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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Narco-Banner Wars Between two Cartels Blaming the Death of Juan Sicilia

Since March 27 when seven men were found executed in the division Las Brisas, in the state of Morelos, where among them was Juan Francisco Sicilia Ortega, has prompted a narco-banner war between the cartels of the South Pacific and the Gulf blaming each other for this multi-homicide, and no state authorities nor the federal police nor even the army have managed to detain the person they name as directly responsible, Jesus Radilla Hernández, El Negro, who is a fugitive.
In the midst of this banner war of cartels, the military has not looked favorably primarily because on April 15, soldiers from the 24th Military Zone presented Rodrigo Elizalde Maron, El Chemís, who had been found inside a vehicle bound by his hands and feet in the town of Temixco after receiving a call from the Gulf Cartel informing them of the location of El Chemis that was said to be one of those involved in the homicide. However, when the alleged sicario of South Pacific Cartel was presented to the press, his official testimony that was provided to authorities did not match with the times and place of the abduction of Juan Francisco and his friends.
Since the discovery of the bodies of Juan Francisco, son of the poet Javier Sicilia, and six of his friends, the two organized crime groups have made accusations against each other. This seems to be another chapter in the bloody battle that has begun for control of the state of Morelos after the death of Arturo Beltran Leyva, El Barbas, on December 17 2009.

When the bodies were discovered on Sunday March 27 by state police, they also found a message in the car that said: "This happened for making anonymous calls to the military and this is also going to happen to captain Barrales and captain Castillo of the Feds. Atte CDG."
The war of narco-messages and accusations between the two groups continued on Wednesday March 30 when very early in the day the South Pacific Cartel put up three banners responding in a threatening way:

"To all the citizens in general. We have never denied our executions like the Gulf Cartel, they made a huge mistake and want to wash their hands clean, what do you expect from a little cartel, we're a dynasty that have never made mistakes like this little cartel. First they killed the family and then Tito Barrera (former leader of the CTM in Morelos) as well as the pregnant women in Temixco, it is your responsibility and stop the bullshit and stop robbing and kidnapping in order to survive and if you want to fight here we are, stop  putting out stupid names to scare the people and if you want to fight here we are, show your presence bitches, all you do is hit and run, Ulises Martínez González 'El Mojo' and Commando 7, we are waiting for you on the phone and you don't come out bitch, we know you have all children punks from the neighborhood working fro you, but we are highly trained by the best 100% Beltrán Leyva. Sincerely CPS."

The next day the Gulf cartel responded by denying responsibility through banners placed in three different places in Cuernavaca. In the message, the Gulf cartel rejected any notion of responsibility for the murder:

"To the citizens and the federal police we disclaim any responsibility for the Brisas executions, to the threats of federal police and the military that want to adjudicate us the CPS (South Pacific Cartel), we have them located, come out and do not killing innocent people. Raúl Díaz, La Varilla, Martin de ‘Amores Perros’, Julio de Jesús Radillas alias El Negro, El Chompa, El Pelón, El Cone, Daniel Encinas, El Gordo Fresa, El Rata Vargas, Edgar Edwin, Chucho Cárdenas, El Manos. Every action has a reaction. Benjamín Mondragón, alias El Jarras. Atte. CDG y Comando 7.”

On the morning of April 15 the CDG turned over El Chemis to the military, who they claimed participated in the kidnapping of the son of the poet and the six others, in addition they identified El Negro Radilla as the sole responsible for the homicide and that Héctor Beltrán Leyva had ordered the execution.
On April 21 the federal Public Security Secretariat presented two suspects of being linked to the homicide, they said they were members of the Gulf Cartel. It was Daniel Rosales Najera, El Barni, 26 years old, who was suspected in the abduction of Elizalde Rodrigo Mora, El Chemis, an alleged member of the South Pacific Cartel, and Santiago Miranda Catalán, The Flais, 34 years old.

With the introduction of the two alleged sicarios by the agency lead by Genaro Garcia Luna not only did it not clarify the case, but rather it complicated things more because the two men said they had participated in the kidnapping but they gave the place of the bar "La Obsesión," different place given by El Chamis, who assured it was "La Crudelia." Both clubs are different from the ones identified through the investigation: "La Rana Cruda."

Given this new mess of things, on Sunday May 1 authorities discovered a new banner from the South Pacific Cartel, who distanced themselves from the homicide as well as from El Negro Radilla:

"To all citizens of Morelos, let it be known that Julio Radilla, alias "El Negro" is not affiliated with the Beltrán Leyva cartel because we are not kidnappers, we do not kill innocent people nor do we extort. The company Beltrán Leyva disclaims "El Negro" he does not belong to this organization. Do not be fooled and for everyone who is working dirty, straighten up or we will straighten you up. We will make a peaceful Morelos like when Arturo Beltran was alive. We are are 100% B.L. Atte. Panchito Base 40.”

Thus it is apparent that the government authorities in Morelos or the military or the Federal Police have failed to arrested those responsible for the execution and the organized crime groups appear to have taken over the case in their own hands.

At around 0630 hours yesterday several narcobanners credited to the Beltrán Leyva clan appeared in several municipalities in the state of Morelos, notably Cuernavaca but also Jojutla, Tetecala and Jiutepec.

In the banners the Beltrán Leyva offered support to Javier Sicilia but also they also say that Marisela Morales, head of the Attorney General's Office, conducts dirty business in the government, noting that she has a connection with Sergio Villarreal alias El Grande.

They also indicated that they do not kill innocent people and that El Grande is the one who created that South Pacific Cartel or Cártel del Pacífico Sur (CPS).

Full text:
"Enough! of murdering and shooting the people of Mexico, enough of blaming the Beltran Leyva and innocent people for the dirty actions of the government and you Federal Attorney General Maricela Morales and El Grande Sergio Villarreal who is a protected witness have colluded with the death of Javier Sicilia and are now blaming the Beltran Leyva. Javier Sicilia count with our support the Beltran Layva does not kill innocent people. The South Pacific Cartel (Cartel del Pasifico Sur) was invented by El Grande and El Negro Radilla belong to El Grande. All the protected witnesses, organized crime is the government because they are untouchable! Put the light on the truth!

Source: Proceso


  1. I wonder who really is responsible. Sometimes I think these are just criminals operating on their own regardless of their cartel affiliation. What a mess. I reckon they all extort and kidnap and kill innocents who don't pay up

  2. Texcoco Mex said.

    Como what?

  3. This article has been around for about a month in other sites. Also in one of the banners the CPS says, they were trained 100% by the Beltran-Leyva. Yet the Beltran's say the CPS was invented by El Grande. Wasn't El Grande working for la barbie?? Also last week BDLB posted the capture of "El Villa" current boss of the CPS in morelos. And in the article it said that he was trying to make a truce with La familia-knights templar, and the operations leader of the Gulf Cartel in reynosa.

  4. Good Story, unfortunately I really cannot buy everything Proceso says because it has a history of trying to discredit everybody in government and only seems to support the cartels, which undermine President Calderon's actions making it "Calderon war," instead of making it the Mexicans people's war for justice and peace. Anyways good story buggs.

  5. great story. Thanks. My theory is that the 7 were murdered because of some petty dispute, over a woman, or a spilled drink, or whatever, in the club, by El Negro and his people, who have been wreaking havoc in Morelos for a year now. Then they tried to blame it on CDG, which doesn't make sense for a number of reasons, and CDG responded. After all the bad press, and attention, in addition to the El Ponchis problem, the powers that be at Beltran Leyva decided to cut El Negro off. And no, El Grande was not aligned with La Barbie, they were fighting each other.

  6. El Grande used to work for Hector Beltran Leyva. I think CPS and el H's organization were two seperate groups from the beginning, CPS probably growing out of El Grande and El Negro's crews and after El Grande's arrest I guess the relationship between him and Hector deteriorated.

    Either way since the BL's are now distancing themselves from CPS and are effectively at war with them it would make sense for CPS to try to make peace with LFM and CDG, if they're at war with the BL's they've lost their alliance with the Zetas by extension. CPS really have no reason to fight the federation anymore, the only reason they fought them in the first place was because they were part of the BL/Zeta bloc. Oh and the 100% BL comment doesn't necessarily mean anything more than that the sicarios are proud of their BL "heritage", I mean, I'm sure la barbie's people are proud of the glory days with Arturo at the helm and still see themselves as Beltranes at heart, even though they're fighting Hector.

    There's no doubt CPS killed that poet's son though, not that it really matters what group did it.

  7. Good post. But, if CPS wasn't Hector Beltran's group, then Beltran Leyva's have been virtually inactive for a year or so. I remember seeing maybe one story about a narco message signed by 'People of Hector Beltran' in the last year, what are his people doing? Are they fighting in Guerreo anymore? In Nayarit? Little pockets of them exist in Sinaloa, but are they loyal to Hector, or themselves? Either way, the Beltran Leyva's are a mess.

    Funny, I remember when CPS was formed, and they were spray painting messages all over the place, 'we are an organization dedicated to drug trafficking, no extortion, kidnapping, etc', yet to see a single drug shipment that was seized belonging to these guys.

  8. You know I was just thinking about something. Has the Mexican government ever tried to trace top leadership through these banners? Meaning find out who is printing these banners for them, since obviously it's not just done with crayons and construction paper, and stake them out. Obviously someone high up must be at least approving these messages if not dictating them.

    Same principle as how they found bin Laden. Trace his couriers who are the vital link in the chain that he MUST use.

  9. When the naco-banners was found hanging up everywhere in the public, WHY did the police quickly take them down? Not acceptable? Can't they leave them for a bit longer, let the people read its messages before taking down? Is it illegal to hang up narco-banners anywhere in the public? what about the normal other banners, such as advertisements, etc..? Are they allowed to be put up on the billboard? Do they have to ask the council first for permission before putting them up?


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