enters their Country. Is this not the way it is? I don't blame Mexico for the drugs that enter the US. Have you seen how little Mexico inspects the traffic into their Country? I know many Ex=Pats that have taken guns to Mexico for protection without any problem. At least the US stops and does a type of check on EVERY vehicle. Or is it that Mexico feels they can make the US do their job for them?

  3. Well, the alliance maybe nothing more then a non aggression pact, and a united front against the Zeta'. Probably more accurate then Golfos and Sinaloa combining forces like Captain America or something.

    Anyway, so the narco message, (putting aside the emotional reaction to the brutal killings) shows that these guys were Zeta complicit or believed to be Zeta complicit and were executed by Gulf Cartel members?

  4. OK YOU TELL ME That Calderon is responsible for CDG vs Zs Right that the attempt to modernize Mexico into a civalized place to live is why Zs and CDG went to war. New President ? PRI call the military off will stop kidnapping,extortion,robbery,murder??? IDIOTS!! The PRI will put an end to violence by handing the State of Mexico over to NARCOS ?? Says who the Narcos ? How could the voters in Mexico be so Crazy??

  5. This has become a classic dirty war. The State tries to out terrorize its opposition, and the opposition responds in kind.

  6. How do you konw the zs are getting support from the US?

  7. some one with a lot of money and intell is behind the Z ..there is no other explanation...they have no business...who is funding them?

    i smell internationalists at work


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