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Monday, May 16, 2011

Beltran Leyva cell leader detained in northern Sinaloa

Sinaloa’s Attorney General announced the arrest Sunday of a top leader of “Los Mazatlecos”, the faction of the Beltran Leyva cartel operating in northern Sinaloa, in the port city of Mazatlan in southern Sinaloa and in Tepic, the state capitol of Nayarit.

Geovany Lizárraga Ontiveros, “el Desaparecido”, was detained in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, in an operation headed by the recently deployed elite rapid reaction squad of the state ministerial police. The suspect offered no resistance during his arrest.

Lizárraga Ontiveros, is alledged to be the leader of the Los Mochis cell of los Mazatlecos, whose stronghold is in the Los Mochis-Guasave area of northern Sinaloa, and is a top lieutenant of Fausto Isidro Meza Flores, “el Chapo Isidro”, identified as the head of the Mazatlecos.

Los Mazatlecos are bitter rivals of the Sinaloa cartel and are rumored to be allies of Los Zetas.

Geovany Lizárraga was traveling alone in an armored pick-up at the the time of his arrest. After his arrest the suspect was immediately transported to the headquarters of the Mexican Army’s 89 Infantry Battalion in Los Mochis.

According to police reports the convoy transporting the suspect came under fire from gunmen in at least one pickup on federal highway 15 in a rescue attempt that was repulsed by state police and military reinforcements on the way to the military facility.

Three civilians were caught in the crossfire on the highway and injured. Two of the wounded travelers, Antonio and Jorge Pérez Orizaba, were identified as U.S. citizens returning from a visit to see family in Michoacan. Two ministerial police officers in the convoy were injured by shrapnel and are reported in stable condition.

Monday morning Geovany Lizárraga was transferred by air to the state capital of Culiacan where he was made available to investigators from Siedo, the Federal Attorney General's organized crime division.

The Sinaloa Attorney General, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, described Lizárraga as the principal distributor of narcotics for the domestic retail drug market within Sinaloa.

Lizárraga is also under investigation for the murder of numerous police officials in northern Sinaloa. This area has been the target of recent operations that have resulted in the arrests of retail drug dealers and halcones, or lookouts, working for Los Mazatlecos.

The operation by the state ministerial police, known as “Limpia Mazatleca”, has resulted in at least 70 arrests and has led to charges by members of the Beltran Leyva group that certain members and commanders of the elite rapid reaction squad are linked to the Gente Nueva arm of the Sinaloa Cartel and work to eliminate rivals of el Chapo Guzman. Mario Lopez Valdez, Governor of Sinaloa, has denied the charges and characterizes them as an attempt to discredit the squad.

Last week an attack against the elite squad of ministerial police in Los Mochis resulted in the death of one official and the wounding of two others. After the attacks banners were hung in Culiacan and Los Mochis that read:

“Mr Governor be informed that these people who call themselves elite group are genta nueva under the orders of CHAPO GUZMAN and are commanded by Hector Ochoa Polanco and directed by Jesus Carrasco Leyva alias tango or el flaco Sajalopulo these are the ones who are robbing and beating innocent people. "

Monday morning the state Attorny General’s office also released the images of other Los Mazatlecos cell leaders that Lizárraga reportedly identified during his initial interrogation in the Army headquarters.

Los Mazatlecos is a group of drug traffickers and criminals loyal to Alfredo Beltran Leyva, “el Mochomo”, whose arrest in January 2008 led to the Beltran Leyva organization breaking away from the Sinaloa cartel.

El Mochomo is the brother of the late Arturo Beltran Leyva and Hector Beltran Leyva who formed the cartel del Pacifico Sur.

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PGJE: Geovany Lizárraga el mayor distribuidor de estupefacientes


  1. This guy needs to be sent to Guantamo Bay ,Interrogated for the next 2 years. Surley the suspect can supply names and the rapid response people can locate and remove. Arresting the leader leaves a entire cell at large,a new leader will emerge in days,therefore the entire cell must be neutralized nitts breed lice.

  2. The article title is very appropriate. "Detained" is the right word for it. Since he won't actually be convicted of anything, this will just be a temporary inconvenience.

  3. Thank you for your opinion. Your organization, Concerned US Citizens in Support of US Government Torture is noted.

    'This guy needs to be sent to Guantamo Bay ,Interrogated for the next 2 years.'

    'Arresting the leader leaves a entire cell at large,a new leader will emerge in days,therefore the entire cell must be neutralized nitts breed lice.'

    You're absolutely right, Adolph.

  4. Yeah, sounds like this was maybe the guy making all the mess in northern Sinaloa against Chapo.

    On another note, it's wrong to assume that everyone captured is released, plenty of mid to high level guys like thus get detained and left in prison for years with no type of legal process.

  5. Yeah it seems like the top guys do go to prison of course theyll live comfortably and call shots behind bars unless they get extradited to the US. On a side note his last name is Lizarraga and he was arrested in Mazatlan I wonder if he is in any way related to anybody from Banda Recodo?

  6. @Ardent,

    Yea your right..this guy is clearly innocent, driving around town in an armored truck? There's no way he could be involved in any sorta criminal activity. Torture? No that's what you call this guys actions against, 'numerous police officials in Northern Sinaloa' just add the word "murderer," as well.

  7. Lizarraga is a common last name to the mazatlan region

  8. Anonymous 8:28 pm, I don't know whether he is innocent or not, but that's beside the point in regard to sending him to Guantanamo, which is what you, are some other AnonyMoe like yourself, advocated doing to start the comments section here off at 7:51 am. There, they do use torture on prisoners who have often enough been quite innocent of the crimes they were accused of.

    What is interesting about US citizens who advocate torturing people they know nothing about, is how dishonest they most often are in their argumentation about it. They, much like you did, like to pretend that US government torture isn't really torture after all. Well, that's pure bullshit, Anonymous Guy. Then they will come around later and tell you that YES, it is torture and that that is totally OK as far as they are concerned.... which is NIL.

  9. The guy CDS is concerned about should be El Chapo Isidro. He still holds the plaza of Guasave Sinaloa which El Chapo Guzman hasn't been able to obtain. El Chapo Guzman sends his hitmen in and El Chapo Isidro sends them back all fucked up. I guess Beltran Leyva still holds the north of Sinaloa.

  10. By the way he is an American citizen. 😝


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