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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mexican army Captures “El Choche”, leader of a Nevo Leon Gulf Cartel cell


The Mexican army captured José Ángel García Trujillo, alias “El Choche“, accused of being one of the principal operators of the Gulf cartel in the state of Nuevo León, and eleven of his accomplices, military sources said.

"El Choche" was detained at a ranch in Los Arroyos, a hamlet 90 kilometers (55 miles) south of the northern industrial city of Monterrey, capital of Nuevo Leon state.

"El Arenal ranch, which was used as a safe house (for storing drugs, weapons and kidnap victims), was located thanks to intelligence reports," an army captain from the 7th Military Zone told Efe.

According to the officer, Trujillo led a Gulf cartel cell whose mission was to kill members of the rival Los Zetas organization, mainly in the Nuevo Leon towns of Montemorelos, General Teran and Allende.

On Thursday morning, 40 army special forces officers stormed the ranch and captured the 12 suspects "without firing a single shot," the captain added.

Two Central American men - 32-year-old Guatemalan Arturo Juarez Garcia and 22-year-old Salvadoran Esteban Dagoberto Ugarra - were among the 12 detainees.

Four vehicles, 12 rifles, two fragmentation grenades, four .40-caliber grenades, ammunition clips, ammunition and communications gear were confiscated from the suspects.

The Gulf cartel has been locked in a deadly turf battle with former allies Los Zetas since March 2010, a conflict that has left more than 1,200 dead in Nuevo Leon.


  1. jajaja Cayeron los pendejos que quisieron matar los Z pero no han succedo!

  2. I bet the land owners are happy as hell they got someone, to bad it will be bogarted soon again.


  3. they will be back on the streets in time at all... killing... raping... doing crazy things things that kids these days do.

  4. Nothing but UGLY fat ass's! How are these losers terrifying mexican citizens?


  5. Lookes like he was hoarding the carnitas to himself.

  6. Estos miembros del C.D.G son los responsables de descuartizar a miembros de LOS ZETAS en Montemorelos en Enero.

  7. Handsome fellow! I guess those movies portraying gangsters as some suave Andy Garcia looking cat have misled us all these years!

  8. Yeh he's real cute.

  9. Jeezus, no wonder they go into this crap, i cant imagine this guy with a PHD in a business suit. seems like nothing but pinches indios with spanish last names.

  10. I keep praying they will get the bastards who took my family's ranch last year, but I am not going to point the way. We were lucky they let us leave.

  11. Looks like the CDG disposes of bodys by feeding them to the CAPO??

  12. Señor Presidente, can you please identify a very large acreage of land in each state of Mexico where you can dig very deep holes so once scumbag Cartel Leaders and their henchmen are identified and convicted they can be executed and shoved into the same type of holes they shoved their victims in. These people cannot be rehabilitated so if you don’t get rid of them now they will again reappear after being released from prison and again be running around Mexico committing mass murder. It will never stop. Once a person has committed mass murders, tortured and cut the throats of people while still alive or beheaded and quartered people while still alive or cut the skins from people’s faces while alive they have proven themselves to be sub-human scumbags and no longer deserve the same rights as the rest of the citizens of Mexico.

  13. que onda with the easy rider BB gun in the picture along with assult rifles

  14. Seeing all these BB guns and pellet guns in most of these types of photos makes me wonder if they use them during shootouts lol.

  15. Looks Like this guy has been eating the bodies of the people he sliced apart. LOLOLOL!!!


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