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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who is the Source of the Arsenal Found in Ciudad Juarez?

On April 30, 2011 Borderland Beat reported on the discovery of an arsenal of weapons found inside a secret room in an upscale home in Ciudad Juarez. A gym in the house had a mirror wall that would open in to the room which was housing an impressive amount of weaponry that included the following:

• 24 brand new AK-47 rifles 7.62x3 caliber
• Two brand new Barret rifles 50 caliber
• A antiaircraft Brawning machine gun 30 caliber
• A sniper rifle 308 caliber
• A grenade launcher 40mm caliber
• Three handguns 308 caliber
• A rifle Ruger 2.23 caliber
• A rifle AR-15 2.23 caliber
• A HK rifle 7.62 caliber
• A 12 gauge shotgun
• 39 fragmentation and chemical grenades
• 26,708 rounds of ammunition of different calibers
• 7 chests ammunition strips 7.62 caliber for 30 caliber antiaircraft machine gun
• 247 AK-47 magazines
• 12 HK-G3 magazines
• 10 disc magazines for AK-47 7.62x39 caliber.
• 19 handgun magazines
• A magazine for MP-5 submachine gun
• Four magazines for AR-15
• A magazine for M-2 carbine
• 13 ballistic vests
• 19 bayonets for AK-47 rifles
• 53 green military-style uniforms
• Three camouflaged uniforms types galil. (overalls)
• Three money-counting machines.
• An electronic scale
• A machine to vacuum-seal plastic
• Three gas masks.
• 32 green trimmings
• Four turrets (siren)

According to Raul Avila Ibarra, the federal police commissioner in the city of Juarez, the federal police acted on an anonymous tip that there were kidnapping victims in the house, but no victims were found. No one was detained in the search and the police didn't reveal the origin of the weapons found.

When asked by reporters if he had any idea who the weapons belonged to, he replied; "that is not important, we are more concern with taking these weapons off the streets of Ciudad Juarez."

What this means is that the police will most likely not pursue in trying to find out who were the owners of the arsenal are. That is an issue that is troubling, why would a law enforcement agency, especially the federal police, not have an interested in finding out who is the group or people responsible for the arsenal. In addition if the police got a tip of kidnapped victims in the house, one can assume that there are victims somewhere.

No one was detained at the home? One woud also assume the people who lived in the house must know something about the stash. We can only hope that perhaps this lack of interest is because the federal police are not releasing information for security reasons and/or not wanting to jeopardize the investigation, and are in fact pursuing the source of the weapons and possible the existance of kidnapped victims.

Could this be the doing of "La Gente Nueva" who are rumored to be colluding with the federal authorities?

The Fight For Juarez: When Will the Killing End?
In May 2010, the U.S. National Public Radio (NPR) aired multiple reports alleging that the Mexican federal police and military were working in collusion with the Sinaloa Cartel (Gente Nueva). In particular, the report claimed the government was helping Sinaloa cartel to take control of the Juarez Valley area and destroy other cartels, especially the Juarez Cartel (La Linea).

The criminal group "Gente Nueva" or "New People" are the armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel. If in fact this arsenal belongs to the Sinaloa Cartel, this is certainly not the fist time La Gente Nueva has been found with weapons in Juarez. Time and time again, apprehensions of members from La Gente Nueva that have been made in the last couple of years in Ciudad Juarez have been found in possession of heavy caliber weapons. La Gente Nueva is also known to extort local businesses and conduct kidnappings of citizens.

The problem is that whatever group lost this arsenal, they will just get more and not only will they use them against rival groups (be it La Linea or La Gente Nueva) but will also used them against law enforcement when they get in the way or if a specific group thinks that a certain law enforcement is colluding with a rival criminal groups. Until the federal police/military, judicial system and political structure in Mexico start to make viable advances toward holding these criminal organizations responsible, no matter which it is, the massacres in Mexico will continue to be just another day, business as usual.


  1. So now were publishing rumors? Doesn't BB think that is irresponsible? How about you just stick to the facts? Its like those claiming that Narco Blogs are used by Narcos to spread their propaganda? But I do not see you reporting on those rumors right?

  2. "La Gente Nueva is also known to extort local businesses and conduct kidnappings of citizens."

    Do you mean La Linea? Sinaloa conducts itself by keeping it strictly business and that is a fact!

  3. Good story. I am interested in the answer too, though my first guess is Juarez Cartel, not Sinaloa, just my first instinct. I could be wrong. Also, if it was federal police conducting the raid, the assumption would be it was Juarez's stash, because the Federal Police, as the article said are complicit with GN.

    Whats funny is it would probably take about a half hour of 'investigating' to find out roughly whos weapons they were, the owner of the house, plates on the vehicles, things in the house.

  4. DUUH, The Source is the ATF!

  5. 12:13 and 12:17 you guys dont know wat youre talking about.if you were actually from juarez you would know that federales kill aztecas and lineas all day.and if soldiers or the federales catch you with sinaloa's work you call youre man and they'll let you go with the work.Lol and they do extorsions and kidnappings too just look at el flaco.But i get it sinaloas The GOOD cartel!haha

  6. I live in Juarez, and last year my uncle was picked up by guys from gente nueva, and my other uncles who live in the US had to pay them money, but they still killed him anyway, so how dare you say these fucks do not extort and kill people? It is a game for some of you who pick sides like if it was a sport team but for us who live here is hell, and it comes from both cartels and the government who support them!

  7. Strictly Business that's a fact!LMFAO

  8. @May 1, 2011 3:33 PM
    @May 1, 2011 3:17 PM

    You don't know what you are talking about. You guys are some pochos who live in the US. Not actually from Juarez. BS sinaloa doesn't do that. It was more than anything la Linea. How do you u know it was NG? Did you ask them? And if it was NG who killed your uncle he probably deserved it! Anyone who is in the game is fair game!

  9. Who's pic is that in the big dollar bill on top of the bookself?

    1. Thats al pacino in his roll as cuban drug kingpin gangster from the movie scar face.
      A gangstera idol. First u get the money then u get the power.

  10. My guess is GN, or someone gave up the location of a Juarez/Linea stash house, theres no way, or it's highly unlikely federal police searching for kidnap victims in a house would find that spot, behind the mirrors in a gym? Maybe the Feds turned a La Linea operative, either way that's a big loss for them. That's enough weaponry to do some damage on the street.

  11. It has to be Gente Nueva of the Sinaloa cartel, Juarez cartel is too weak and does not have the resources or clout to build this kind of arsenal, are you kidding? Just ask the people who know a little bit in Juarez, they will tell who is in and who is out. Juarez cartel got squeezed out by Sinloa, military and federal police.

    The only reason federal police stumbled on this arsenal was because they were led there by a call, inside job? But word has it that the people in the house got the word of the raid and managed to leave before police go there. Buggs is on track, federal police has no interest to find out who the sources are, they already know, but someone will pay dearly for being sloppy.

  12. 3:42 Aight theres no point for going back and forth because youre probably a big fan of them even though your from chihuahua.and watever i say you will just say its not true.5:29 Squeezed out from where? that never happened.and Now La Linea is coming back strong.Tell the people that told you that to go ask in La Cima!

  13. @ May 1, 2011 3:42 PM
    I asked them, they said they did it!

  14. What do you think the police do with the stash after the press conference?

  15. There doesn't seem to be a clear answer on the Juarez groups operational strength at this point, they aren't as strong as Sinaloa, and hold little territory, but as long as they are able to send (and this may no longer be true) large cocaine shipments across the border, they easily have the resources to build this arsenal. That being said, of course it could go either way.

  16. Yea, supposedly la linea is startin to clean the plaza by what family has seen there. Decapitated bodies left and right left by la linea with their written msgs on the bodies. They seem to kinda b smart by laying low, weeks will fly without a sign of them.

  17. thats is not an arsenal.. that is boo boo. most country boy round here have something similar if not better. any fire arm collector would have a bigger and nicer collection.. what it does say to me is that this house was used as a staging point where ppl got ready and headed out never to return. nasty business it is.. reminds me of the scene in Boondock Saints where they get the rope. lawl. and the guy in the huge dollar bill is Tony Montana aka Scarface aka Al Pachino


  18. Yes, I agree with some of that post. This is definitely a receiving point for new merchandise (weapons), plus a stash house for product going over the border, (guess because of the vacum sealer). Still a hit, to whoever it was though.

  19. Another thought, the scales and vacuum sealers could be for money only, no drugs. If they didn't find any other packaging materials.


  21. I am not sold that the Juarez Cartel is on the brink of disappearing. I have read that Amado Carrillo was worth 25 billion dollars prior to his death and his wealth was invested all over the world. Several knowledgable writers say the Juarez Cartel operates out of South America in 30 countries. They may have some blocks on the US supply routes but not on other destinations. We are all so ready for Mexico to find peace that we buy into rumors as fact. If you remember, the Juarez Cartel was laid to rest by the media in 2008 before they took Juarez back with a vengeance. Remember, it is not that long until 2012 and Mexico will have a new direction and leadership. Most of the Juarez Cartel are in El Paso and have been for years.

    It is a crime what Calderon has directed the military and Federal Police to do in Juarez. His plan was to take all power away from state and local police, and the citizens so as to allow his cartel of choice to dominate Mexico. This would create a Totalitarian Government and increase poverty in Mexico. He is an Elitist.

    We all know deep down that taking power away from even corrupt state and local government and giving it to more corrupt and less accountable Federal personnel has fueled the lawlessness in Mexico. A firm Plaza boss that is in control of his plaza does not need or allow kidnapping, violence and extortion at the levels we are seeing. The responsibility falls on El Chapo and Calderon for invading states, waging war on certain cartel and labeling another cartel as the good guys. They are the true evil and shallow minded readers think Sinaloa and Calderon are knights in shinning armor. It is pure unadulterated propaganda.

    Estimates on 2000 census in Juarez showed about 3 females to 2 males in Juarez. I bet is is closer to 3 to 1 now. But the Juarez Cartel has wealth of hungry, angry young males to recruit from that feel loyalty.

    And The Band Played On.

  22. @Anonymous 3:42

    dude on the bill is Scarface

  23. Mexican police overlooks a lot of things, in Hermosillo, Sonors a month or so ago a criminal cell engaged in a shootou with the police, they killed both officers and later were caught, that event led to the discovery that municipal police elements as well as a zone commander were working for the narcos. It was a series of discoveries and arrestes, eventually a couple of corpses from to men from Chiapas were found buried in a car repair shop. All this was in local media, but still it's unknown which cartel the "Los Licenciados" gang works for, also the shop was shut down, but two weeks after the finding it was fully working againg, still no clues in the media about who put those two men there.

  24. I'll tell you know nothings where the source of this arsenal is...say it loud..the truth hurts...ATF..


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