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Sunday, May 15, 2011

13 Dead after "Costa Grande" Shootout

The State of Guerrero Public Security Ministry confirmed the deaths of 9 gunmen and 4 Guerrero state police officers in a firefight that occurred Saturday evening at 6:00pm in the “Costa Grande” coastal area between the municipalities of Zihuatanejo and Petatlán.
The shooting occurred in the Los Llanitos area about 1 km from the Zihuatanejo to Acapulco federal highway.

According to media reports, 18 state police officers on board 3 police vehicles were attacked by approximately 30 gunmen who fired from several trucks and and adobe structure.

The gunmen were repulsed when Army reinforcements who were patrolling nearby arrived in support of the police.

The dead police officers were identified as Jhony Pavel Salazar Hidalgo, Armando García de los Santos, Adrián Pelcastre Nava and Víctor Manuel Fajardo Zúñiga.

One police officer survived his wounds and is reported in serious condition

Fallece otro policia traz balacera anoche en Zihuatanejo....


  1. I am very sorry that officers lost their lives in Mexico killing a police officer is no big deal it should be. Cop killers in the USA are delt with harshley.

  2. Oh well they died like men doing the right thing fighting evil not like these cowardly corrupt pieces of s**t cops who will help cartels kidnap and kill innocents just for a lousy extra 20 dollars or something.

  3. I really feel bad for cops in Mexico that are just trying to do their job. What a mess!!! Really ashame..Words can't describe how disasterous it really is. It's amazing how many "gunmen" are in the general population...It's like endless.

  4. This is war in Mexico just a few feet from America.
    These worthless coked up gangbangers are trying to tighten thier grip on the territory "lost" by the Federal Goverment. The cartels do rule and control certain areas and they do challenge the legetimate athorities, nuch like Al Quida, the FARC gurillias in Colombia and other insurgencies around the world.
    Whats amazing is how much has being lost by the Mexcan Goverment and how much has been gainned (although temporary only) by these gangbanging punks that are terrorizing Mexico.
    Maybe its pride or maybe its jelously but whatever reason it is that the Mexican govertment has not asked for outside military help is beyond me.
    When the goverment cannot protect its citizens from these horendus crimes and when law and order are so broken down that the common criminal will go so far as to wear thier cartel name as a badge of honer, a time of calling is upon the Goverment to do what is necessary to protect its people and the to secure the plasces where they live. Call for some outside help!!


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