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Friday, June 17, 2011

26 Officers from Zuazua Suspected to have Ties to the Execution of Bodyguards

A total of 22 police and four traffic officers of the municipality of Zuazua, Nuevo León, were being held at the State Agency for investigation.

It was reported that the officers were being interrogated for their alleged involvement in the disappearance and execution of two escorts of the governor, whose remains were found near the food market in Guadalupe on Wednesday morning.

Three of the 26 officers under investigation are women, there are 3 shift commanders and a chief operating officer.

"They took 26 officers, there were three women and the rest are men."

It was the Seventh Military Zone and the ministerial police who carried out the operation during shift change 07:00 am on Thursday.

Incoming and outgoing officers were unarmed and gathered in the courtyard of the Ministry of Public Security of Vialidad de Zuazua during the time they were to perform their duties.

Moments later the 26 officers were taken to the police ministry building, located on Avenida Gonzalitos, in the municipality of Monterrey.

Pedro Muñoz Zamarrón, head of the secretariat, said he learned of the facts when he arrived at the property, and did not know of the reason of the operation and why they removed the officers.

"I was advised of an active operation within the agency by the military but they refused to say if it was the AFI or the State Agency, so I rushed over here but when I arrived, they were all gone, the military had left," he said.

The official explained that because of these actions the town, located 30 miles north of Monterrey was left without the police service, as such, the state government should send support from police forces to provide security to the citizens.

"We are going to request support from the state's public safety to help us with security in the municipality."

On the other hand it was established that the police and transit officers from Zuazua were being questioned by state authorities in the possible relationship with the murders of the escorts, it was learned that one of the escorts of Governor Rodrigo Medina lived in the neighborhood of Real de Palmas where he was abducted when he was celebrating a family reunion.

Source: Milenio


  1. Escorts? Two bodyguards. Escolta means body guard not escort!

  2. Digging the patrol car decals. Looks like US coast guard. Lol

    They need better vehicles like the Federales, AND BETTER OFFICERS. SMH. -_-


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