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Friday, May 27, 2011

Leyzaola Challenges the Members of the Sinaloa Cartel

Julián Leyzaola Pérez, the chief of the Municipal Public Security of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, made some strong statements after learning about the arrest of the four gunmen who executed José Manuel Rivas, the police coordinator of the Municipal Police station Benito Juárez.

The chief said he is extremely angry about what happened, "let them threaten me those dogs sons of bitches" (Que me amenacen a mí esos perros hijos de la chingada), he said while challenging the members of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Also in the last days Leyzaola has worked from the station Benito Juárez, after police officers said that they were afraid to work on this particular police station.

Leyzaola said there is no doubt in his mind that his police agency still has bad cops working for organize crime, "That makes us vulnerable to any attack, we cannot have corrupt people in the Police and soon I will fire them."

Four sicarios of the Sinaloa Cartel arrested in the execution of the police commander.

Four suspected gunmen belonging to the criminal group of the Sinaloa cartel led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera were arrested within minutes of killing the police coordinator of the station Benito Juárez in the city of Juarez, José Manuel Rivas López .

The detainees were arrested after having committed the murder in the neighborhood of Oasis Revolución and were in possession of two rifles, numerous rounds of ammunition, radios and mobile phones.

The alleged killers were identified as Miguel Hernández Hernández, 21, Miguel Marquez Estrada, 23, Jesús Adrián Ramírez Hernández, 23, and Luis Lorenzo Irigoya, 31, who claimed to belong to the criminal group of "Chapo" Guzman.

According to the Coordinator of "Operativo Coordinado Juárez" and man in charge of federal forces, Raul Avila Ibarra, said that the gunmen killed the police commandeer because he had interfered with their criminal acts in the southeastern sector of the city.

They were also found in possession of two vehicles reported as stolen: a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier and black 2003 white Trail Blazer pickup.


  1. Anyone else think it's weird that Sinaloa and Leyazola are going at it like this, all of the sudden? I thought that Juarez cartel would be the one that went at Leyazola. Well, GN did hang that list 'THOSE WHO CONTINUE NOT BELIEVING' when the war first started.

  2. I love this guy..He gets results, but I swear it's a woman in drag....How can the cartels take him seriously...He's wearing lipstick!!!

  3. @ J...I find it as unusual as you do. My fist thought was propaganda, but it may not be. We know in Mexico, allies become enemy overnight. What makes me look at it as legit is the location. Even in 2006, the Sinaloa strong hold in Juarez was the east and southeast corridor. From what I get out of this, that was where the the district station was. Even back in 2006, my friends hated driving in that area and said they all carried guns and were pretty aggressive.


  4. Almost all countrys have special treatment for cop killers, Capitol punishment by the police. They caught these guys red handed??Mexico needs to get a set of nuts,even the self richeous USA ordered the outright killing of Ben Ladin. Every week in Mexico ,Police,retired General,Public servants,Military with no special reaction from the state, UNLESS IT HAS POLITICAL EFFECT<Poets son. Create respect for the BADGE,DO SOMETHING.

  5. The police commander who was killed was working with La Linea. Leyzaola supports the Sinaloans, he did in Tijuana and he does in Juarez. It costs him nothing to publically bash the CDS though, it just makes him a more popular public figure and protects him from accusations of working with the CDS. The CDS pretended to threaten him when he first came to Juarez for the same reason, for appearances.

    This guy had Tijuana officers loyal to the CAF tortured to death by his people, he struck a deal with el Inge to get rid of el Teo, his own strike force has already been caught red-handed kidnapping and executing 4 people in Juarez, he's just as corrupt as any other Mexican police chief.

  6. There is something to the Leyazola accusations, maybe, but I'm not sold he blindly supports the Sinaloa cartel, in Tijuana or Juarez.

  7. What would tell the truth on it all would be the cartel that the 400 officers were affiliated with. But where do we get that other than from the officers themselves and I am not going there to ask them.


  8. LoLAnonymous @ 5:49 said...
    The police commander who was killed was working with La Linea. Leyzaola supports the Sinaloans, he did in Tijuana and he does in Juarez. How does that make sense when you said he struck a deal to get rid of Teo(Sinaloa Allie) That makes no sense at all. Teo was Sinaloa in TJ you lethargic prick. Leyzaola made a deal with CAF not Sinaloa. Quit falsely speculating when the truth is achievable...


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