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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Texas Man Disappears in Mexican Border Town


It has been two weeks since Robert Tamez, known to family and friends in South Texas as "Big Bob," disappeared after being attacked on his family's ranch in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Tamez left Falfurrias, Texas in January and crossed the border into Miguel Aleman to be by his disabled father's bedside on the ranch near Ciudad Mier, a Mexican border town riddled with violence.

Now, his family said they are afraid he has been kidnapped and they hope it's not too late.

Agents from the San Antonio office of the FBI have contacted Mexican local and federal law enforcement authorities, which is standard procedure when an American goes missing in Mexico.

"Were looking into the matter," Erik Vasys, special agent for the FBI in San Antonio, told ABC News.

Two weeks ago, when the ranch was stormed by a group of men, Tamez's father was beaten but survived, his family said. The injured man was taken to Miguel Aleman and made it safely across the border to Roma, Texas. He is now in Texas with his family, waiting for news from his son, his family said.

"I just don't know if my son is alive or if he's dead. My heart keeps telling me he's alive," Grace Tamez, Robert Tamez's mother, told ABC News affiliate KRGV-TV in Rio Grande. "I want to think of Bobby the way he was, laughing, joking, giving me his bear hugs, and I can't."

"His whole thing was to take care of my dad. That was his main concern. That is his main concern," said Belen Ramos, Tamez's sister.

With widespread drug-related violence in Mexico only growing, this disappearance is just one of many recent incidents to occur in the U.S.-Mexico border regions.

Last fall, when Americans Tiffany and David Hartley went jet skiing on Falcon Lake at the Texas-Mexico border, they were attacked by Mexican pirates and David Hartley was shot and killed. Only days later, the lead investigator on the case, Rolando Flores, was decapitated.

In January 2011, a U.S. missionary working in Mexico sped against traffic to the Mexican border as his wife sat in the front passenger's seat, bleeding from a head wound after being shot by gunmen in a pickup truck. Nancy David, 59, died in a South Texas hospital 90 minutes after they got there.

The Mexican government has been waging a war against the Mexican drug cartels and the growing drug-related violence.


  1. Texas man but living in Mexico, so an american resident of mexico. right? I saw his family on an interview saying he lived in Mier full time. It is very weird how they beat the father and left him. what would they want with the son? everyone says he is a nice guy, but there must be a lot more to this

  2. how long is this shit gonna go on until we as a nation realize that we REALLY need to pay attention to our border...

    WTF..libya...afgannystan..irag...we are being invadedd by some of the worst terrorists on earth..right over our border...if Mexico was muslim..or threatened isreal/unreal..all hell would break loose...

    my friend came close to death on morelos in Monterrey last night when there was a shootout...and does that make the news ..nooo...but if it had of affected some isreal asshole it would be all over cnn

    our news service is so totally controlled by the "tribe "it is outrageous....and they are at war with the moslem people ...nothing else matters

  3. He's probably dead already.

  4. There have been over 35 kidnappings in the past two months in EAGLE PASS, TX....border town next to Piedras Negras, Coahuila. Its crazy how I read about it in the San Antonio Express News, but the radio, newspaper and media do not even mention a word about it in Eagle Pass itself. The violence has spread over to the United States since the year began and some young men and women are even being picked up as far as San Antonio and Austin Texas and taken back to Mexico never to be heard of again.

  5. yeap there is a near total news blackout about mexico...can you imagine all the coverage if there were mass graves found anywhere else..

  6. Yep, there's certainly a blackout in mexico and really a blackout in the states when it comes to kidnappings, decapitations, and shootouts in Mexico. We hear about a fire killing 10 in China but really next to nothing on mexico ever on TV news. None of this little bus problem has hit TV news and barely the papers. Tons of people in Texas still ride buses down and back from Mexico. It is the cheapest most spontaneous way to travel. Not me any more for a while anyway.

  7. There have been over 35 kidnappings in the past two months in EAGLE PASS, TX....
    Dear sir if you have the time I have a large part of the answer you are looking for. Use these words and do a search. mootw military operations other than war , media blackout ,
    psychological operations other than war .

    you are Nemo in the matrix and you feel that their is more than meets the eye. Trouble is you are right, now you will have to make the decision whether to take the red pill and know the truth or the green pill and go back to the world of enslavement.

  8. it is the real secret war...

  9. gimme the green pill..

  10. I'd guess the Eagle Pass kidnappings are related to the defecntion of that Zeta Poncho, who allegedly went to Eagle Pass and turned himself into the DEA for protection for him and his family.

  11. how about seal team six goes to messico and finds this guy

    gonna be pretty funny when the almighty Z has to face these guys...PUT YER DINERO ON THE GRINGOS TO WIN PLACE AND SHOW

    better take a lesson culeroz ,,,the time to fuck with Americans is coming to an mugrosozo turdz better get back to fucking solomente with each other

  12. People need to understand that when the government or the media does NOT keep people inform of what is going on, They are putting your life in jerpordy. Information is power and the only ones with information are the cartels and Zs.

  13. First Amendment,1st there is a reason for it being first. An informed public demands results. Mexico media,media in the US border states, Have not reported the HORRORS of Mexico lawlesness. ALL Possible pressure needs to be applied to the US, to Mexico, to REFORM Mexico into a functioning State, for the sake of the Mexican people most of all.

  14. We define ourselves often by how we speak....

    'better take a lesson culeroz ,,,the time to fuck with Americans is coming to an mugrosozo turdz better get back to fucking solomente with each other'

    Not much Latino here but a lot of ignorant Red Neck. Why are you running all around Mexico with such an ass backward mind set in US racism, Brito?


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