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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ransom City

Phoenix, AZ had more kidnappings last year than any city at any time in United States history. To combat the onslaught of cases, the Phoenix Police Department formed the elite HIKE (home invasion and kidnapping enforcement) Unit in their Violent Crimes Bureau. Our series, RANSOM, is a fictionalized account of the activities of that division.

The unit deals with three main criminal activities, all of which link back to Mexico's cartels: kidnapping and extortion; home invasions; and the bajadores—Mexican robbers—who wait for coyotes to bring illegals across the border and then rob them of their human cargo, demanding $1500 a head. The 10 Freeway has been the site of bold carjackings and shootouts for a payload of illegals.

Mexico is a country at war. Juarez gangs and Sinoloa drug mobs fight to control the drug trade. The battle rages and the outcomes are uncertain. Will Mexico become a narco state? One thing is certain: drug cartel violence is spilling over into the U.S. And Phoenix is ground zero.


  1. Lets all open our arms for Mexican Culture,Values,Business, HELLO PHEONIX

  2. Boy this story is going to make the Couch Commandoes fired up, Git Yer Guns and your Bibles in a wad!

  3. Time to start a television series with this HIKE group. I would watch it.

  4. I live in Phoenix Az and they don't talk about kidnappings on the news. Any idea which Cartel is operating in the area??

  5. @ 8:49 hahaha you are right, i bet some of those knuckle draggers are foaming at the mouth right now, thinking about testing out their guns at the border, i see alot of "git r done" caps and hunting camo shirts in use with these people.

  6. @May 15, 2011 11:31 PM

    The Sinaloa cartel is Arizona territory and while your politicians may want to you to think they are in control, the person who really has control of AZ is el Chapo Guzman, he calls the shots. Phoenix, AZ is the distribution hub where they transport tons of drugs to other parts of the country.

  7. Have you guys heard of a man from Mesa Az that got decapitated because he stole drugs from a cartel??? Even that didn't come out on the news so I think its kinda weird. I guess they're makin it seem like Phoenix is dangerous but I'm sure those kidnapped are in some way involved with illegal activities.

  8. Is anyone documenting illegal alien executions, smugglings, home invasions, kidnappings, attacks in the Phoenix area? Or, in Arizona?
    NCFIRE in North Carolina documents Hispanic on Hispanic executions which are well below the media radar. High volume of IA crime in our state.

  9. So this is where are you Carolina neo-Klanners cross burn these days, Cape Fear Fire? It's socially acceptable for you neos, is it? Thanks for the link though... I'll know where to find you if I ever want to hire a mob.

    Love that poor Oh persecuted Whites You picture of the Mexican flag flying high about an American flag turned upside down. Your ex KKK Senator, Jesse Helms, did more to fug up all of Latin America through his constant support for death squad organizations throughout the entire world, than almost any other KKKer else around. I bet you miss him?


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