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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video of a Convoy from the Knights Templar in Michoacán

The following video appears to have been made in Apatzingan, Michoacan, where you can see a convoy of Los Caballeros Templarios or the Knights Templar.

At least 50 trucks pass through the town and appear to be occupied by heavily armed men and some of the vehicles have the logo on the side of the criminal organization.


  1. seems like an organized company.

  2. Wow a Mexican parade honoring the local Chamber of Commerce. This again proves coplicity of the public and utter lack of any local effective(non-corrupt) law enforcment. What was Calderon thinking,maby he did not realize he was taking on half the population of Mexico??

  3. that sucks, with police lights in front of the truck, a honest citizen can't even tell if its a regular cop or a truck full of sicarios...

    But i also agree with Anonymous 8:33... with everybody and their mother having access to a cellphone there is NO reason while authorities weren't available to arrest(kill) these bastards.. because of one word "CORRUPTION!"

  4. One B-52 = Carpet Bob

  5. Sounds like we need to send in Predetor Drones with Hell Fire Missiles. That will make the rats scurry!

  6. Hey jackass its Carpet Bomb as in make the ground a carpet of bombs not Carpet Bob dumbass

  7. Let's see that's 50 vehicles x 6 occupants a piece lets say..that's 300 foot soldiers! More or less..probably more. This appears to be a show of force..50 vehicles drivng in tandem through the town displaying their moniker. Wow..can you imagine the carnage and complete chaos, if the military and federal police would of showed up! It's deplorable that such a large vulgar display of force can go unchecked..this is further evidence if not empirical proof some areas in Mexico are under the direct control of the drug cartels.

  8. @11:02AM,

    Appreciate your assistance with regards to pointing out the obvious: "Carpet Bomb" vs "Carpet Bob." Regardless of the obvious spelling error in the original post, you were still able to comprehend it's meaning. By the way, it's not called "Carpet Bomb" because it "makes the ground a carpet of bombs"..whatever that means? In fact, the correct terminology is "Carpet Bombing" because it involves the concentration and deployment of a massive amount of unguided bombs in the same area, in an effort saturate (cause maxium damage to) the target area. (as a carpet covers an entire floor)

  9. These punks would be food for the American A-10 Warthogs. A one sided blood bath- worthless fucking punks!!

  10. 2 Apache helicopters and 15 minutes, and not a single one would be standing...they are sitting ducks for any real military operation. When Mexico decides to fight them, they will lose...but they don't want to fight them, too much $$$ involved.

  11. crazy video. What do you guys want the police to do? The police HERE couldn't do anything against a 50 truck convoy, with 6 people with machine guns in every vehicle. Two men with body armor and assault rifles on meth held the police at bay for hours in LA in like 1997.

    The military can get involved, but they aren't everywhere at once, this isn't 'Batman Begins' or something.

  12. Why is it that you guys reffer to military use? Military intervention will not slow down the demand of drugs nor the people willing to take the deceased place. Calderon's war has already proved to be ineffective with Military power so why the F*** cant you guys see that. This is a failed state with a completely wrong approach to a problem that would be fixed with decriminalization of drugs in the U.S. Every human should have the right to do what ever f***in drug they want with out the government trying to arrest them. Everything is all a f***in joke if you analyze it. I thought this was a free country but obviously hasn't been. Free your mind from the mainstream media and think out of the box. Try to deprogram your selves you god damn sheeps. Military Power= More Chaos with + Civilian Deaths + Ruthless Tactics on Behalf of The Cartels.

  13. I know that many of you might not like what I'm going to say. But here it goes... just keep in mind I'm not trying to piss anybody off / cause a buncha flaming, its just my opinion ok.

    As the other guy said above, the war on drugs has failed. the problem is not the drug cartels selling the drugs, but the law and legislation in the USA which makes drugs illegal, thereby driving up the price, thereby giving drug cartels a market to make mucho dinero.

    Until americans can stop spending money on stuffing powder up their nose (whatever drug it may be, sniffing coke, smoking meth, or buying low grade mexican brick pot), the drugs will continue.

    Does anybody understand this? Drugs are here to stay people, we just have to find a way to keep it at a minimum, harm reduction.

    Unless you actually believe that the war on drugs will someday prevail, but I'm sorry to tell you that people will find a way to get their fix.

  14. @4:13.

    You fail to understand what a real military can do. Calderon doesn't want to win the war and has employed the military as a sign for the people to believe that he is doing something.

    Demand issues are secondary to controlling the violence. Demand goes down, petty crime rises. It is pretty clear to me, you don't understand Mexico at all.

  15. I really thought it would be obvious to anyone who watches the video for more than a minute, but I guess not... I saw this video originally postesd on blog de narco, and the guy who put it up there said the same thing, "convoy of sicarios" So, because of that the same line gets parroted here when in fact this is almost certainly a convoy of police security vehicles or a convoy transporting a politician. If you pay attention (aside from the obvious giveaway police lights in the first car as a signal to traffic ahead) you'll notice that the trucks have special registration numbers above their wheel wells, and that the insignia on the sides of several vehicles is actually either a state police badge of some sort or a state seal. Man, everyone with a gun and a truck is a narco now! everywhere, enough paranoia already.


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